Is Amistad Hittin’ Kimora?????

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DJIMON Hounsou AKA Amistad was reportedly “making out all night” at a dinner for Forest Whitaker Tuesday night in Hollyweird. The two reportedly left together. A hook-up with Cameron Diaz and now Kimora, Amistad is really making the rounds in Hollyweird.

Oh gee, I wonder whose publicist fed the “making out all night” to the NY Post. SMH.


FILL IN THE BLANK: Kimora Lee-Simmons

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Kimora Lee Simmons was spotted at a Pre-Oscar party getting the digits of an openly “bi” Bai Ling.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Kimora was getting Bai’s digits to_________________.

Kimora Hates BOSSIP

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One of our writer’s ran something from the New York Daily News about Kimora kissing a chick in NYC and the owner of yanked advertising from our site. Oh yeah, we have been saying Russell and Kimora are faker than a $45 dollar bill for some time. The girl who denied her marriage was one of convenience as those in the know have said for some time and separated from her husband shortly the rumors got out, attended the MAGIC MARKETPLACE at the Las Vegas Convention Center yesterday.

Some people are offended by the fakeness. Don’t they look so much in love? SMH.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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SMH. They make this job so easy. Vogue Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley, Britney Spears, and Kimora Lee Simmons were spotted during Mercedes Benz Week at the Babyphat show. Kimora, we know you want to reach down and grab Britney’s rack.

Sometimes you just wonder how long they were faking it. They always looked so geniune together.

Kimora Lee Simmons Probably Fighting With One of Her Girlfriends Again

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According to the New York Daily News, Kimora Lee Simmons attended Alicia Keys’ 27th birthday party last night and disrupted things when she was heard yelling “get out of my face b*tch”. Guests at the party rushed over and saw Kimora yelling at a “mystery” woman. Kimora said the woman threw a drink on her. According to Kimora’s reps, the woman is stalking her and shows up “constantly” at events where Kimora is expected. Well, the woman is obviously “someone” to be at all the parties that Kimora is at. Hmmmmm, wonder who this “mystery” woman can be?

Russell Simmons Spotted Again Leaving Club with Model Petra Nemcova

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Via Rush and Molloy at New York Daily News:

“Looks like Petra Nemcova is over the musical stylings of James Blunt. We mentioned last Thursday that the model was spotted with hip-hopper Russell Simmons at a CD party for John Legend – and Simmons assured us they’re “just friends.” Maybe so, but these friends danced the night away at the JoonBug Masquerade Ball Tuesday and made an early exit from Capitale hand in hand, says our spy.

Petra looks a lot better than these ladies who a lot of brothas are going after. Wonder how much Russell is donating to her charity to be able to “make appearances” with her. Petra who runs her own charity is probably coming up off of Russell’s pockets. Hard to imagine Russell giving away a lot of his money to her charity knowing how the hood is starving but then again, he let Kimora trick his wallet pretty good.

Russell Simmons Trying to Holla at Model Petra Nemcova?

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Via New York Daily News:

Is Russell Simmons’ eye on Petra Nemcova? The tsunami-surviving supermodel, who’s said to have jettisoned singer James Blunt, looked awfully cozy with the hip-hop mogul Tuesday night at the P.M. party for John Legend’s new CD, “Once Again.” Simmons, who’s separated from wife Kimora Lee, assured us yesterday they’re “just friends” and charity partners. “I don’t know anyone as dedicated to lifting people up as Petra” …

Petra Nemcova and Russell Simmons together last month. Out of all the charities there are out there, he so happens to participate in a charity ran by one of the most popular models in the industry. SMH, his steez screams he is using the charity to get into Petra’s panties or “wants to be seen” with her around town. Petra wouldn’t be the only European model Russell has been seen with since his split with Kimora. He was briefly linked to Temla Thormattosidir over the summer.

