Quote Of The Day: Rev Run To Angela “F*ck School, Get Money!!”

It seems as though Rev Run believes that getting that paper is more important for his children than getting an education: Continue »

Awww…How Sweet! Angela Simmons And Rob Kardashian Get Mani-Pedi’s Together

Even though Angela Simmons is claiming she’s ‘single’…we hope that Rob Kardashian doesn’t just go get mani-pedi’s with his “homegirls” on a regular basis.

We really, really hope that he isn’t that ‘soft.’ SMH. Continue »

Angela Simmons Defends Hate Against JoJo And Says She’s SINGLE Dammit!

Angela Simmons is such a good sister! The second Simmons daughter spoke out on Twitter about the rumors and hate that has come against her little brother JoJo. Pop the hood for more details. Continue »

Damn, Who Knew That Rob Kardashian Was Such A Mack Daddy??

Rob Kardashian kinda has that Nick Cannon “I’m sorta dorky, but hot chicks dig me” steez going on. He’s currently “dating” Angela Simmons, and now we have some pics of him kicking it with models Rosa Acosta and Shakur.

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Angela Simmons Trying “Something New” Again With Robert Kardashian

Sources say Angela Simmons is swirling it up with the Kardashians.

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Angela Simmons And Bow Wow Are Getting It In…

Bow Wow just celebrated his 23rd birthday and Angela Simmons was right by his side. These two were spotted at the Gold Room in Atlanta on Monday night where Jermaine Dupri was spinning on the 1′s and 2′s. Angela Must have that Good-Good…

Flip the Lid to See What Bow Wow’s Mom Got him for his Birthday… Continue »

Bow Wow & Angela Sitting In A Tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!

We could have sworn Angela Simmons dropped Bow Wow about 2 boyfriends ago and also went on a rant defending her swirlin’ love with what we thought was her boo, the producer Skillz from Houston, TX.

Guess She said “Back to the Basics and is Back with Bow Wow?!? Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

Angela and Vanessa Simmons were spotted out and about doing some shopping at Fred Segal in West Hollywood yesterday.  A couple years ago Vanessa would have been the hit of choice, but times have changed since Angela stepped her game up so…

Fellas out of the two Which One Would You Hit???

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*BOSSIP Exclusive* Was Chris Brown Chopping Down One Of “Daddy’s Girls” While Dating Rihanna???

The young lady behind the text message that ultimately drove Chris Brown and Rihanna apart is still a mystery to most folks, but now BOSSIP has learned the identity of a young lady Brown planned to meet that night, and it turns out it’s someone many of you have seen on MTV before. Pop the hood for the picture of the young lady who had a secret relationship with Brown for much of the time he was with Rihanna. Continue »

Awww… Little Diggy is Growing Up

Diggy Simmons has been roaming around Bryant Park getting it in for Fashion Week.  He popped up at the Aston Mozie and Coco and Breezy Show with his braces off and his Andre 3000 swag turned on. We must say he’s pretty fly for a 14-year-old.

More pics of Diggy and other celebs on the Fashion Week scene under the hood. Continue »

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Solange Knowles hit up the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2010 Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with this interesting choice of get up on.  Are y’all feelin it??

Pop the top to let us know and check out more pics of Solange, Angela Simmons and more.

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SuperBowl TwitPics: Celebs Wildin’ Out in Miami

ERRRRR-body and they mama are in Miami for Superbowl right now and ERRRRR-body and they mama are on Tweeting from Miami. We came across a couple of different twitpics… Snoop at the Waffle House, Nelly turning up a BIG A$$ bottle of Patron and more…

Pop the Hood for a Peek… Continue »

Are you Feelin this Get Up??? Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons was spotted in Hollyweird again having a meal at Toast.  This time she dropped her gym get up for something a little sexier but her It’s not that bad but we must ask you guys…

Are you feelin’ this get up??? Continue »

Angela Simmons and Her Little Black Pooch Grab Some Lunch

Angela Simmons was spotted eating lunch with a little black dog at Toast in West Hollyweird.  Looks like she just left the gym or something, but is still looking good.

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Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons stars on MTV’s reality series, “Daddy’s Girls” and previously starred on “Run’s House.” The second child of Reverend Run’s tight-knit family. She along with her sister Vanessa run Pastry an urban shoe and clothing line.