Beyonce Stans: It’s That Time… Vegas Baby!


Beyonce and The Camel were seen in New York over the weekend doing a little shopping. Beyonce is taking a breather since Vegas is around the corner. She has four dates in Vegas at the Encore Hotel that she has to pop off. Guess she found a way to make the money she missed in Detroit since she gave away so many tickets for free… Continue »

Kelly Clarkson: I Did Not Jack Beyonce’s Song; It’s My Dumb A** Producer’s Fault


Kelly Clarkson is pissed. Her new songAlready Gone was produced by the same guy that did Beyonce’s Halo. So now of course the music world accused her of jockin’ Beyonce. There is definitely a similarity… SMH

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SMH: While the Rest of the Family is Still Mourning…Joe Jackson is Already Partying it Up!

joe jackson

Ya boy, Joe Jackson, was seen at a Beyonce concert in NY, carefree. People are calling him insensitive and cold. Duh, so what’s new?

Pop the top to see him in awe of Bey Continue »

Diddy: MJ Wanted to Chop Down Beyonce Before Joe Camel Came Into Picture


Diddy was on Letterman last night and talked about MJ’s game at his annual “White Party” and how the greatest entertainer of all time wanted to chop down Beyonce. Continue »

Boy George Makes a Comeback! Oops Our Bad… It’s Just Solange


In a desperate cry for attention, Solange decided to shave her head completely.  For another look at her scoophead, pop the hood!

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Isn’t He Married: Let’s Get Real Here…Is Jay-Z Chopping Down Rihanna???


This guy is doing way too much finagling with that little Riri. We know everyone else is afraid to say it, but f*ck it. Jay-Z is chopping them cakes down if you ask us:

Rihanna and Jay-Z rolled into town last night and… Continue »

Beyonce Is Helping Feed American People

beyonce helping hands 180709

Beyonce was spotted in this unbecoming green hammer jumper the other day helping feed the children of America at the Show Your Helping Hand press conference. Bey is looking full of life there; however, in the picture below her lace front, the weather got the best of her. Continue »

Quote of the Day: Nia Long to Beyonce “Stay in Your Lane”

nia pride

Nia Long goes on the record to say what we’ve been saying about your girl Bey this whole time: Continue »

Beyonce is Flying Around the Staples Center

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Beyonce was out in L.A. performing, and this video shows her stuntin’ on hoes by pulling off into the sky. Anyways, we have a pic below of Beyonce and Jay-Z out for a lovers stroll in NY last night. Jay-Z seems to be “playing with himself”…lmao

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Who is This Kid’s Auntie??


This little dude was spotted out with his granny and auntie with the bouncy lace front. You knew it was Beyonce from the bouncy lace front comment, huh? Dang, our bad.

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Beyonce Rides on Papparazzi: I’m Going to Get Camel on You if You Take Pictures of My Sweaty Backs


On her world tour, the weave queen and high intellectual, Beyonce, ordered papparazi not dare take photographs of her backs Continue »

For the Stans


Here are some ads of your girl Beyonce for Samantha Thavasa. We haven’t really posted on this broad since a week ago, so you stans should be happy.

Pop the hatch for more your girl, Solange, little Juelz, and a little lesson in Japanese… Continue »

For the Stans: Beyonce’s New Video “Sweet Dreams”

Bet Awards 2009 - Beyonce

Beyonce just debuted Sweet Dreams. The video is OK, however, the lyrics to the song sound a whole lot like she is sending some subliminal messages out, like Ego. It sounds like she is talking about Julius to us. Peep it under the cut… Continue »

Spotted: Beyonce is Hangin Out in New York With Who??

beyonce with bodyguard

While Jay-Z lives it up with the ROC and lets Rihanna breasts hang out… Beyonce is seen here taking a nice quiet stroll through Central Park with her nephew and stud of a bodyguard, Julius. Hmmm, what if Beyonce has a baby and it comes out cute, would people think it’s Julius’? We are just saying!

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Sasha Fierce Wants You to Look Like a Cheap Trick this Fall


As if the “House of Dereon” wasn’t crappy enough, Bey’s dropping a clothing line based on her insane alter ego Sasha Fierce. These sh*tty fashions are supposed to be just right for back to school. They look more like streetwalker chic to us.

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