Who Looks More Suspect?

suspect copy

This is a picture taken backstage at the Wayne show. Notice the way that Shawty Lo is gripping Akon ever so tightly? Anyways…

Who Looked More Suspect?

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Mike Vick With Young Jeezy? … Mike Vick Is Not Winning Back Publicity Points by Hanging Out With Rappers!

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Young Jeezy made a pit stop in Virginia and hollered at the one dude that needs to stay as far away from rap(gangster rap at that) as possible, Michael Vick.

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Some Morning Fug

lil wayne 050809

The ultimate sperm-producer Weezy F. Baby got his buffalo stance on at his concert in Toronto….Why the f*ck is ole boy standing like that wearng a shirt that says “Happy”??? SMH.

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DJ Drama: “Jeezy is Acting Emotional(Like a Girl) If You Ask Me!”

young-jeezy-club33 copy

If you thought Young Jeezy’s words were just going to go unsettled and DJ Drama wasn’t with the drama, well you have another thing coming. Drama tells his side:

“It seems like the guy’s pretty emotional…

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Jeezy Explains Beef With DJ Drama

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Jeezy finally breaks down the beef between him and DJ Drama. You all know that CTE(Jeezy’s click) be beating the dog mess out of Drama every time they see him. Well, here is the reason for the beatings:

Tension came to a boil at the screening of the late Biggie Smalls film “Nototorious” in Atlanta when Drama was assaulted by members of Jeezy’s CTE crew according to LA the Darkman, an artist under Drama’s Aphilliates Music Group.

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Jeezy says… “Give Vick a football and a Gatorade… Let’s Get it” What?


Young Jeezy did an interview with Sway and says that Pacman should take the advice of a professional before entering scrip’ clubs. Jeezy also talks about Michael Vick.

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Best that Ever Lived…Vibe Rap Competition


Everyone has their top 20 list of the best MC’s in the game but its always interesting to see who gets the number 1 spot. For all the West Coast people out there, 2Pac is a surefire number 1 choice while East Coast would most likely say BIG deserves those honors. Flip the switch for the Sweet 16 of the Hip Hop world: Continue »

All Your Rappers Over 30….Listed!!


People have always questioned the ages of Jay-Z, Eminem, Cam’ron, etc… Well we have it all broken down for you below, thanks to Nappyafro.com. Continue »

Keyshia Cole Performs National Anthem While TI, Jeezy, and Nelly Onlook

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Keyshia Cole performed the National Anthem at the Hawks vs Cav’s playoff game Sat. Jeezy, Tip, Monica, Polo, and Nelly are just a few of ATL’s finest that made it out. Keyshia was looking rather cute in this fit. It seems the only thing that could of messed up her cuteness is…Frankie or Neffe.

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Ciara Album Release Party…What!

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Yuuup, everybody and their momma came out for Ciara’s release party. Check Jazzy Phae looking like a big peach…SMH

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New Couple @ Hawks Game

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Takeo Spikes and T-Boz have been keeping their relationship under wraps for a while now, but the two were spotted at the Hawks game yesterday, along with Polo Da Don who was all hugged up with Teyana Taylor.

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Sunday Style: Exclusive Game

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Fergie, Juelz Santana, Jeezy, and Diddy all get exclusive clothing made, Exclusive Game. The gear is what you want, when you want it, and within your budget, peep:

When did you start selling and making clothes? (Detail) age where etc-

EG: I started making clothes roughly 6 years ago.

When did you know you wanted to do it for a living?

EG: I found it interesting that everybody around me was drawn to the clothes that I created. Once people started requesting the thing clothing was designing, I noticed that how happy it made them.  When I gave customers exclusive pieces and saw the look on their faces, I knew this was for me. Continue »

Which One Would You Let Hit??

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Jeezy and Nas hit up the Hawks game last night. Nas’ steez has been Fendi and cutting edge and Jeezy is sort of growing up, sort of. No disrespect to Kelis, but ladies, if you were overlooked by the NBA players and needed some lovin after the game last night…

Which One Would You Hit?

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Pointy Head & The Camel Throw Down

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 Beyonce, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy attend the Roca Wear Retreat Party and Concert

Jay-Z & Jeezy were yucking it up at the Roca Wear Retreat Party and concert in Scottsdale, AZ over the weekend. If you look closely, you’ll see your girl Beyonce in the background sportin’ that signature vacant look of hers. For more pics of of the shin-dig, you know the drill Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin: Couples Edition

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Kobe, vanessa, jay-z, and bey

Kobe and his Latin piece Vanessa attended the Third Annual Jay-Z and Lebron James “Two Kings” Dinner and After Party last night. Hova was there with his wifey, Beyonce. Both couples looked stunning, we gotta admit. Still, we must ask…

What Couple Looked More Bangin??

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