Who Looked More Bangin??? Nia Long vs. Gabrielle Union

nia gabrielle

Nia Long and Bossip’s best buddy (SMH) Gabrielle Union hit up the InStyle Magazine’s Summer Soiree last night in Hollyweird. You know we must ask the ongoing question of Who Looked More Bangin???

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LaLa is All Hollyweird-ed Out…


First, it was Kimmy Kakes and now LaLa has moved on to Kim’s BFF Brittany Gastineau. They were spotted having lunch together. Hopefully, little Kiyan isn’t getting too much influence from these Hollyweird hoes. SMH. More pics when you… Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?: Lance & Eva Vs. Melo & Lala


Last night, BOSSIP was at the L.A. TAG launching of a new body spray and exclusive DUB/TAG Signature Series Cars debut. Carmelo Anthony attended with buxom buddy, LaLa, and Eva Pigford showed up with Lance Gross, her beau. We think they knocked it out the park with these looks, but we must ask…

What Couple Looked More Bangin?

Ludacris, and Rob Dyrdek were present as well. We had a good time, thanks to Sheree…

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Question: Did Evander Ever Get His Ear Back???

WI-Boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield pose backduring the 17th annual ESPY Awards

The 2009 ESPY Awards last night was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. The top athletes showed up looking very “beautimus and handsome” which is sometimes rare for them. Terrell Owens should have come… Well ya’ll saw the picture yesterday. Venus and Serena were there, along with Kobe, Mike “Higher Than High” Phelps, Demi Moore, John Singleton and many more…

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Who Looked More Bangin???

ciara zoe

Ciara and Zoe Saldana hit up the red carpet at the BET Awards. You already know… Continue »

Coupled Up: Carmelo Anthony and La La Do Date Night with Lakers

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Carmelo Anthony and La La got their date night on with Lamar Odom and his mystery girl and Derrick Fisher and Candace Fisher at Katsuya in LA. It was wives and girlfriends night so things were pretty tame.

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Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez, Plus 1

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LaLa, Carmelo, and Kiyan

LaLa discusses the living situation and raising her son with Carmelo Anthony:

“I love my home and I’m happy here, but it gets a little overwhelming when it comes to decorating,” says LaLa. “At night, when I’m home by myself, this big house gets kind of scary and I lock me and my son in my room.” Although there are six bedrooms-one of which is reserved for Anthony’s clothes-it’s the couple’s private quarters that LaLa considers her safe haven; she uses candles to create a serene ambiance. Continue »

Which One is Packin’???

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Between the almondy NBA superstar, Carmelo Anthony, or the milk chocolate crooner, Tyrese, which one of these fellows do you think is packin’ enough to make a sister seriously consider celibacy?

More pics from the launch of the Jordan Melo M5 event in Hollyweird below.

Images via WENN

Kings on the Scene

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Heavyweights such as Jay-Z, Serena Williams, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, etc. came out to a cocktail party hosted by LeBron James and Ralph Lauren for The Lebron James Family Foundation at the Ralph Lauren store in NYC.  It’s good to see everyone get together for a good cause.  Serena is looking pretty darn tough these days.

Peep more images:

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Last Night in LA…

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A nicely toned Nicole Murphy, and her big burly boo Michael Strahan, were spotted on the red carpet of the 2008 ESPY Awards. Terrell Owens, Kevin Garnett and more hit up the annual gala too. More below…

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DUI Avoided

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As many of you may of suspected, Carmelo took a plea deal and got off easy:

“The Nuggets All-Star was sentenced to probation and community service for a charge of driving while ability-impaired. In exchange, prosecutors are dropping a more serious DUI charge. He was also whistled for failure to stay in a single lane — not the hardwood kind.

He’ll serve one year of probation, do 24 hours of community service, and pay a grand in fines. He was also just suspended two games by the Nuggets.”

Let’s see what this slap on the wrist does for Melo. Our guess is he’ll be back behind the wheel all zooted up by this weekend. The Denver PD will have to do a better job covering his tracks next time. SMH.


Exclusive: Carmelo Still Creepin

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La La better watch her back. A highly placed source has snitched that Carmelo Anthony continues to get his late night creep on with some 24 year old chick every time he visits San Francisco. Word is, during his most recent trip to the city, they spent 3 nights together at the Ritz Carlton.

It’s clear that some things never change. These fellas have an unlimited supply of women (and for some – men) at their disposal. If it weren’t for gold-diggers, ho’s and such, whatever would they do??

Seen on the Scene

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Buddies Solange and LaLa hit the streets of Hollyweird for a good time in some fun colorful and cute frocks. Hopefully they didn’t get too tore up, especially with Melo’s recent DUI and Solange’s inspirational teen motherhood speeches. They look happy as hell to have a night off from those babies.

LaLa Supports Her Man

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LaLa denies the reports yesterday that she didn’t come to Melo’s rescue after being drunk:

Basketball star Carmelo Anthony and his fiancée LaLa Vazquez are speaking out about his DUI arrest – denying Internet reports she was unsupportive and wouldn’t pick him up from the police station.

“I want to make sure the public understands that I fully support my fiancé, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal. I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me.”

The NBA star reiterated his love for Vazquez in his own statement: “LaLa continues to be a rock in my life, she’s always been there for me through thick and thin.”

If she’s the rock in his life, what the hell is taking them so long to walk down the aisle? These fools have been engaged for the past six years. What’s the hold up, he needs to grow up and wife her up.

Image via Splash, Via People

In case you missed them, check out LaLa’s 100% authentic rack in Sports Illustrated under the hood… Continue »

Cops Gave Melo the Royal Treatment

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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo was arrested on suspicion of DUI this weekend. Apparently, Devner PD loves themselves some Melo:

“Denver PD has launched an investigation into whether several officers acted inappropriately by giving recently-arrested Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony a ride to a hotel after his fianceé refused to come pick his ass up! Instead of taking him to their other option — detox — a sergeant personally took Anthony in his police cruiser to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Denver, where he was staying.

A police spokesperson says the officer went ‘above and beyond through a personal relationship’ and there wasn’t ‘anything wrong’ with what he did.

But it doesn’t end there …

Another cop drove Melo’s $130,000 sick silver Mercedes to a safe place — a police parking lot — so he could come back later and pick it up. What’s supposed to happen is the car is towed to an impound yard, but apparently the cops didn’t want Melo’s ride to get vandalized.”

Wow, his baby’s mom wouldn’t even come to rescue his drunk ass. And here the cops gave Melo special assistance. Someone in the Denver PD is about to feel the heat, especially if that drug test comes up dirty. SMH.