Who Looked More Bangin??

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Iman & Joy Bryant

Old and new beauties Iman and Joy Bryant attended the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Benefit last night. Not their finest hour, but they look lovely nonetheless.

So we must ask: Who Looked More Bangin??

We decided to throw in a couple pics of Mya at the Play 4 Parkinson’s Benefit for your viewing pleasure – enjoy.

Iman 01Joy Bryant 03Mya 01Iman 02

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Mya No Longer Fu*kin For Tracks

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After pushed back album after pushed back album, Mya is still trucking. With an upcoming role in Broadway’s “Chicago”, and doing good deeds for the doggies as a spokesperson for the Tour For Life, looks like Mya might have moved on from her days of “Fu*kin for Tracks”.

Good for her, it never seemed like the music thing was gonna take off for her anyway.


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Mya’s Making Excuses

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Mya was recently asked the inevitable question of possibly being dropped from her Universal/Motown. Her response to moving to another label was:

I don’t really want to sign to another label. If you end up funding most of your projects, why not distribute your own product and make 100 percent of your profits?

This would sound good coming from another artist. Honestly, we really don’t think anyone is interested in signing Mya, but someone has a D-list movie script with her name on it.



Ladies “Out” in NYC

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Jennifer Hudson Out

Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, Mya, and Kat De Luna come out for the Out 100 Awards last night in NYC.

We see you Jenn, flaunting the lips that everyone wants and the breasts that people pay for…

Jennifer Hudson Out2Mya OutKelly Rowland OutKat De Luna Out

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This Might Be a Better Fit

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Gatecrasher from NY Daily News is reporting that Mya could possibly be landing a role in Broadway’s “Chicago”. Oh yeah, I do vaguely remember Mya having a part in the movie Chicago, so this is definitely a good look if he is correct. She and her dancing and bedazzled-on pocket/belt look would fit right into the Broadway world.

Obviously that f*ckin for tracks deal played out because it’s apparent that “Liberation” album won’t see the light of day.

Mya performed at the SKOOLD Ali Forney Center and Reciprocity foundation Benefit last night:


Who Looked More Bangin’? Mya Vs. Rocsi

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Mya and Rocsi hit up the Rebirth of Hip Hop Kick-off Party yesterday in New York.

We must ask, Who Looks More Bangin’??


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Who Looked More Bangin??

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Serena Williams was backstage for Zac Posen and Mya hit up Just Sweet events last night for NYC’s Fashion Week.



Has She Been Fu*kin For Tracks???

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Mya – Ridin'
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This is Mya’s new video ‘Ridin’ and it sounds pretty good.

Mya Needs To Take Her Own Advice

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Mya recently spoke on on the music industry these days and the status of her album Liberation. Via SOHH:

“We’re at a different state in music as well as entertainment as well as the economy right now. It’s based on finance. It’s based on marketing and promotions which are essential to get your product out there to be heard. I think what albums are becoming now are promotional items for other opportunities, but you have to be a multi-faced, multimedia artist to take advantage of those things. Not just a singer, but a model. Not just a model, but an actress. Not just an actress, but a dancer. Not just a dancer, but a musician. There is a whole other side of the business that affects releases. There are also other releases that are pushed into your slot because they’ve pushed back because of difficulties or the state of the music industry right now, or lack of proper support. Y’all don’t know this, well some people do but people don’t want to hear that.”

Mya needs to shut up and get a modeling contract already, because apparently her f*ckin for tracks luck has run out. Her album that was pushed back to September 18th has a non-existent release date now. She needs to jump on some sort of sponsorship, become a Cover Girl, or something or she’s gonna be braiding little kids hair for living, not just for show in a minute.


Who Looked More Bangin? Mya vs. Claudette Ortiz

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Mya and Claudette Ortiz (formerly of City High) performed at the R & B Live Concert Series last night in NYC.


Mya’s Legs Look Thick as Hell

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I don’t know if it’s the Silver Surfer space age tights or what, but Mya thighs look like she’s been putting in work, for real. Either she’s been fu*kin for tracks full time or she’s got an unlimited Champ burger card from Checkers. She recently performed at the WNBA All Star Game. Cute girl, too bad she still doesn’t know when her album is gonna drop.


Mya’s Next Single Might Actually Be A Hit Now

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SOHH is reporting that Mya was seen arm-in-arm with the “King of White Girls” producer Polow Da Don at T.I.’s Louis Vuitton “T.I. vs. T.I.P.” album release party at Lenox Square in Atlanta. Yeah, that sounds about right…Mya’s Liberation album has an unknown release date and probably needs some tweeking and Polow is definitely one of the hottest producers right now.

We hate to speculate, but with that reputation (her sex “problem” and his “white girl head game”) this probably is just another case of “Fu*kin for Tracks” or a match made in heaven…either or, they would actually make a cute couple.

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Life is a Ball for Mya

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Mya recently attended Life Ball (Europe’s biggest AIDS/HIV charity) events looking a tad bit weary. Maybe it’s just me, but something is not quite right. She seems a little zoned out with that “I’m frightened because my album might never drop” look on her face in all these pics. At least she can be proud that she still looks good without make-up, that Heatherette dude in the first thumbnail has on more face-cake than she does and she still looks fresh.


Who Looked More Bangin???????

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Mya and Serena Williams hit up the Louis Vuitton “Love Party” last night in NYC.


Confusing Quotes: Mya

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Mya talks about her new album and dating to BET.com. I didn’t read the whole thing, but what I did read confused me a little, maybe someone can help me out…

Quote #1:I’m very happy about my project. It’s a well-balanced album. I’m singing on this album. I’ve never had a single where I’m singing.”

OK, I would agree that she wasn’t singing previously, but what does she actually consider singing after listening to this Lock U Down single ft. Lil’ Weezy…

Quote #2: “I’m not dating, but I’ve been seeing a guy for over a year now. I’m enjoying the single life.”

I thought seeing someone meant that you were dating, not necessarily exclusive, but dating none the less…I guess in this case, it probably just means screwing.