Looks Like Some Temporary Checks Will Be Coming in for Mya and Macy Gray…

mya macy

Mya and Macy Gray will be on the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars”… Continue »

Is Slim Thug Chopping Down Mya? Sure Does Look Like It!

mya and slim

Slim Thug and Mya were spotted at a Houston restaurant, getting it in. We think Mya might be getting a little thirsty, but Slim Thug is known for chopping down R&B stars. Women love tall men, even if they do resemble Ogre’s.

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Who Looked More Bangin: Backstage Edition

alicia vs mya

Both of these ladies are at two different projects, obviously backstage and off-set. When we took a gander at these pictures, we could not help but think of the similarities, or a lack there of. Mya has put on a good pound and her legs are as big as Alicia Keys‘.

Who Looked More Backstage Bangin?

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Is Mya Burned Out Now??


Lil’ Mya was at the Broadway Bares the other day. Does she still look as cute as a button to you all or is she lookin’ kind of burned out these days?

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Who Looked More Bangin?

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Mya and D. Woods struck a pose at the Operation Smile event . D Woods looks like she has a small badger attached to the side of her head. In other words, we are not feeling her crop… but maybe you are.

Who Looked More Bangin??

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Have You Seen Me??

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Mya attends DJ Kiss' birthday party at Bungalow 8 on March

Mya was in attendance at DJ Kiss’ b-day party at Bungalow 8 last night in The Big Apple. We were beginning to think ole girl had completely fell into obscurity. Speaking of irrelevance, pop this thang to get a load of Mya livin’ it up with Ray J & co, Damon Wayans at Mr. Chow and the ever relevant Kerry Washington. Continue »

Mya Gives Back

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Mya was out roaming the DMV and decided to hit up Aeropostale’s at Pentagon City Mall in VA to give back to the community by donating her old jeans.  To the donation pile with the old jeans, it’s the ones she has on that the fellas want a piece of.

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Mya – Striving for Relevancy

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Not that anyone’s really checkin’ for ole girl, but Mya spoke out recently about some of the rumors swirling around her:

R&B singer Mya, who was called out last week for an alleged pregnancy, has like Ne-Yo fired back at continuous rumors including a tell-all book she was allegedly penning via myspace. Continue »

Mya’s Paradise

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This is Mya’s new song and video, Paradise. A country full of men would happily follow Mya into the deadly Congo brush to have a chance to chop down those new grownup legs and backs. The fella grinding his package on her is one lucky man.

What do Bossipers think of the new Mya song and video??

All in the Family

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Shawty Lo and his family made an appearance at this year’s Ozone Awards. Looks like some nice wholesome family fun. More images below:

Click HERE to watch Mike Jones get punched in the face by Trae at the awards..

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Who Looked More Bangin??

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Toccara and Melyssa Ford attended the 12th Annual American Black Film Festival – Love For Sale in LA recently.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin???

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Wifed Up

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Judging by that ring on her finger, looks like someone is really leaving her fu*kin for tracks days behind her. This whole wifey, kickin it with dogs all the time steez may be a good look for Mya. Lord knows that music career was never gonna pop off. Good for her.

Who Looked More Bangin??

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Gabrielle Union and Mya came out to celebrate Derek Jeter in High Style at Marquee Nightclub last night. So we must ask, which of these two ladies looked more bangin??

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Saggy Swag

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Mya was spotted frolicking on the beach in Barbados over the weekend – enjoying what seems to be never-ending free time, poor gal. More pics of Lil Miss Loose-backs just below.

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Mya’s Broadway Checks Stopped Coming In

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Mya Broadway gig is on hold because of a broken foot:

Mya’s Broadway dreams have taken a big hit – she has been forced to postpone her debut in “Chicago” with a broken foot. The Grammy Award-winning star was slated to begin a nine-week run as Velma Kelly in the hit musical on May 12. Producer Barry Weissler says, “Speaking for the entire Chicago creative team, we all wish her a speedy recovery, and look forward to experiencing her portrayal of Velma Kelly as soon as possible.”

Some people just have the worst luck, we wish her a speedy recovery. Poor thang.