Who Looked More Bangin? Alicia Keys vs. Ciara

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Alicia Keys and Ciara attended the Fashion Rocks event in NYC last night.



Who Looked More Bangin??? The Jennifer Edition

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Jennifer Hudson attended the UJA-Federation of New York’s Music Visionary Award for Clive Davis last night and Jennifer Lopez appeared at the NYC premiere of “El Cantante”.



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Are You Feelin These Looks??

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Jennifer Hudson and Vogue Editor-At-Large and Hova’s long lost daddy Andre Leon Talley attended the Valentino 45th Anniversary Celebration. The short hair look is kinda refreshing on J Hud, but that Andre has got to go. Dude-he is a stylist, and that’s pretty damn scary.


Who Looked More Bangin? Jhud vs. Alicia Keys

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Who Looked More Bangin???

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Ciara attended The Candie’s Foundation host its 4th Annual “Event to Prevent” Benefit, Eva Mendes appearing at “The Wendell Baker Story” Los Angeles Premiere and Amerie and her 2 million dollar legs were at Lyric Culture Hosts Launch Party and Runway Show.

We must ask…Who Looked More Bangin’???

Jennifer Hudson was also at The Candie’s Foundation host its 4th Annual “Event to Prevent” Benefit and Kim Kardashian and her breasts were at Lyric Culture Hosts Launch Party last night.

Beyonce Challenges Jhud for MTV Movie Award

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Dreamgirls, Jhud and Beyonce were both nominated for Best Performance by the MTV Movie Awards. Besides competing with each other for the award, they will go up against Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Keira Knightley, and Gerard Butler who were nominated in the same category.

Mass Beyonce stan suicide is expected if Jhud wins, call the local federal authorities before it’s too late.


New Tracks: Ne-Yo Ft. Jhud, Lloyd Ft. Nina Sky

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Ne-Yo featuring Jennifer Hudson (Leaving Tonight), Click here to listen. Jhud was spotted on the Los Angeles set of the film Winged Creatures on Thursday. The film stars Forest Whitaker.

Lloyd featuring Nina Sky (Get it Shawty Remix), Click here to listen.

Jhud Has a Big Head

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Via NY Post:

JENNIFER Hudson might be letting her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in “Dreamgirls” go to her head. Besides tangling last week with Simon Cowell of “American Idol,” the show that gave the ungrateful diva her big break, the singer tried to back out of performing at Saturday’s taping of the Soul Train Awards show in Los Angeles. “Jennifer called Friday and said she couldn’t make it,” said our source. “Soul Train” producer Don Cornelius immediately called Clive Davis, the legendary J Records mogul who created the careers of Whitney Houston, Alicia Keyes and dozens of other artists. “Clive called Jennifer and read her the riot act. He said, ‘Get you’re ass out to L.A.’ and then hung up on her.”

A year ago Jennifer Hudson was an American Idol reject and now she is too good for “everyone”. No one watches the FUBU Soul Train Music Awards anymore but damn, if they honor your ass, make the trip when you’re just starting out. You get an Oscar, a Vogue Magazine Cover, and a new Beyonce lacefront wig and all of a sudden an award show has to beg you to come and get honored. She needs to fall back.

Jennifer to Receive Burger King’s Version of the Amex Black Card

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Photo of Jennifer Hudson looking reminiscent of a blow-up doll @ Dallas Austin’s 2nd annual Don’t Stop the Music Gala in Atlanta, GA

In other J Hud news, the singer/actress will be rewarded for making the staement “If I’d been any better at my job when I was at Burger King in my middle teens, I wouldn’t be here either, so should I thank them, too?” A statement that was made when Simon Cowell was giving her sh*t for not thanking American Idol in her Oscar speech.

Burger King tells TMZ:

In response to Jennifer’s recent comments in which she asked if she should be thanking Burger King, we say thanks, but no thanks are necessary. Burger King Corporation is proud of Jennifer’s success and while we never like to lose employees, in this case, our loss is the entertainment industry’s gain … To further show our support for Jennifer, and make sure she never has to sing for her supper again, Burger King Corporation is giving her a pre-paid BK Crown Card that will be automatically reloaded for life.”

Yay!!! Just what she needs, free Double Whoppers with cheese and extra mayo for life!!! That sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen…take it easy, Jen!

Who Looked More Bangin?

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Kerry Washington radiant in yellow @ the “I Think I Love my Wife” LA premiere OR Jennifer Hudson in sizzling scarlett @ The Global Summit for a Better Tomorrow in Celebration of International Women’s Day.


Was This a Surprise??????

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No big surprises last night, we saw this coming . Jhud took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and Forest Whitaker took home an Oscar for Best Actor. Click here for the full list of winners.

Just ‘Axin’

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Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce at events over the weekend. Jhud who just snagged the Vogue cover has been honored by almost everyone while in LA over the last few weeks. Beyonce has also been on the Westcoast for a while. If there is no beef or comepetition, why hasn’t Beyonce came out to support Jhud like Dreamgirl Anika Rose?

Click here for a possible answer.

She Must Have Read Your Comments Yesterday…

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Before choosing what shoe to wear. For those of you who had issues with J Hud’s feet, her toes were not touching the floor in this shot from her self-honoring MAC Luncheon yesterday.

What-to-Wear/ What-NOT-to-Wear

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Janet Jackson and J Hud are looking absolutely lovely @ Hennessy Celebrates Giant Magazine Covergirl Jennifer Hudson last night in Beverly Hills. Damn, Janet’s bracelets were so fly the photog had to give them their own pic—and i love it!

WTF. Who let these broads leave the house looking like this?? Taraji P. Henson looks re-goddamn-diculous. I have no words for that get up. Serena—Hair?-stringy and dirty looking. Dress?-unflattering and not stylish at all. Eyebrows???-look crazy as hell. Sheesh this chick really needs some help, badly!!!

Jhud Can’t Come to My Grammy Party

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According to Ben Widdicombe at New York Daily News , Beyonce’s handlers (The Knowles Entertainment Mafia)didn’t want Jhud at a Grammy party hosted by People Magazine and Beyonce:

A source tells us Beyoncé’s handlers did not want Hudson’s name on the guest list for a party she threw with People magazine at Eleven in West Hollywood. “At a lot of events recently, it’s been all about Jennifer Hudson,” sniffs an insider. “Beyoncé is successful because she’s continually been out there. She doesn’t want to look like she’s slipping.”

You mean to tell me there is such thing as fake smiles and jealousy in the entertainment industry? You don’t say…….. Not that Holy and righteous Knowles family, they would never hate on anyone. SMH.

Jhud recently became the first Black singer to grace the cover of Vogue. Halle Berry and Oprah Winfrey have also made the Vogue cover. On the second pic (right), she looks like a style icon.