Remembering Mike: Top 10 Michael Jackson Videos

MJ & Naomi Campbell

In memory of the greatest performer who ever lived, LiveSteez counts down the top 10 MJ videos of all time. Pop the lid for more

Why White Folks Should Bow Down to Michael Jackson


Go under the hood to find out why we think some folks should bow down to MJ Continue »

Gordo-Maricon Talks Major Mess About Michael Jackson…


This fat fairy was woofing crazy about the King of Pop “faking it” on his dainty blog yesterday. Pop the top for more

Michael Jackson’s Children Go Back to Their Roots


As soon as we heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death, the first thing we wondered was what would happen to the children? Would they go back with their mothers’ or would they be raised by the Jackson family. Well, looks like the Jackson clan is stepping up and taking them in. Interesting. They’re going to go from Never Never Land to Big Mama’s House Continue »

BMI’s Cancelled Because of Drake Injury and Mourning of MJ


We were all set to go to the BMI’s tonight. Drake was set to perform tonight and injured himself also the BMI people are mourning Michael’s death, just like us: Continue »

R.I.P Michael Jackson Dies at 50 from Cardiac Arrest


It’s been reported that Michael Jackson has died of a cardiac arrest.

The Jackson Family is in our prayers. More

Breaking News! Michael Jackson Has Heart Attack and is Rushed to Hospital!


Michael Jackson was just rushed to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack:

We’ve just learned Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles … Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Guess Who’s Training Michael Jackson for His Comeback Tour

Mike and the Hulk

WTF? How random is it that two Hollyweirdos would come together like this? The Hulk is pushing 70 years old and Mike needs to just hang it up now before he ends up falling down and fracturing his hip bone and winds up on a cane like his geriatric homie Prince. These old heads need to just retire and chill out. Continue »

SMH: Michael Jackson Just Won’t Learn


Michael Jackson has some weird request for his show in Europe. Jacko wants a cast of kids to sign his songs onstage with him: Continue »

Question of The Day: Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Really Half-Black?

jackos kids unmasked2

Michael, come on man, we know how biology works.

Man, them kids don’t look half black, y’all! Damn, maybe they just stay out of the sun a bunch, eh? What do you think??

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Michael Jackson Plans to Open ‘Thriller’ Casino


As if Mike’s ‘This is It” Tour wasn’t bad enough, word on the street is the plastic surgery ridden entertainer is going to open up a casino with a ‘Thriller’ theme in Las Vegas.

Michael Jackson is opening a ‘Thriller’ casino.

The 50-year-old singer is reportedly planning to launch the zombie-themed gambling den in Las Vegas next year.

He is also believed to be working on a new album, several films and a museum to house iconic items from his career. Continue »

Akon Puts Michael’s Lip-Syncing on Front Street


Damn Akon just put Michael Jackson on blast with this ish right here. Guess fans won’t have to be wondering how Mike is keeping up with the dance moves and not running out of breath.

AKON has disappointed scores of fans who have splashed out on tickets for MICHAEL JACKSON’s comeback concerts by insisting the King of Pop won’t be singing live. Continue »

Michael Jackson Exposes His Jack O’ Lantern Mug While Visiting Medical Clinic


Michael Jackson was seen in in L.A. the other day, with no mask on, leaving what is believed to be a cancer clinic:

Michael Jackson was pictured without his usual surgical mask as he left a medical facility in Los Angeles yesterday. The singer smiled briefly for photographers outside the Bedford Medical building wearing a bright red jacket. The purpose of Jackson’s visit was not clear, although reports over the weekend claimed he was suffering from skin cancer. Continue »

Michael Jackson Postpones Several London Shows Before Any of Them Even Start?


Michael Jackson’s show is on hold, already. He hasn’t danced a decent move yet, but the show is postponed…why?:

Michael Jackson’s representatives announced Wednesday that the elusive King of Pop will postpone several of his London comeback shows scheduled for this summer. Continue »

SMH:Michael Jackson Behind the Scenes of “This Is It” Tour Rehearsals

Posted by Bossip Staff

michael jackson

Michael Jackson’s dance rehearsals have started for the This Is It tour. Michael only makes a slight appearance in the clip underneath. Please watch the video and see the idolizing and down right jockin going on below, with a couple problems, of course… Continue »