Who Looked More Bangin??? Lil Kim Vs. Amanda Lepore

Lil' Kim And Amanda Lepore In Concert

Lil’ Kim and transgender icon Amanda Lepore performed a special concert in NYC at Club 57 at Providence. Continue »

How’s That Taste? When Celebrities Have To Eat Their Words

lil kim nicki minaj

What’s more embarrassing than public apologies? Saying something and being proven totally wrong about it. Continue »

Lil Kim Takes Over Zimbabwe’s Zar Fest [Photos]

Lil Kim

Lil Kim was spotted in Zimbabwe this weekend for the country’s Zar Fest alongside Fat Joe, Timbaland, DJ Scratch and Ciara. Continue »

Quote Of The Week: Eve On Lil’ Kim, “I Need Her To Stop”

Eve speaks on Lil Kim

Poor little Kimberly Jones. Is ANYONE other than her staff and twitter fans holding her down these days? Continue »

You Mad? Celebrities That Throw The Biggest Tantrums

kobe whining

Momma always said you don’t get what you want by crying about it. Apparently these 10 celebrities never heard that rule. Continue »

Lil Kim Parties At Atlanta’s Club Ritz [Photos]

Lil Kim

Lil Kim took her talents to Atlanta Friday where she made an appearance at the city’s Club Ritz. Continue »

SMH: 10 Rappers Who Let Jail Mess Up Their Money

dmx jail locked up

Being a rap star seems like the life. Unfortunately, a limitless amount of money, hos and clothes isn’t enough to ensure the industry’s brightest acts Continue »

Hang It Up, Flatscreeeeen: Nicki Minaj Disses the HELL Out Of Lil Kim…AGAIN!!

‘Roman’s Revenge’ was definitely a tough blow for the Queen Bee to come back from, but THIS sh*t right here is the insecticide! Continue »

Lil Kim Might Just Need A Better Stylist

Lil Kim at Damon Peruzzi Birthday Party

The Queen Bee has been on her hip-hop Dolly Parton Continue »