Amy Winehouse is Unattractive.

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Josh Bowman, the cat that Amy Winehouse was seen cuddling up with on the beach, says he’s really not trying to see the stank skank like that:

Josh Bowman yesterday laughed off reports that he was the new man in troubled Amy Winehose life. He told a close friend: “She’s sweet — but just not my kind of girl.” Continue »

Wino Pleads Guilty to Norway Drug Charge, Pays Small Fine

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It finally seems as though Amy Winehouse has pushed a good decision out of that thick skull of hers: Continue »

When to Get “Checked Out”

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Damn, ya’ll. Amy Winehouse is holding her dehydrated poon-tang like it’s about to fall off and run away. Yuck. She needs to soak in a tub of Summer’s Eve (extra strength) mixed with bleach for a few days, then take that cat to the vet. That’s just f*cking gross.

Check out more of Amy on vacation in St. Lucias with no top on on the flippy… Continue »

When to Let Bygones be Bygones

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Amy Winehouse has been summoned to Norway to fight an old drug charge: Continue »

It Should Come As No Surprise That…

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Amy Winehouse has rocks for breakfast. Her former assistant puts that triflin’ ass on blast via CelebTV. This wheffah is over-rated, under-fed, and plain old nasty – point blank.

Amy Winehouse Getting Back With Her Husband

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amy& hubby fight

Amy Winehouse and her husband aren’t calling it quits just yet: Continue »

Amy Winehouse and Her Boobs Released From Hospital

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Amy Winehouse is out of the “joint” and is doing better, as we can all see from the weight she has gained:

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has reportedly been released from a London hospital – after spending nearly a month as a patient in the facility. The “Back To Black” hit maker was admitted to the exclusive London Clinic last month, with a representative claiming she was suffering from an adverse reaction to prescription medication. Continue »

Blake Wants A Milli to “Keep Quiet”

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amy& hubby fight

Extortion is the name of this game:

One week after declaring his intention to leave Amy Winehouse alone for her own good, Blake Fielder is asking the embattled singer for $1 million in “hush” money. “Blake has asked Amy’s manager for $1 million to walk away form their marriage and not write a tell-all book about it,” a source told UK based news source News of the World. “He’s so two-faced. He just wants a pay-off.” Continue »

Amy Winehouse and Hubby Get it Crackin’ One Last Time

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Amy Winehouse

Amy’s husband had to tear her rotten cakes up one last time for good measure:

Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil had farewell sex in hospital – just hours before he was sent back to prison, according to a British tabloid report.

It is believed that Blake, 26, will return to Edmunds Hill Prison to complete his sentence after he allegedly failed a drugs test at the Life Works rehab center in Surrey. Continue »

Heading for an Early Grave

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They say decrepit pop hag Amy Winehouse is back in the sick house once again:

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been admitted to a London hospital after suffering a bad reaction to medication, her representative said Tuesday. Winehouse, 25, went to the private London Clinic on Sunday, said her spokesman, Chris Goodman. He said Winehouse’s medication made her ill and her doctors asked her to come in so they could investigate. Goodman did not disclose what type of medication was involved, saying only it is part of her “ongoing treatment.” It was not clear Tuesday whether she had been discharged.

It’s about time this triflin’ wheffah say yes to rehab – dontcha think?? SMH.

Amy Winehouse and Husband Call it Quits

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winehouse butt crack

It looks like a new fella will be tearing Amy’s flat backs up from now on:

AMY Winehouse says her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil is kaput, according to Britain’s News of the World. The drug-addled singer says her husband left her for a blond German model, Sophie Schandorff. “It’s over,” the tabloid quoted Winehouse as saying. “There’s no way back for us now. It was never going to last. We were only together for sex.” And, according to one of her pals, also quoted by the newspaper, it wasn’t ordinary sex. “Just like they were with drugs, they pushed themselves to the limit,” said the unnamed friend. “They were into threesomes. It was Blake’s idea, but Amy said she’d been with women before so it wasn’t a problem. And the pair of them were into some real kinky stuff, not just the usual bondage and sex games but really gross stuff you couldn’t mention in a newspaper.”

