Which One Would You Hit?? BDR Vs. Dame Dash

Russell Simmons and Damon Dash were both at Uncle Russy’s Gold Rush Awards last week. Out of these two hip hop moguls, Which One Would You Hit???

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Question Of The Day: Can Damon Dash Make a Comeback?


We all know that Damon Dash has been going “through it” for the past few years. After losing damn near everything, the real question is will he be able to make it through all of this turmoil and get back on top? Continue »

How Precious…

Dame Dash was spotted taking a stroll in NYC with his daughter Tallulah Ruth.  We guess Rachel decided not to come along this time for “family time“.

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Damon Dash & Rachel Roy Getting Back Together???

Dame Dash and Rachel Roy were seen this weekend with daughter Ava getting lunch in NYC. We’re not sure if they are getting back together, but at least they can live amicably after being divorced.

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Beanie Sigel Saves Kanye West From Being Robbed

A former Roc-A-Fella employee recently set the record straight about the history of the notorious label, including the time Beanie Sigel flashed the Mac and saved The Louis Vuitton Don from getting robbed and relieved of his Roc-A-Fella chain.


Some Morning Preciousness

Here is Rachel Roy photographed with her two daughters Ava (oldest one) and Tallulah Ruth (SMH). Beautiful children, but that little one is not looking too much like daddy Damon Dash. Hmmmmm…..

Erykah Badu Hits the Scene

Erykah Badu and her baby’s father Jay Electronica were on the party scene for Erykah Badu’s listening session for her upcoming album New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh.’ Damon Dash and Corrine Bailey Rae were also on deck. Another pic on the flipside. Continue »

Dame Dash Speaks On Rocafella And Says He Wasn’t Robbing Anyone “He Spoiled His Artist” And He Also Regrets Saying Jay-Z Was The Best Rapper Ever

Damon Dash releases a lot of game in this interview. Dame says the owner of Def Jam masterminded the demise of The Roc. He also talks Jim Jones, Jay-Z, Cam, Beans, and everything else…besides the divorce with Rachel Roy that is still up in the air.

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Damon Dash Finally Breaks Silence on the Ongoing Soap Opera/Beef, Wants No Part


We told you there was more to the saga..next up, Dame Dash:

“I love Jay; I love Beans…what’s the reason for beef? That’s stupid.” Continue…

Beanie Sigel Says That Joe Camel “Stood Over Dame And Pissed On Him… Jay Is A Crumb, I Am Putting My Foot On His Neck!”

state property

Things are really getting ugly with Beans and Jay. 50 Cent and Beanie were on a radio show yesterday talking as dirty as you can about Joe Camel. Beans also talks about Beyonce coming to his court hearing with a hidden agenda and says he is going to put a foot on Jay’s neck!

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The Beanie Sigel Call That Goes in on Jay-Z, Dame Dash, and the Whole Roc Operation…Says He Respects 50 Cent and How He Took Care of G-Unit


Beanie Sigel called in to Charlamange the God’s radio show on Friday and poured his heart out. He said The Roc was a sham that robbed its artists blind, Dame was fired from Roc for spending money and being too flashy, and Camel disowned the whole crew to kick it with Jews…


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Dame Dash Trying to Come Back??


Damon Dash is set to release an album labeled “BlackRoc.” It has Mos Def, Jim Jones and others on it:

After the demise of the relationship between himself and Jay-Z, it seemed as though Damon Dash had begun to fade into obscurity.…Continue

Dame Dash Ex-Chick Does Fashion Week: Hit or Miss…


Rachel Roy popped her spring collection at Merecedes Benz Fashion Week. She had some nice pieces to debut but we want your thoughts.

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Who Looked More Bangin…Amber or Amerie?


Amerie and Amber Rose were both spotted at the Nicole Miller fashion show in New York. We will keep this short and sweet…

Who Looked More Bangin?

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Russell Simmons is the Poster Child for GAP KIDS: The GROWN MAN TODDLER COLLECTION


Russell Simmons hosted the screening for a movie called “The Cove” last night. Whoever shops for Russell needs to try other places besides Gap Kids because he is too grown to look like a toddler. There also appeared to be more than casual conversation between Lucy Lui and Dame Dash.

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