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beyonce diva cover

Dig your girl Beyonce‘s ‘Diva’ cover. This stance looks awfully familiar. We sense another case of some professional swag hacking again. Pop it for a little déjà vu plus an early Christmas treat – Sasha’s 2 new videos, ‘Halo’ & ‘Diva’ Continue »

Leona Lewis Leads the Way in Digital Music Sales

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Digital music sales are through the roof this year and Leona Lewis is riding that gravy train:

Despite a recession, digital music sales continue to climb, finally breaking the 1 billion sales mark for 2008. According to Nielsen SoundScan, digital track sales are up 28% over 2007′s digital track sales, up more than predicted.

In April 2008, SoundScan projected that digital track sales would break the 1 billion mark for the year, and the mark has been hit with two weeks to spare, and is expected to near the 1.04 billion mark by year’s end.

Of the year’s sales, 17% were credited to the top 200 digital tracks, equaling 171 million sales.

Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” is the highest selling digital song so far in 2008, with 3.3 million sales.

We knew things were going digital, but we don’t know it was like that. We wonder how many more digital sales she would have without Bey ganking sh*t. SMH


Beyonce’s Ring Too Expensive to Wear in Public

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All ya’ll Beyonce stans have made it so that the chick can’t even rock her real ring:

When Jay Z proposed to Beyonce with an 18-carat flawless diamond ring (est. at $5 million), he also presented her with a imitation version (valued at $5,000) so she can wear it on stage and out in public. Continue »

Jay-Z’s New Jump-Off Pad

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jay-z 1215

Jay-Z was involved in some suspect behavior recently:

Jay-Z spends so much time at his recording studio, he needs to keep a bed in there. Sources told us Hova hit up BoConcept on Madison Avenue and 30th Street to find furniture for his Manhattan “office.” We hear his purchases included a sleep-sized sofa, a bar table, bar stools and a glass coffee table, and that he dispatched his assistant to collect the goods. No word as to whether Beyoncé had any say in the decorating decisions.

Looks like they forgot to mention the 8 X 12 ceiling mirror and the stripper pole… SMH at the Camel setting that joint up for a little jump-off action with his side jawns. Continue »

Beyonce’s Tinker Bell Swag

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Check out your favorite alter-ego having chica, Beyonce, out in Spain at the “Los 40 Principales” 2008 Awards ceremony dressed up like a real life caramel Tinker Bell. Side bar: where the hell did she get that fierce push up bra from? Damn.

A few more pics of Beyonce as Tinker Bell and in her normal attire when you… Continue »

Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” #1 on Rolling Stone

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Beyonce in Paris

Beyonce has been jumping around Europe as of late, but in the states, her Single Ladies album is #1 on Rolling Stone’s list: Continue »

Jet Magazine Cover: Beyonce

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Yeah, it’s a loose fitting outfit, but it sure as hell looks like Beyonce has a belly poking out of that thang, baby in it or not. Take off your “stan glasses” for a moment and speak your piece as to whether this chick’s stomach is on swole.

More pics of Bey leaving her hotel to tape Star Academy in Paris up under the hood… Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???: Ciara

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We are all for, Artsy-High-Fashion and compelling shocking shots, but this is going to far. These are Ciara’s Elle pictures for next month’s issue. Last week it was Beyonce, all of a sudden CiCi is on the wagon. Check out the rest below the hatch… Continue »

*Exclusive* Vibe Blows The Lid on A. Keys & Swizz Beats Scandal in Tabloid Cover

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Vibe Tabloid Cover

Bossip has received an exclusive look at Vibe’s 08′ tabloid issue, which is juicier than Deelishis’ cakes. The pic above is a page ripped right out of the mag that puts the A. Keys and Swizz Beats affair on full blast: Continue »

Some People Just Aren’t Fit For The Silver Screen

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beyonce-and-idris in obsessed

Dig Beyonce and Idris Elba in their upcoming film Obsessed – set to be released on February 27, 2009. We can’t help but to wonder if Sasha will have better luck with this jawn than with Cadillac Records, which opened miserably over the weekend.


Beyonce Wows in the Nation’s Capitol

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Singer Beyonce Knowles

A host of celebs hit up the 31st Annual Kennedy Center Honors at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in DC over the weekend.

Beyonce was there and truth be told, the chick really didn’t leave too much to be desired. A certified banger, that one is.

beyonce-knowlesSinger Idina Menzel and actor Taye Diggs ne-yoSinger Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds and guest

A bunch more from the swirl offender convention when you… Continue »

For the Stans: Beyonce’s Spread

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Beyonce’s spread in Giant just hit the streets, and Sasha Fierce is on full blast. Peep the rest under the… Continue »

For The Stans

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Sasha chit chats about married life and what-not in Elle Magazine’s December issue: Continue »

Question of the Day: Beyonce

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Singer/actress Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce had this to say to a reporter about getting into her dress for the premiere of “Cadillac Records”:

“Can you believe I didn’t even stop eating so I could fit into it,” she said. “The amazing thing is I still actually managed to get into this two days after stuffing myself on Thanksgiving. I know I won’t have to worry about eating at the after-party tonight because I can’t. No room in this for food. No room even for me to sit down.”

Hmmm…stuffing yourself, Bey? Come on, now.

With the appearance we know Bey has to keep up, who believes she actually stuffed herself during Thanksgiving (as opposed to starving)?

Kanye’s “Living Legend”

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Kanye’s all time favorite diva and her sister Solange will perform at the annual tree-lighting festivities at The Rockerfeller Center tonight. Beyonce is every-freakin’-where these days, and oughta take a day off (or 2) by now gotdammit.


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