Saturday Style: Melody Ehsani

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We receive tip emails asking what the artist are wearing all the time. On Saturdays we will break down exactly who styles them. Today we will start with Melody Ehsani:

What do Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys have in common… accessories made by Meloday Ehsani. Though a seasoned vet in ladies feet fashion, Melody is quickly becoming the rookie of the year when it comes to accessories design. In order to gather some intel on the method to Melody’s madness, Persona caught up with the young designer for this Saturday style exclusive!

Persona Magazine- So how did you start making Jewelry?

Melody Ehsani- Just about a year ago. I got my start in designing women’s shoes but I was asked by a friend of mines (Saul Williams) to do some design work for his album cover. I got a chance to do the photography, fashion and accessories design for that whole project so that’s where I got my start with jewelry.

Interview continued here…

She also designs rings you see Nas, Bilal, and Angela Simmons rockin. Her shoes have been in the game for a while.

Pictures below of celebrities sporting her accessories… and sisters, she has some bad ass Mother Land earrings that look crazy… Continue »

Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan Give a Valiant Effort

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Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan

Apparently, the audience at the Power 96 “World’s Largest Office Christmas Party” at Iguana Pines had better things to do than to watch Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan sing their hearts out. We’ll give these two chicas an A for their efforts anyway.  We know Bossipers would gladly trade places with those jacka$$es to see these ladies perform live.

Ace Hood, Keri Hilson, Rick Ross, and Flo-Rida for you below.
Ace HoodKeri HilsonRick RossFlo-Rida

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Keri Hilson: I’ll Never Date an Entertainer or Athlete

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Bossip recently caught up with Keri Hilson at the Lexus Listening Lounge in Atlanta. We asked her if she’s currently dating anyone in the industry and peep what she had to say: Continue »

Some Morning Eye Candy

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Keri Hilson puts it down for Complex Magazine – where she originally made that infamous faux-gasm comment.

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The Dirty Awards Black Carpet

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Here’s the fire-starter in the flesh on the black carpet. Yes, the black carpet. Red just would have been too much like right. Among the no-names, a few people that you might actually know showed up in full ghetto garb. Check out the thumbs below.

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Keri Hilson With Lil’ Wayne: Turning Me On

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Check out Keri Hilson’s latest track and video and she is looking cute, as always. Polow the Don produced this song, without Rich Boi on it, surprise, but we’re sure there will be some room for him on the remix.

What do Bossipers think of her newest track?

Faking It

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Keri Hilson knows exactly what to do in the bedroom:

For a woman to feel her best, her man has to support her.” A statement Hilson says goes both ways, even in the bedroom. “Sometimes you have to feed the male ego.” “Men think they know when we’re faking it, but they have no idea. I know girls who are really good at it, and the men have no clue.”

There’s no blaming Keri or any other ladies for faking it sometimes. If the new episode of Desperate Housewives is coming on in 15 minutes and your bust-it-boy needs his “medicine,” you really don’t have any other options.