Monica A Homewrecker… Not According To Shannon Brown’s Tweet!!!

Shannon Brown Defends Monica

Monica may have love all over her with new boy toy L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown but some folks are adding her to the Homewreckers list for getting with him. Sources claim that Shannon Brown was in a relationship with the mother of his child when he first hooked up with Monica but… Shannon will be dayyumm if he allows people to think any unkind thoughts about his new love: Continue »

20 Celebrity BFF’s Who Hold Each Other Down

Tyra Banks Kimora Simmons Ming and Aoki Lee

“Best friend” is such a relative term. One day she’s your ace home skillet, the next day you’re not calling her back because she always wants to talk about her crazy issues. Continue »

Monica And Maino Are NOT A Couple But She Is Dating ____________!!!

Monica and Maino Not Together

This pic from T.I. and Tiny’s wedding has been floating around of Maino and Monica looking a little closer than close. Especially since Monica had Manio’s love all over her in the new video but according to Monica… Maino is just a friend!!!.

However… Continue »

Monica’s Fans Have Spoken… Was It Rapper Maino Or L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown?!?!

monicas new jawn

Monica allowed her fans to decided who she would end up with in her latest video “Love All Over Me”: Rapper Maino or L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown…

Pop the Top for the Viewer’s Choice Continue »

Monica’s Looking Extra Comfy And Cozy With Maino In New Video “Love All Over Me”

Monica's New Video "Love All Over Me"

Today is the release of Monica’s new video “Love All Over Me”. The other day we told you Monica wanted the fans to choose who she’s going to end up with. Now it’s your turn to watch the video and decided…

Who Will You Choose: Maino vs. Shannon Brown???

Click Here to Watch Monica’s New Video

Should Monica End Up With Maino Or Shannon Brown From The L.A. Lakers??!?

Monica's Love All Over Me Video

The video for Monica’s new jawn “Love All Over Me” is set to premiere on 106th & Park this Thursday, July 15th, 2010. In the video, Monica stuck between a rock and a hard place; having to choose between her Old Love, which is played by rapper Maino, and New Love, which is played by Shannon Brown of the L.A. Lakers. The video has two different endings and…

Monica wants the fans to determine the ending of her video!!! Continue »

A Lil Positivity

Singer Monica Arnold and singer/songwriter/producer/rapper B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray Simmons

Monica and B.O.B. devoted their Independence Day to U.S. soldiers by giving a free concert to help boost morale. Pop the hood for details Continue »

Monica Gets It In With L.A. Lakers’ Shannon Brown

"Lakers Shannon Brown and Monica - Love All Over Me"

Monica told Bossip exclusively what her love life has been like since she parted ways with Rocko. She recently shot the video for her new jawn “Love All Over Me” with L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown as her love interest.

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*Bossip Exclusive* Bossip Talks To Monica About Rocko “This Is The Truth So Help Me God!”

BOSSIP chatted with Monica this past weekend and we made sure to ask the ATL Diva about Rocko, the kids and if she is dating. Monica, after swearing before God, adamantly denied having even the urge to date…

Click Here To Watch The Bossip Interview With Monica!!

A “Lil Positivity”: Monica Uplifts Young Filmmakers & Artists With “Behind The Lens” And “Here I Am Talent Search”

Coca-Cola Behind the Lens

Monica in conjunction with Coca-Cola has been participating in youth programs to uplift talented and ambitious young filmmakers and artists… Continue »

Who Loooked More Bangin???

Ciara and Trina 107.9 Birthday Bash

Ciara and Trina both attended Hot 107.9 in ATL’s “Birthday Bash” concert at Phillips arena last night looking rather……we gotta ask, Who Looked More Bangin???

More photos when you… Continue »

Monica To George Lopez: “What You Talkin Bout Willis’… My Son Is Cuter Than Nick Cannon”

Monica on Lopez Tonight

Monica hit up Lopez Tonight and talked about how Twitter helped with the success of her new album. George Lopez showed a clip of Monica and her youngest son singing and compared them to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon…

Flip the Lid for a Peek at the Interview and Performance Continue »

Boss Ballin: Polow Da Don Drops Over 100 Stacks On Monica And Her New Car

Super producer Polow Da Don recently surprised family friend Monica with a new car to congratulate her on the success of her new album Still Standing.

Check under the hood to see what Monica will be pushing now a days. Continue »

Brandy Is Liquored Up With Monica And Boo’d Up With Flo Rida

brandy-and-monica- in Miami

Brandy kicked it with Monica and her new boo Flo Rida in Miami over the weekend. This chick looks drunk as a skunk, holding on to Monica for dear life. Not so sure about her and Flo Rida, something about it just seems a little bit awkward…

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