Jordin Spark’s Here is a Tip: Hire People That are NOT Going to Make You Look Like Bey Bey

Jordin Sparks1

Jordin Sparks was at a school yesterday in Los Angeles to debut her Got Milk Ad. What’s really sad is that Jordin is very talented but unfortunately she will not have her own identity until the people surrounding allow her to be who she is and not duplicate Bey Bey Beyonce.

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Celebrity Association: Beyonce Gives Solange Some Camera Time


Remember when Beyonce let  Solange go along for the ride with the Samantha Thavasa Ads, and we had some uncertain scans initially? Well, they just came out and there are some looks we didn’t get to see…

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Amber Rose… The Bald Headed Beast Can’t Be Stopped

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is on a roll and not stopping any time soon. Bey Bey gets dropped and Amber Rose picks up a contract. The Bald Headed Beast is now the face of Boadicea The Victorious perfume by Michael Bodi. If this chick isn’t coming up then what else do you call it? Continue »

This Destiny’s Child is Out of Work… So Now She’s Shooting it Up


Kelly and Michelle are both getting their faces out there. They don’t have the Knowles engine running behind them like Bey Bey. This photo shoot is definitely a good look but which Destiny’s Child member do you think was able to pull it off…

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For the Stans


Bey Bey Beyonce tried to escape the paps after eating at Australian restaurant, Ice Burgs. She sho look like Tina in these shots. SMH.

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A “Lil Positivity”: Beyonce Sings “Halo” to Little Girl

Beyonce sings Halo to a little girl with cancer. It was a nice gesture to offer support…

What Exactly Did Beyonce Mean When She Said “Jay Is Not The Most Important Man In Her Life?”


This is Bey Bey on the cover of a Polish magazine where she answered some questions about her marriage to Jay-Z in a very weird fashion:

Peep this…

Q:Since we’re on the subject of children, your husband Jay-z said recently: “Most of the people dream of having children, I am no exception.” Are you both planning, to start a family soon?

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Oh Sh*t Bey Bey Beyonce Gained All her Weight Back!!!


Oops, our bad, that’s Jordin Sparks performing at VH1 Divas Live.  Is it us or did her image consultants clone a Biggie Smalls version of Beyonce? We guess mission accomplished, minus the gut.

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Bey Bey Beyonce Gets Sued For Perfume Name by Racist A** Abercrombie & Fitch


We reported yesterday that Beyonce would be launching her own perfume, but that may not be an option because the name of the perfume is already being used by popular retail brand Abercrombie & Fitch.

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So Much for Kids…


Word on the street is that Beyonce just signed a three year fragrance deal to launch her own perfume.

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Told Ya So… Bey Bey Beyonce and Taylor Swift Moment Was a Set Up

beytaylor copy

For all those who think we love to hate on Beyonce for a living, we just got word that the whole Beyonce and Taylor Swift acceptance moment during the VMA’s was staged.  Flip the hood for the details. Continue »

Beyonce Gives Taylor Swift Her Moment: PR Stunt or Genuine???


Bey Bey Beyonce took the stage after winning video of the year. After the stunt that Kanye just pulled, Bey Bey called Taylor Swift back to the stage to give her a chance to accept her first Moon Man the right way. We gotta give kudos to Beyonce for this BUT…

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Why Is Jay-Z Partying With Rihanna…Are He and Beyonce Done?


People are questioning Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fairytale relationship. Either they are arguing, or so secure in their relationship that they don’t need to hang out with each other after big events? Jay was spotted getting his party on with Rihanna and guess who else…

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Slim Thugga Gets Out of Pocket on LeToya Luckett, Lil Mama and Jacking Off to Alicia Keys and Beyonce


Slim Thug got out of pocket when speaking about his selection process with Destiny Child. Also decided to tweet who really is the baddest b*tch in H*Town, his feelings for Alicia Keys and kickin’ Lil Mama in the side.

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For the Stans…


Your girl Bey hit up the VMA red carpet in this short little red number. More pics of Bey Bey Beyonce for you stans under the hood. Continue »