Bobby Dash Speaks On Roc-A-Fella Split


Everybody has an opinion on the split of Roc-A-Rella Records and whether it was Jay-Z or Damon Dash’s fault. In an interview with Rugah TV, Bobby Dash spoke on the demise of Roc-A-Fella. Keeping it neutral and not taking his brother Damon’s side or Jay-Z’s, Bobby said: Continue…

Which One Would You Hit?? Dame Dash vs. Scuzz-Bucket Jimmy Jones

dame jimmy

Dame Dash and Jimmy Jones were at the Latin Film Festival in NYC last night both rockin the white tee and fitted steez. We’re not sure what you ladies are into, but if you had to choose between one of these rascals, which one would you let ‘get it’???

Pop the hatch for more of these dudes and just for the fellas we have Melyssa Ford, Tocarra, and Dollicia Bryan at the Lady Hennessy event in LA… Continue »

Quote of the Day: Dame Dash Says “Jay-Z’s Taking Money Out of Chris Brown’s Mouth…He Did It to Me!”


Dame Dash went on record in the video below with his beliefs on the Jay-Z and Chris Brown Black-Balling fiasco. Dame makes some valid points and then quickly goes into another rant about people piggy-backing.

Pop the top and peep his spiel Continue »

Dame Pulling Himself Out of the Gutter With New Book?

Dame Dash

Mcbrokeums is set to make a small comeback with talks of a new book he’ll be releasing soon:

Books are like the new album these days. Well, first there is Amil and now I am getting the word that Dame Dash is also writing a book about his life and times. Continue »

WTF: Homo Thuggin???

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We heard about the Rachel Roy divorce along with the Diddy, Xhibit, and the “fingers all up in yo booty” situation, but come on y’all.  Notice Jimmy not wanting any part of the rancid behavior.

Pop it to see more of them in the studio working on a “joint” venture Continue »

Kim Kardashian: “We Don’t Typically Like to Wear Clothes Twice”

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Kim Kardashian has the same bug Dame Dash used to have; they wont wear clothes twice:

Socialite Kim Kardashian has found a good use for her old clothes – she sells them online and donates the proceeds to charity. The brunette and her family, stars of reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, are regular features in the gossip columns and they refuse to be seen in the same outfit twice. So Kim gathers their worn garments and sells them on auction website to benefit a good cause. Continue »

Are You Feelin’ Dame Dash’s Ride???

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Dame Dash has a new ride and it looks pretty serious: Continue »

Dame Dash Blames Money Problems on Being Generous

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Everyone knows that Dame Dash is in the hole, going through a divorce, and maybe a midlife crisis. He says the reason that he has financial problems is because of his generosity: Continue »

Rachel Roy Tells Dame It’s Over

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Rachel Roy has decided to jump ship on her 4 year marriage to Damon Dash:

He’s got no money, but he sure does have mo’ problems. Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear co-founder Damon Dash has been slapped with divorce papers by wife Rachel Roy. Continue »

SMH: Dame Dash Still Trying to Get It In

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Dame Dash and his famous son attended the birthday party for Obama artist, Ryan Simmons. They kept it well inside the budget, and by that we mean his son was the DJ and probably didn’t even get paid for the sh*t. SMH

Pop the hood to see more, including some of Tyrese smiling from ear to ear at a Disney Pre-Oscar Party. Continue »

Poor Thang

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damon dash jimmy jones

Here are some pics of Damon Dash, resident scuzzbucket Jimmy Jones, and Dame’s son Boogie at some listening party this weekend. Damn, Dame is looking tired as hell. He might want to jump on the Proactiv bandwagon so he can clear that face up while making some stacks in the process. Looks like little Dame is growing up to be a nice young man.

dame and sonjimmy jones purpledame pimples

A couple more on the flippy… Continue »

Throwback Pictures: Aaliyah and Jay-Z BBQ in the Hamptons 2000

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Here are some pics of Aaliyah and Jay-Z partying it up at one of his Hamptons BBQ’s back in the day. At the time, Damon Dash was her boyfriend reportedly…we don’t know about her being a jumpoff, but perhaps a damn close friend to both of them to say the least.

Pop it and see… Continue »

Aaliyah: Jay-Z and Dame Dash’s…Jump Off????

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Rumors are flying around that the real reason Jay-Z and Dame Dash fell out is because of Aaliyah:

Trying to stir up interest in his upcoming Roc-A-Fella documentary, reveals what everybody already knows that one of the reason’s behind the Dame Dash / Jay Z clash was Aaliyah. Choke tells Hip Hop Weekly, “Both Jay and Dame was involved with a certain R&B singer, who I’m not gonna say her name out of respect ’cause she ain’t around to defend herself, but I believe that was a part of the initial friction. I was seeing Jay with her back around 2000, then Dame… Continue »

More Dash Family Dramatics

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Damon Dash & Dash Jr.

Apparently, Damon Dash doesn’t believe that a mind is a terrible thing to waste:

The never-ending battle between hip-hop mogul Damon Dash and his ex-girlfriend, Linda Williams, continues – once again trapping their 17-year-old son, Damon “Boogie” Jr., in the middle. Continue »

Boogie Dash is Heir to the Throne

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Damon and Boogie

It looks like Damon Dash and his family are depending on Boogie’s DJ skills to carry the family torch: Continue »