New Eminem Ft Rihanna Official Music Video “Monster” [Video]

Not really feeling this jawn as much as Rap God, but whatever!

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Eminem ft. Rihanna – “The Monster” Trailer [VIDEO]


Marshall and Robyn make a scary pair. Continue »

Is He Back On That Breaking Bad Or Is It Old Age?: Eminem Zane Lowe Interview Part 1-4 [Video]

Is Eminem back on the drugs or is he looking his age?
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Eminem Performances On Saturday Night Live! [Video]

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Hate It Or Love It? Eminem Featuring Rihanna – “The Monster” [Audio]

EmRih copy


Are you feelin’ this Em & Rih 2.0?

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Real Hip Hop Is Back: Have You Actually Listened To Eminem’s New Song Dissing Ray-J, Kendrick Lamar, Saying F**, And More? “Rap God” [Video]

Most people wont even get this song or listen to the actual lyrics… but this is real hip hop. Continue »

Went Back To His Roots?: New Eminem Music Video “Survival” [Video]

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White Rappers Winning: New Eminem Song “Berzerk” Takes Shots At Lamar Odom & Kardashians [Video]

Since Macklemore and his gayness cleaned up with Justin Timberfake at the VMA’s and nobody black won anything… Is the white agenda bigger in black music than black artist? Continue »

Charlamagne And Friends: Road To The MTV VMA’s “In Your Head” With Big Sean + Eminem [Video]

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