Chris Brown Conviction Costs Him UK Tour, Breezy Forced To Cancel Concerts After Brits Deny His Visa!

"Chris Brown Singing"

Chris Brown has been DENIED!!! The singer could not get a visa to enter the United Kingdom this week, forcing him to cancel three show dates that were scheduled to start tomorrow. Breezy’s visa was denied due to last year’s criminal conviction following his assault on Rihanna. More details when you Continue »

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement

Amy Winehouse was spotted making her way to a London gym yesterday.  Compared to how she was hitting the streets a couple months ago she has made some major improvements. Keep it up girl.

More pics of Amy on her healthy steez on the flippy. Continue »

Amy Crackhouse is Back to Smoking Rocks… We Have Proof Inside

Amy Winehouse was spotted out and about again with her trusty ballerina pumps on looking cracked out.  We speculated yesterday if she was back to her old ways but now we have evidence she is.  Pop the top for the details. Continue »

Is Amy Crackhouse Back to Smoking Rocks… She Sure Looks Like it

Amy Winehouse was spotted leaving her Goddaughter’s birthday party looking washed up and cracked out.  We aren’t sure if she’s picked up some of her old habits but from the looks of it she may be well on her way.  More pics of Amy under the hood for your viewing pleasure. Continue »

When Will She Ever Learn? Amy Crackhouse Facing More Charges

Amy the Wino isn’t getting away with being a troublemaker this week! British authorities slapped the singing dopefiend with charges Wednesday for the violent tantrum she had at a theater last week.

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Leave the Rocks Alone: Amy Crackhouse Gets into a Scrap at a Cinderella Show

amy winehouse 3 261009

When is the broad going to learn to “JUST SAY NO TO ROCKS”???:

DRUG-ravaged AMY WINEHOUSE was facing a police probe last night for allegedly kicking a theatre manager in the groin – after hurling four-letter abuse at PANTO stars. Parents and kids were shocked as the singer – in the audience for a performance of Cinderella – heckled the cast and kept shouting: “He’s f***ing behind you” during the show. Continue »

Amy Winehouse

Amy Jade Winehouse (born 14 September 1983) is an English singer and songwriter, known for her eclectic mix of various musical genres including R&B, soul, jazz, rock & roll, and ska. Winehouse is best known for her soulful, powerful contralto vocals.

Knifed Up Round Two: Amy Winehouse is Trying to Up her Cake Game Now

amy winehouse 3 261009

As if her new two bee stings up top weren’t enough, word on the town is that Amy Winehouse is also trying to get butt implants too. Continue »

Knifed Up: Amy Winehouse Gets a New Set Of Twins


We hear Amy Winehouse had some plastic surgery to enhance her bust. Flip the hood for the details. Continue »

The Swirl Got Her: Amy Winehouse Tries to Rap


Pop the top and see a video that makes you believe Mandingo’s love has gotten a hold of Amy, tightly.

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For The Children: Amy Winehouse is Hocking Loogies Again

Amy Winehouse

This is a picture of your girl Amy Winehouse at a school…spitting loogies.

Pop the top and find out who the loogie was meant for and why Continue »

We Always Knew Amy Got Down with the Swirl…


A pic of Amy Winehouse has surfaced with her chillin, beach side, in St. Lucia next to a piece of dark chocolate. Hmmm…  we knew all along. Amy is too crazy and soulful to just stick to the white bread.

Quote of the Day: Amy Winehouse – “I Want Black Kids”


This is straight ridiculous! Amy’s been hangin’ out in St. Lucia for way too long. The island sun must be bakin’ her already fried and coked out brain. Black kids? WTF? Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Amy Winehouse Launches a Clothing Line for Crackheads


Now you know Amy Winehouse needs to get her @ss clean and sober before she starts designing a clothing line. What would that collection consist of? Continue »

In White Folks News: Crackhouse Wanted By Scientologists

Posted by Bossip Staff

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse is being hunted by the Scientology Cult:

The troubled British neo-soul songstress is featured on a list headed by Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and also featuring Eva Longoria. The magazine says saving Amy, the world’s most notorious celebrity drug abuser du jour, would be a coup for the staunchly anti-drugs cult. A Scientologist music producer who worked on her 2006 Back To Black album reportedly gave the weirdly secretive organisation an “in”. Continue »