Amy Wineho & The Baby Mama Drama

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Fugly faux-soul songstress Amy Winehouse now must cope with the news that her estranged hubby knocked up another woman: Continue »

Unsavory Swirl

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Back in St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse was spotted getting rather cozy (and naked) with her bulky-ass body guard: Continue »

Amy Crackhouse At The Courthouse

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Amy Winehouse went to court yesterday, acting the bit…looking all cross-eyed and crazy. She plead not guilty to assault charges:

Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE has pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault over claims she punched a fan. The Rehab hitmaker appeared at London’s City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (17Mar09) morning, where she entered a formal plea to the charge. It is claimed the star lashed out at Sherene Flash during the End of Summer Ball in London last September (08) when the fan asked for a photograph.

Flash claims Winehouse punched her in the eye and ran away, shrieking: “Life can’t go on. I can’t do this any more.”Continue »

Winehouse is Banned From the U.S.

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amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse and her crack-crazed antics are no longer allowed in these United States of America: Continue »

Amy Winehouse Charged With Assault for Scrapping With Fans

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Amy Crackhouse may be forced to perform her rehab song and dance in the pokie: Continue »

Amy Crackhouse Strikes Again

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Deranged, disgusting, and plain old unattractive Amy Winehouse is up to her usual tricks. This time, she attacked some dude on a plane: Continue »

Creeping Towards Recovery

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Amy Winehouse and her embattled sobriety are making strides, but staying put in the Caribbean for the time being.

Amy Winehouse’s mother has denied the star is set to return to Britain following her extended holiday in the Caribbean – insisting the singer needs more time to recover. Winehouse has been enjoying a sunshine break in the resort since December (08) following numerous health problems throughout 2008. She was rumoured to be eyeing a return to London to begin plotting her chart comeback before she was hospitalised on the island last week (13Feb09).The emergency is said to have been triggered when Winehouse ran out of prescription medication used in her battle against drink and drugs. And the star’s mum, Janis, insists that although the holiday is having a positive affect on her daughter’s health, she still has a long way to go before she is ready to return home. Janis tells British magazine Heat, “Amy is in a really good place at the moment. She’s eating well and has put on some weight, which I’m really pleased about. “She’s also been doing so much out there to clear her head. She has no plans to come back home right now and definitely doesn’t want to go back to (her home in ) Camden. Who knows where she’ll go, but for now she wants to be away from it all.” And Janis admits she’s pleased the star agreed to the break – because it removed her from negative influences in London. She adds, “She just needed to get away from certain people around her who were bringing her down. She’ll be OK, she just needs to stay away from those people and her family will do everything we can to ensure she does.”

At the rate Amy was going back home, she might just wanna set up shop in the islands for good.

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From Winehouse to the Poorhouse

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Here’s a little sumthin’ for you Amy Flophouse fans – the burned-out wench has relinquished her stackage: Continue »

When Crackhead Activities Go Wrong: Ganked Edition

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Amy Winehouse

So sad. Amy Winehouse’s London spot has been robbed while she was busy engaging in various nipple related activites in St. Lucia:

Amy Winehouse, currently vacationing in the Caribbean, was burgled in her north London apartment – where a set of valuable guitars and recording equipment were taken.

The door of the singer’s home was smashed in, and robbers made off with the belongings early Thursday, her rep confirms – adding that it appears a neighbor disturbed the burglars, who then escaped before the police could arrive. Continue »

Amy Boobhouse Wants to Be A “Serious” Musician Again

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Amy Boobhouse

While stripping down to expose her ta-ta’s for a game of Scrabble in St. Lucia (you know, regular crackhead activities), Amy Pipehouse had a revelation. She wants to stop picking at her sores and get back in the limelight: Continue »

Match Made in Hell

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Unattractive basehead, ‘faux soul’ singer Amy Winehouse continues to make a fool out of herself while on her “fitness break” in St. Lucia. Now this psychotic broad is talking about how much she loves her estranged/jailed hubby: Continue »

Pure Comedy: Amy Winehouse is Stealing and Begging for Alcohol, Cussing and Lying

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Damn, y’all, they’re saying Amy Winehouse is back to her old tricks, and is acting every bit of a donkey out in the Caribbean: Continue »

Amy Winehouse Offered Movie Role

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has been offered a movie role in an upcoming film:
Continue »

Wine-ho Kicked the Habit; Addicted to Failure

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And here she is. The girl we love to hate, Amy Winehouse. Guess this batch didn’t get the memo that her holiday fling isn’t trying to see her fugly ass like that:

Amy Winehouse insists she has kicked her drug habit – after falling in love with hunky actor Josh Bowman during her holiday in St Lucia. Continue »

Amy Winehouse Talks Sex and Drugs

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, everyone:

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is vowing she’s finally kicked her notorious drug habit. As for alcohol, well, that’s a different story.

“I’m off the drugs for good,” the “Rehab” crooner told Britain‘s News of the World. Continue »