Guess Who Ray-J is Still Choppin’ Down???

RayJ copy

Once again Bossip spies were out and about this weekend in Beverly Hills and saw Ray J with lips all over this chick. Guess who these flat cakes belong too???

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Soulja Boy In Danger


Soulja Boy is on the cover of Urban Ink (obviously) looking like his normal hypebeast self. There are some interesting characters inside this issue… Danger from “For the Love of Ray-J“, for one.

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Ray J’s Back at His Best – Fake Money, Rented Cars and Dirty Hos

Ray J

Ray J is back in the game filming his video for “You Heard of Us” doing what he does best – looking sleazy, pretending to have tons of loot and hangin’ out with losers. We didn’t really miss him though, guess he felt the need to get back out on his music grind. Ugh.

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Ray J’s Ready for Another Round of Hos, Psychos and Tricks


We’re convinced that the End of Days are near. When “For the Love of Ray J” gets a second season, there is no reason to keep living. Why would anyone want to watch another round of Ray J’s slimy @ss working over a bunch of groupie hos, fame chasers, gold diggin’ @ss strippers who are only good on their backs or sliding down a pole: Continue »

Brandy Comes Off of 600K for Car Accident


We’re glad to see that the manslaughter case is coming to a close. Brandy’s been MIA ever since the horrific car accident that claimed a woman’s life:

Singer Brandy Norwood has settled with the two children whose mother was killed in the singer’s 2006 car accident. Continue »

Get Ready for a Cock…tail and Tila Fight

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Round 1 of the skanky reality tv trick war just started. In this corner, weighing a buck fifteen, hailing from Sac town and all on Ray J’s nasty nut sack is Cock…tail. In this corner, weighing ninety pounds soaking wet with a head that’s too large for her body and bisexual tendencies is Tila Tequila. Pop the lid for the first punch Continue »

Chicago Larry is a Damn Weenie

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So this fool, Chicago Larry, is a clown if we’ve ever seen one. How could a girl fall for this imbecile’s pimp game? His video is stupidly hilarious, though. SMH & LOL

WTF?: Ray J Is Smashing Tila Tequila…VH1 Show Pending

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Tila & Ray J

For real, for real. Keep it funky with us, Ray. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you going through an almost thirty life crisis?
If this mess is true, VH1 will no doubt be creating a show for these two idiots.

Today, “Shot of Love” camera hog Tila Tequila revealed on her blog that she’s “is officially dating Ray J!!!!!!” You know, Brandy’s reality star brother from “For the Love of Ray J.” Continue »

Chicago Larry- A Professional Pimp: “He Has at Least 100 Horses in His Stable.. Know That!”

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A Bossip Earhustler, who cannot and will not be named, but is credible, just broke the bombshell on the Reality Coon Shows. The insider gave us some insight into the life of Caviar and Chicago Larry: Continue »

Question of the Day: Is Caviar from ‘For The Love of Ray-J’ a Man???

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They say Caviar is 6’2″ tall and we don’t know about ya’ll, but the way she talks sounds like a man trying to hide his real voice. We’ve seen the For the Love of Ray J show and the reunion and we’re convinced Caviar is not a female.

The second we saw these photos this morning, we were thrown for ANOTHER loop. Can you hide a peter in the shot above? Can a tranny look (dare we say) this good?

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Duuuuhh, Which Way Did He Go?

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We don’t know why this slow-looking jug head with the confused eyes is trying to flip people off. SMH. Maino was at the Powerfest in Augusta, GA over the weekend with Ray-J, Avant with the puffy face, Rich Boy and a gang of others.

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Ray J and Cock…tail are Bi…Coastal

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Unlike Hoopz and Flavor Flav from the first Flavor of Love, Cocktail and her new man Ray J are actually getting it in for real. She broke down her “relationship” with Ray and it sounds to us like she’s nothing more than a long distance jump off. Continue »

Brandy Wants Keyshia Cole to be Ray J’s Piece???

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Even though the For the Love of Ray J season finale ended last night with Ray J picking Cocktail as his flavor of the minute, big sister Brandy has other ideas for Ray J. While chopping it up with Mami Chula of Atlanta’s 95.5 The Beat, Brandy broke down her idea of the perfect side piece for Ray J. Continue »

Kimora’s About to Pop

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Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou were spotted shopping

Kimora Lee Simmons
looks like she’s pregnant everywhere, but happy nonetheless. She and proud papa to be Djimon Hounsou were getting their shop on yesterday in West Hollywood. We got more of the expecting parents, as well as Brandy & Ray-J at Toast Cafe and American Idol Jordin Sparks at Claudia Jordan’s 36th birthday bash up underneath the hood. Continue »

Make A Decision Ray J!

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Ray J's Pieces

Certified cougar lover, Ray J, has a hard decision to make. Is he going to spend the rest of his days pulling turds out of Whitney’s @ss, or journal Lil Kim’s metamorphosis into a teeny weeny Asian rap star? Continue »