Now, that is just disgusting. If she keeps her face looking this nasty, all we can do is shake our heads at the thought of what’s going on downtown. Yuck.


Winehouse Is Really Losing It Now

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Crackhouse wasn’t hiding from the One-Time, she was just trying to get those rocks up off her boyfriend:

Amy Winehouse went on a wild rampage around Camden last night, screaming for her husband and banging on the door of her old flat some 100 meters from her current home. The troubled star appeared to be completely out of it and was worryingly emaciated again, with sores all over her face. The wild-eyed singer - still without her trademark beehive and minus her trademark sweep of black eyeliner – then made her way back to her flat clutching a liter bottle of vodka via a building site, signing autographs on the way.

Amy then handed a bottle of vodka to waiting snappers, before shouting through a window: “It’s hard going for a year without sex,” Her drug-addict husband Blake Fielder-Civil is due to rejoin his wife tomorrow, having gone straight to rehab from prison where he served time for GBH and perverting the course of justice.

We really feel sorry for this chick these days because this is just getting out of hand now. She literally looks like a zombie walking around with her face bleeding like that. SMH



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Amy Crackface was up to her old tricks again:

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil was released from Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk today. The Back To Black singer was nowhere to be seen as the 26-year-old left jail for the first time in 12 months. Instead, she opted to stay at home in London’s Camden. Winehouse, who left hospital on Monday after receiving ongoing treatment for a ‘chest infection’, looked far from jubilant as she emerged from the residence this afternoon with make-up smeared across her face. She appeared to be in an agitated state, lunging at a photographer stationed outside her home.

This is just a nasty, disease-infested, yuck-mouthed thing that needs some help. We really wish those guys in the radiation protective suits would capture her with a net-gun and lock her in a room full of hygiene products that you can’t inhale. SMH

Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Source, Images via SPLASH

Crackhouse Getting Clean

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Crackhouse has been trying to get her racist, cluck headed, ostrich legged @ss clean:

After a weekend at home, Amy Winehouse has returned to the hospital for ongoing treatment. The 25-year-old singer, whose well-documented substance abuse has triggered a string of medical interventions, spent the past week being treated at the London Clinic. She left the hospital on Friday, but checked back in Monday. “She had a chest infection [last week] and underwent some tests to make sure nothing else was wrong,” a source tells PEOPLE. (Earlier this year, doctors diagnosed the Grammy-award-winning chanteuse with scarring of the lungs.) Is Winehouse finally committed to getting healthy? “She has been told to give up smoking and was initially struggling with that – she was covered in nicotine patches at one point,” says the source. “But she is making an effort.” The notoriously skinny singer was photographed looking somewhat fuller in the face last weekend – a healthier look that won praise from two British tabloids.

We had our money on her kicking the bucket in the next seven years. We wonder how much the odds have increased on the accepted strawberry now that she is trying to shake the rock monster.


Oh That’s Just Amy Winehouse

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The neighborhood strawberry is at it again…

She’s landed herself with a massive £25,000 bill after borrowing posh designer frocks – and returning them with her own unique calling card… splattered with vomit. Even worse, when the Back To Black singer finally returned the puke-stained outfits, her little deposits had green, furry mould growing on them. Revolting! Unsurprisingly, 25-year-old Amy has now been blacklisted by furious fashion PRs and shouldn’t expect any loans or freebies for a while. Our insider reveals: “Harvey Nichols loaned Amy £25k’s worth of silk and satin dresses. “Unfortunately, while wearing one of the frocks, she went on an all-night bender. “She ended up in the loos, where she was violently sick. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.” If Amy had, er, cleaned up her act (and the outfit) there would have been no problem. But it seems she forgot that dress wasn’t hers to mess up.

Forget the fact that she vomited on clothes she did not own, our question is why would you give a “cluckhead” gear that expensive? Crackhouse will smoke up and f#ck up everything she comes in contact with, until she kicks the bucket or gets some serious help. We don’t see help coming any time soon either.