Rihanna’s Inspiration and Keri Hilson Does Canada


Is Rihanna original or does she just always make it drastic??? While hanging in London, she popped by the “Inglorious Basterds” Premiere with her Johnny Bravo Madonna swag. Then, Keri Hilson makes her appearance on Much Music TV in Toronto.

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Keri Hilson Gets It In & Uncle Sam Wants Toni B. and Foxy B.

Keri Hilson

Are You Not Entertained???… Mz. Keri Baby is doing what she needs to do by making sure she is keeping the audience full attention while on stage but this is the first time. Seems this is a normal “raunchy” thing for her… Get it In Keri!!!
On the Flip Side Toni Braxton and Foxy Brown both owe Uncle Sam a chunk of change and Uncle Sam is not playing in this Recession…

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Are You Feelin This Get Up???


Here is Keri Hilson in London wearing some bright yellow MC Hammer pants. Although this young lady is a talented song writer, for some reason, as an artist she just doesn’t ‘do it for us.’ What do ya’ll think? Are you feelin Miss Keri and her Hammer pants?

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Neyo Loves the “Taste” of Chi-Town

neyo taste chicago1

Lets see here, a Ne-Yo show consists of a couple essentials; an ugly tranny looking dancer that he looks at with disgust, check; goofy dance moves, check; and of course those funky looking hats, check! Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson both did the 2009 Taste of Chicago Festival.

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Who Looked More Bangin???

keri letoya

Letoya Luckett and Keri Hilson were on the red carpet for the BET Awards this evening and we must ask…Who Looked More Bangin???

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Breezy Makes Moves on Keri Hilson

keri hilson and chris brown

Now that Breezy’s finally getting the hint that RiRi has officially moved on, he’s making moves of his own, towards Keri Hilson. Not sure this is a wise move Breezy, Keri seems like the kinda chick that would cut your @ss down to the white meat Continue »

Saturday Style: Brian Lichtenberg


Keri Hilson, Lady Gaga, Santogold, Ciara, Lil Wayne, and Beyonce are supporters. Stars are always seen sporting his leggings, tanks, T’s, and catsuits. Who brought that 80’s swag back you ask… Brian Lichtenberg.

Our peoples from Personamagazine.net caught up with BL for some questions:

Personamagazine.net: When, where, and how did you get the line started?
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Keri Hilson Exposes Herself in 944


Keri Hilson is in the new issue of 944 Magazine, wearing an itty bitty Grey Ant denim t*tty sling. Continue »

Keri Hilson: “Lauryn Hill Whenever You’re Ready, I Want to Write Your Comeback Song”

keri and lauren

Keri Hilson is interviewed by KarmaloopTV and when asked who she would like to work with most, she responded, Lauryn Hill. Keri is saying she wants to write her comeback song. It might be a hit, but do you think Lauryn will comply???

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Keri Hilson Gets Her Loins Soaked on Stage??


Keri Hilson was seen at the WAMU event getting real… nasty. Keri is a freak. If her fits don’t say it, letting the back up dancers spank her, bend her over and spread her eagle definitely confirms it.

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Keyshia Cole, CiCi and Monica – the New TLC?


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Keri Hilson Lets Ye Smack Her Cakes During Performance

Posted by Bossip Staff

Go head Ye, we aint’ mad at you. During the Letterman performance last night Kanye West tapped Keri Hilson’s backs very nicely. A definite facade since we seen him with P*ssy Princess last night.

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Keri Hilson and Her…Jean Vest Swag??

Posted by Bossip Staff


Your girl “Keri Baby” is in England at the moment for the ‘Sound’ party of BBC Switch. We don’t mind people wearing out the Fatty-Pants, but the jean vest and painted smile look suspect on Keri.

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Miss Keri Baby is Takin’ the Stage

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With the success of her first album In a Perfect World, Keri Hilson is jackin’ the same stage that used to belong to Bey and CiCi and she’s claiming her territory like a true Decatur diva. Flip to the b-side for Keri’s ‘perfect’ interview with our friends at HipHollywood.com Continue »

Nas and Trey Songs for Unsigned Hype

Posted by Bossip Staff


Trey Songz and Nas were a couple of the acts performing at the BMI Unsigned Artist spotlight in the ATL. The ladies love them some Trey. No word back from Adrienne Bailon yet, Trey. But, when we do hear something, we’ll send you a tweet.

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