Beyonce Rides on Papparazzi: I’m Going to Get Camel on You if You Take Pictures of My Sweaty Backs


On her world tour, the weave queen and high intellectual, Beyonce, ordered papparazi not dare take photographs of her backs Continue »

For the Stans


Here are some ads of your girl Beyonce for Samantha Thavasa. We haven’t really posted on this broad since a week ago, so you stans should be happy.

Pop the hatch for more your girl, Solange, little Juelz, and a little lesson in Japanese… Continue »

For the Stans: Beyonce’s New Video “Sweet Dreams”

Bet Awards 2009 - Beyonce

Beyonce just debuted Sweet Dreams. The video is OK, however, the lyrics to the song sound a whole lot like she is sending some subliminal messages out, like Ego. It sounds like she is talking about Julius to us. Peep it under the cut… Continue »

Spotted: Beyonce is Hangin Out in New York With Who??

beyonce with bodyguard

While Jay-Z lives it up with the ROC and lets Rihanna breasts hang out… Beyonce is seen here taking a nice quiet stroll through Central Park with her nephew and stud of a bodyguard, Julius. Hmmm, what if Beyonce has a baby and it comes out cute, would people think it’s Julius’? We are just saying!

Pop the top to see some of her in Texas at the Show Your Helping Hands Press Conference Continue »

Sasha Fierce Wants You to Look Like a Cheap Trick this Fall


As if the “House of Dereon” wasn’t crappy enough, Bey’s dropping a clothing line based on her insane alter ego Sasha Fierce. These sh*tty fashions are supposed to be just right for back to school. They look more like streetwalker chic to us.

Pop the top for a sneak peak at Sasha Fierce’s new clothing line Continue »

LeToya Luckett: “Bey Broke Her Neck Just to Say Hello at the BET Awards”

Gotta be honest here y’all, LeToya Luckett sounds real hood. Something about those Destiny’s Child chicks and proper English. LeToya sat down with no-hairline having DJ Skee and talked about Beyonce jocking her backstage at the BET Awards.

Click Here to Watch

Bey and Her Ratty Weave Hit South Beach


Bey and her rat’s nest hit South Beach yesterday for a dip and some sun. Don’t fully understand why she chose to plunge completely clothed in the ocean. Maybe she’s hiding some extra tummy weight, who knows but it looks ghetto as all hell. Hov, you need to handle that.

Pop the lid for more pics of Bey on the beach and stuntin’ in her Learjet Continue »

Quote of the Day: “I Didn’t Want to Be a Chocolate Girl”


Not to place all of the blame for Kelly’s low self-esteem on Bey and her camp but we can definitely imagine that the spotlight always shining on Bey’s bright @ss didn’t help much. Continue »

Do Bey and Amber Rose Have a Girl Crush?

Bey Amber and Ye

We all know Amber loves the ladies but there have been countless rumors floating around that Bey is into the female persuasion too. Looking at this pic, we got to wondering if there could be something brewing between these two? We know Jay Z and Kayne wouldn’t stand in their way.

Are You Feeling This Get-Up? BET Awards Edition

Bet Awards 2009 - Beyonce

We don’t know what Bey was thinking when she hit the stage in this wedding gown/tranny fit. We know she’s going for theatrics but how nice would it be to see Bey dress like a woman and not a drag queen for once? SMH

Who Looked More Bangin?? Bey vs. A. Keys

bey alicia

Here are some more pics from the BET Awards…this time we have your girl Bey and Alicia Keys. Honestly, we think A Keys is puttin a whippin on Bey’s horse tail, but we’ll let you make the call. Who Looked More bangin??? Continue »

L’Oreal: “We Don’t Want Black Women Selling Our Cosmetics”


We hate to hear things like this. Whenever major companies make statements like this, we need to ban together and boycott them. L’Oreal may whore Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington for their cosmetics and hair care products but we as consumers don’t have to buy their bullsh*t.

Flip the script for more Continue »

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Usher Pay Homage to the Greatest of All Time


Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Usher are all paying homage to the King of Pop right now: Continue »

Are You Feeling These Get-Up’s?

bey and jay

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted getting their date-night on yesterday evening. The jeans, we guess, are supposed to look dirty, and that blue ensemble that Bey is wearing?

Are You Feeling These Get Up’s?

Pop the top for a couple more Continue »

Bey’s Nappy Roots Go on Strike

help image5

Beyonce and her rat’s nest attended the “Show Your Helping Hand” hunger relief initiative kickoff at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday. Someone should be fired for not conditioning her up; Bey’s roots look as thirsty as cracked lips.

Pop the top to see more dry-nappy roots… Continue »

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