A Little Somethin’ for The Stans

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Everyone’s favorite manufactured diva is at it again. Dig this footage of Beyonce and nephew Juelz from her new Nintendo Commercial. Continue »

For the Un-Stans

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For all you folks out there who are just sick and tired of the manufactured diva known as Beyonce Knowles dig this article that examines 15 reasons people tend to hate on ole girl: Continue »

Diamonds for Beyonce’s Goodies

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Beyonce, being the super-duper star she is, has to keep her goodies looking the part.  And for her breastesses, only diamonds will do: Continue »

For The Stans

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Beyonce Knowles shopping at the Patricia Field store

Beyonce was spotted media whoring shopping at the Patricia Field store in Manhattan’s East Village yesterday. Dig more pics of her ‘shopping spree’ and recent interview with Entertainment Weekly after the jump. Continue »

Beyonce Strikes a Pose for Vogue

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Beyonce is as hot as fish grease right now, and she is on the cover of Vogue looking well-prepared to fry up some fish and some more sh*t if need be.

Pop the thang to see more of Bey’s recent mag covers… Continue »

A Laughing Matter For Rihanna

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riri and brandy

Rihanna held a Birthday party last night at the ‘The Spotted Pig’ restaurant in NY. She was seen just a cackling away with Brandy Norwood in the pic above, and mentor, Jay-Z, was there along with Beyonce. Riri is trying to leave that beat down behind her, and party-time, sans Chris, is a good way to do that.

Pop the thing to see the rest… Continue »

UPDATE: Solange Blasts Bossip For Her Alleged Letoya Beef

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Damn, she’s fast! Solange quickly cleared up any notion that she created the 60′s aesthetic and that she wanted to claw Letoya Luckett’s eyes out for biting it in her new vid: Continue »

Beyonce Fans Just Aren’t That Smart

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So sorry, Beyonce stans, but a study has proven that as a collective group, y’all just aren’t that smart:

YOUR taste in music reflects your intelligence – and Beyonce fans are among the most stupid, it was claimed today. Continue »

Bey Saved Her “Kitty Kat” For Camel?

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Beyonce & Jay

Bey recently revealed to the Los Angeles Confidential magazine that she has never had a break-up, because Jay-Z was her first relationship. Is she saying that no other person has captured those bejeweled Dereon panties?:

“Well, fortunately I haven’t had any break-ups! This [her marriage to Jay Z] is my first relationship,” stated Bey when asked whose songs help her get through heartache the way her songs do for her fans.”

Hmmm. We know a few people off the top of our heads who have claimed to chop Bey down. A look under the hood, shall we? Continue »

Someone For the Obama Girls to Look Up To

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President Barack Obama dances with his wife and First Lady Michelle Obama as Beyonce

Beyonce just couldn’t take it when Michelle Obama told her she was glad lil’ Sasha and Malia had someone like her to look up to:

R&B star Beyonce is thrilled after the wife of President Barack Obama hailed her as the perfect role model for the couple’s two daughters. Continue »

Beyonce’s Biggins

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Beyonce popped up on the cover of Fair Lady with her hooters on “just had a baby” swole. Overall, we think it’s a nice look, but what say you people??

Several other Bey magazine and Samantha Thavasa ad pics plus Letoya Luckett on the set of “Not Anymore” up under the hood… Continue »

Japan Hearts Beyonce

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Beyonce helped out her designer friend, Samantha Thavasa, just by being in a second round of ads, which will appear in over 100 shops in Japan.  Since they check for Bey something serious over there, she probably got a whole heap of Yen to go right along with her dollars.  Do it.

More pics of Bey up under the hood… Continue »


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Oh, sh*t; it’s Beyonce, and she’s on the cover of Ebony in one of her most intimidating Sasha Fierce stances ever.  Grrrr…

Pop the hood to get an early snippet of the Ebony interview, more pics, and other stan-related info.

Continue »

The Rumor Mill: The Hov’s Creepin’ with Khloe Kardashian??

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Khloe K. & Jay-Z

Not only does he have unusual taste in side jawns, it’s also safe to say that Jay-Z‘s got money to burn. Continue »

Beyonce Goes Plastic

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Beyonce resembles a Barbie doll with her greased up artificial looking skin in this Tony Duran photoshoot. Dig more pics – which pretty much speak for themselves – when you Continue »

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