Mya Hooks Up with Britney’s Ex-Jump Off

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Producer J.R. Rotem who has worked with The Game and 50 Cent and who recently sexed Britney Spears was spotted on a late night date with Mya last night. Click here to watch video of Mya and JR on their date. Oh yeah, Mya is rumored to be the nympho singer in this blind item . If dude banged Britney, you know Mya was down on her back early this morning.

F-List Couples Confirmed: The Game and Samantha Mumba; Jeezy and Keisha Cole

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MTV News is reporting The Game and Samantha Mumba (pictured with Sisqo) are an item. After being dissed by Vida Guerra and breaking up with Mya, The Game has gone overseas for a chick. The Game was previously linked to Kim Kardashian. Whatever it takes Samantha to get your name back out there. SMH

The Queen of FUBU Keisha Cole and Jeezy are pretty much confirmed. Although they were rumored to be together for some time(Keisha has publicly denied it),Nas on a recent radio show outed the two as a certified couple saying “Jeezy was trying to get me on his girls album”. Also, The Queen of FUBU was also spotted last weekend in the ATL supporting Jeezy at his concert. It is rumored that Jeezy-Klaus just blinged a ferrari as a gift to Keisha Cole.

Can a couple get more FUBU than Jeezy and Keisha Cole? Gotta love this couple.

Jeezy: Roll this blunt for me Keisha, after we smoke this sh*t, lets dip over to Rascoe’s Chicken & Waffles, I am hungry as a mothaf*ka.

Mya: It’s Hard to Get Unhigh When You Eat Kush Cookies

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According to Panache Report: A marijuana based cookie sent Mya to the hospital when she suffered a panic attack. The star was partying with friends when she was persuaded to sample the hash-cookie and get high-but she had a terrible reaction to the treat and thought she was dying. She recalls, “I was rushed to the hospital and my heart was beating fast. “They put me on these pills every few hours to slow my heart rate down and put me to sleep. I was sweating and freezing at the same time. I said, “God, I am so sorry-I will not do that again. I do not want to go out like this.”

A little reefer never hurt any body, or did it? Damn, Mya, how many weed cookies did you eat? I hope she’s okay…a little old for Drug Experimentation 101 though.

The world of weed according to Katt Williams

Pics Around Town: Andre 3000, Chris Brown, Kerry Washington, Thandie Newton, Forest Whitaker

Katt Williams, Chris Brown, and Andre “3000” Benjamin attend the Cartoon Network Presents Class of “3000” Premier Event in Atlanta yesterday. Andre 3000 making fast moves outside of music with his new cartoon and acting. SMH at the little boys “gangsta” on the left.

Kerry Washington attends the The BFI London Film Festival – “The Last King of Scotland” Opening Gala in London. Kerry looking very elegant but it wouldn’t hurt to crack a smile. The Black beltwrap works well with the dress.

The BFI London Film Festival – “The Last King of Scotland” Opening Gala in London. Forest and Keisha Whitaker doing everything right and looking very classy. Keisha’s dress is crack until we reach the shredded bottom. Nice way to ruin a near perfect set up. Beautiful girl. During his bachelor days, Forest was notorious for his “model-only” dating policy.

Thandie Newton looking beautiful but she could of kept the flowers on her dress in the garden.

Snoop Dogg and Don Magic Juan attend Snoop’s “Hood of Horror” premiere in LA last night. Snoop looking like either he doesn’t want to be at his own premiere or the rumors of problems with his wife Shante at home are true.

“Stylist to the Stars” June Ambrose, Mya, and single Carmen Electra attend “FFANY Shoes on Sale” to Benefit Breast Cancer Research and Education at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.. Mya stands out here and looks good. Is Mya’s career over? Tick, tick, tick, tick…… June Ambrose looks like she needs to chill with the weights.

Z-list celebs Eric Benet and Blu Cantrell attend the Roch & Republic After party in Beverly Hills last night. Wonder if she is still “bearding” for Matt Dallas from the show Kyle “KY”, I mean Kyle “XY”. Her relationship with Matt Dallas is rumored to be a “double beard”. Also in attendance was Nick Cannon “showing off” his girl Kim Kardashian last night.

MYA Saying Nothing New in Complex Magazine

F*ck the interview, Mya from the neck down is bangin!

In the interview, Mya talks about boring stuff like her parents divorce when she was starting out and again denies that 50 Cent soaked up her panties. Mya, no one wants to hear about the harmful effects of your parents divorce when most ni**as don’t even got two parents or got parents on crack, or got a single mom living in the projects with no money. Shut the hell up and talk about your talent or your hot a*s. No one cares about the other sh*t.

Mya Rides on 50 Cent: I don’t know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me

via Vibe

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In a recent interview with Vibe magazine Mya speaks on being linked with 50 Cent:

Yes: it’s not true. 50 and I never dated, never cuddled, never did anything, period, despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don’t know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me.

Damn!! That’s cold Mya, 50 you obviously rubbed her the wrong way huh 50. But with her upcoming album Liberation coming out this fall, could this be a publicity stunt? I really hope 50 and Lloyd aren’t butt buddies.

Some other gems from the Vibe interview:

..I kept my problems to myself and I turned into this psycho chick. I even saw a damn psychologist!..

..I felt like I was playing myself following this dude (boyfriend at the time) and hiring this private investigator, just going crazy…

…I will be a ho and a freak for my man and that’s it…

…That day I had my birthday party and the Game came through and said he wants to take me out to dinner and I’m thinking, ‘This sucker just called me a bitch on his record.’ So I told him, ‘Nice to meet you, but I have some friends I have to get to.’ I kept it polite, but kept it moving

Mya Is Back

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Check Out Mya’a new promo picture for her song “Ayo”. Its about time!