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Lil Kim and Trina Perform in Tampa

Here is the Queen Bee herself, Lil Kim, performing live and direct in Tampa Florida with Trina. Continue »

It’s Over! Pt. 1: Stars That Ruined Their Careers By Doing The Dumbest Isht Imaginable


We hope these stars have saved up their money because it’s oooooverrrrrrr. Continue »

One More Try: Are You Feeling Lil Kim’s Comeback Fake A$$ Lady GaGa Swag?

lil kim

Sigh. Look at this chick still trying to make her career happen. Continue »

Hate It Or Love It: Lil Kim Gets Ready For The New Year With Some New Pics

Lil Kim Releases New 2012 Promo Photos

Here is Lil Kim’s 2012 “promo” photo. Continue »

Eff A Stylist: The Most Attention Sloriest Red Carpet Looks Of All Time

lil kim attention slore

The AMAs were this weekend, allowing celebrities to throw on their Sunday bests. But sometimes “bests” can turn to “worst” pretty easily. Continue »