Bey Bey Clears Things Up; Shook Cakes For Other Son Of A Terrorist, No Mention Of Camel

Sasha Fierce has had enough of folks talking about her taking terrorist dollars!!! Her booking agent and management company want everyone to know they told her to shake her cakes for the terrorists son and by the way it was his other son, not the violent wife-beating one. The gospel according to Beyonce’n’em under the hood: Continue »

For the Stans

A new ad surfaced today featuring Bey Bey and those Japanese bags she’s trying to sell. Check the flipside for another pic of Bey Bey and to tell us what ya think. Continue »

Beyonce: If You Ever Meet Me and I have an Attitude, SLAP ME!!!

Back when Bey Bey was 16, she did a little video where she address all the haters. In the video she’s talking about Destiny’s Child and says:

Also stay humble. I know we’re [Destiny's Child] going to stay humble. If you ever meet me Continue »

True or False: Did Jay-Z Walk out on Bey Bey for New Years???

We reported on Jay-Z mean mugging in all his photos during his New Years bash but now we may know why.  Pop the top to find out why. Continue »

Bey Bey and Camel Ring in The New Year in Style

Your favorite married couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, seemed to enjoy their New Year’s Eve celebration despite Camel and all his mean-mugging in the photos. Flip the script to peep… Continue »

Where In The World Are The Knowles-Carters?

With pockets deep as theirs, Jay-Z and Beyonce can spend New Year’s Eve wherever they’d like, Monaco, Paris, the Dominican Republic… Bossip tipsters have taken up the case. Pop the hood to find out! Continue »

Tina Knowles Loves Bossip

While Solange is somewhere spinning records at parties Tina Knowles is reading up on celebrity gossip.  Pop the top for the details. Continue »

Jay-Z is Changing his Name to Mrs. Shawn Knowles-Carter

Rumors are spreading that Beyonce, we should probably say Mathew, has convinced Jay-Z to hyphenate his last name. Between Tina and Matthew, they only have two daughters, so once both of them are married, the Knowles name will disappear.

Beyonce Knowles and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter Continue »

Is Bey Bey Really Black Culture??

Your girl Bey has a new jawn called “Black Culture”. Pop it to have a listen… Continue »

Who Owns It???: Bey Bey Beyonce vs. The Kardashian’s

The Kardashians are trying to let the world know they can do it all and that’s probably why People Magazine put them at #9 on the 25 the Most Intriguing People of 2009 list. With that being said, it comes a no surprise that they would try to copy the biggest copycat, the one and only Bey Bey Beyonce. Continue »

*UpDate*: Tina and Matthew Knowles Confirm They are Getting a Divorce

We broke it to you first
that Tina and Matthew Knowles are finally calling it quits. Since this news hit the streets, the Knowles figured it was time for a statement to be released to the press.

The decision to end our marriage is an amicable one. We remain Continue »

Coupled Up Plus One: Alicia Keys, Swizz Beak & Bodyguard

Here are some pics of A. Keys and Swizz Beatz going for a romantic stroll. Strangely, Alicia is holding onto her bodyguard instead of her boo. Do we smell some Beyonce/Julius/Camel tension going on here??

Check on the flippy for more pics…

Continue »

For the Stans: Bey Bey Beyonce is Heated

Your girl Beyonce is added to the roster of celebrities who slang perfume for stacks. Bey Bey’s new fragrance is called “Heat”. 

Pop the top to see the ad.

Continue »

*Exclusive:* Tina Knowles Files For Divorce Against Coked Up Matthew Knowles

Bossip has learned that Tina Knowles officially filed for divorce from her husband Matthew. Check out the details under the hood. Continue »

Jay-Z and Beyonce Seen Together, But Not Really “Together”

The “Most Affectionate Couple in the Business” were seen leaving a restaurant in NYC recently. Although not photo’d “together together,” you can still tell that Camel is having a healthy look at Beyonce’s backside. SMH.

Pop the top to see Bey Bey and her bangs looking good and wasted… Continue »