Exclusive: Russell Simmons Paid for Kimora Lee Simmons Nose Job

There have been rumors that Kimora had some work done on her nose for some time but the evidence appears to be overwhelming. Damn, by the look of things, Russell “made” Kimora look good with bling and plastic surgery. Now if only she can chop off some of that neck.

If you still have any doubt, peep the video for further confirmation. Her nose job actually looks good and like she went to Dr.90210 rather than Dr. 10027. I don’t see why Russell was chasing Kimora around and blinging her up, it seems like when they met she looked like a regular girl, he could of went on 125th and probably found something better than that to “upgrade”. Probably would of cost him less money.

Russell Simmons on Vacation, Relieving Kimora Stress

Russell Simmons doing the mogul thing and getting a massage on the beach. “Yeah, I can’t wait until this massage is over Russell so I can tear you up”.

Russell: “Damn, what the f*ck am I going to do, I have to give Kimora more dough than I got for selling DefJam. That b*tch tore me a new hole: she got a fashion company, millions, cribs, fame; what the hell did I get?”

Random Pics: Kimora Lee Simmons, Kelly Rowland, Quincy Jones

Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild), Scott Storch, Kelly Rowland, Quincy Jones, and Javonna at Mokai in Miami last night. Kelly is looking better than Beyonce these days.

Kimora Lee Simmons at Denise Rich and the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research Host “Disco & Diamonds” Fundraiser at Capitale in NYC. Kimora’s dress leaves a lot to be desired. The Hawai-themed looking dress with open toes doesn’t belong at a fundraiser at Capitale.

Ashford and Simpson attend Denise Rich’s fundraiser. Although Ashford looks like he may belong on a Lion King movie, got to love this couple.

Vanessa Simmons charms showing just enough of her rack at the Fanzworth Bentley peformance at Lotus last night.

Fonzworth “Sambo” Bentley performs at Lotus. The Ambercrombie & Fitch jeans with the holes went out of style a while ago Sambo. May want to think about making sure his belt matches.

Baby Phat Dinner Pics

Trina looking classy. Momma Diddy looking hella busted as usual. Halloween is not until next month.

Lady of the Evening

Can someone tell Remy Ma to dye her hair one color?

Just "Axin": Again

Page Six:

. . WHICH recently separated couple liked to have another woman join them in the bedroom? Sadly for the husband, his wife liked the women more than him – and when he finally banned others from his bed, his wife realized she was no longer attracted to him at all.

Russell Simmons Dumped by Kimora, now Dime Model Denise Vasi

2006 is not shaping up as a “Phat” year for Russell Simmons. Sources tell Bossip that Noah Tepperberg G’d the Dominican dime from Russell. Tapperberg is the co-owner of NY hotspot Marquee. Russell has tried to rebound with this model. Definitely a big step down. Another pic of Vasi below, let us know if you think she is a certified dime.

Just "AXin"

Page Six:

. . WHICH recently separated couple liked to have another woman join them in the bedroom? Sadly for the husband, his wife liked the women more than him – and when he finally banned others from his bed, his wife realized she was no longer attracted to him at all.

Kimora’s Crew Gets Denied For Looking " Too Urban" AKA Ghetto

Hot spot gives Kimora’s
pals cold reception (New York Daily News)

Posted By Royda

Some of Kimora Lee Simmons’ crew were denied entry at the Unik Ernest’s P.M. Lounge because they looked to urban. “They kept saying we were too ghetto,” says our source. “They were rude – they even called one guy a ‘big fat [homophobic epithet].'” Words – including the N-word – were exchanged, claims our earwitness, and “Kimora was horrified.”

Unik’s reply to the allegations: Unik told us: “I am black, and I never use that word. And my host is gay – we don’t use that word, either. I didn’t hear my staff use them – anyone in the crowd could have shouted it out. But give your source my cell number, and I will line up everyone who worked that night, and if they can identify him, he will be fired on the spot. Not tomorrow, not the next day, on the spot.” I really hope what he says is the truth because it’s sad when our own people turn against each other.