I Saw The Light: Celebs Who Left The Industry Behind For Jesus


They used to put out raunchy music and play some interesting characters on TV, but the faith of these celebs made them walk away from all that.

No Way! Celebrity Ages That Shocked Us

Celebrity ages PF

The ages of these famous folks were a complete surprise to us, since they look a whole lot younger or older than what their birth certificate says.

Why In The Hell Is Prince On “New Girl” Looking So… Old School? [Video]

SMH @ Prince being so good at Ping-Pong!
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Prince Drops $22 Million Lawsuit Against Bloggers And Facebook Users


Prince decided to call his legal dogs off. Continue »

All 2013 Billboard Awards Performances: Prince, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne, And More [Video]

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Tracy Morgan On The Breakfast Club Talks Smoking Dank At Prince’s House, His Anti-Gay Rant, And More! [Video]

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Blast From The Past: Handwritten Letter That Prince Wrote A Young Fan In 1984 Posted Online


There are some ladies that would gladly trade all their panties and bras for a letter like this. Continue »