Kim Kardashian Wants Some of Ray-J’s Tape Money

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Kim Kardashian, the pissed on celebrity sex-tape star has lawyered up and filed a lawsuit today against the company that bought a sex-tape from Ray-J for $1 million.

Apparently, she wants some of that money before the scheduled release next week. Ray-J will probably keep his $1 million and Vivid Video will cough up an “undisclosed” amount to her: $500,000. Just a guess. After all is said and done, that tape will be released next week.

Whitney and Ray-J Hit Vegas

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Whitney Houston and Ray-J were spotted last night at a private party in Vegas. Someone not knowing who they were may mistake this as a mother and son. Now that Ray-J snagged $1 million for the Kim Kardashian sex-tape and has Whitney, he can “try” to become a bigger celebrity and get off the D-list. Do you like this couple?


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Ray-J attended the Boost Mobile and Magic Johnson 8 Ball Challenge celebrity pool tournament yesterday at the Wynn hotel in Vegas.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Ray-J is smiling because___________________.

Exclusive: Ray-J and Kim Kardashian Video Preview

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Due to advertiser commitments, we had to take down the preview of the tape. It shouldn’t be hard to find online. Nothing a Google Blog Search can’t handle.

Ray-J Sells Kim Kardashian Tape for $1 Million to Vivid Video

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Via Page Six:

On Tuesday, p*rn purveyor Vivid Video bought the tape, which had been floating on the p*rn market for about a month, for $1 million from an unidentified source. The company plans to have a DVD titled “Kim Kardashian Superstar” in stores by Feb. 28, with additional footage on Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said, “We are comfortable that we have the legal right to distribute this video . . . I’ve seen the video and it’s really great. It has over 30 minutes of explicit s*x that fans of erotica will find very appealing . . . Apparently, the video was shot by Ray J about three years ago when he and Kim were in a relationship. Viewers will definitely get their money’s worth.”

Update: We will be posting some video clips of the tape shortly.

Ray-J needs the dough. It is as simple as that. Let the pissing begin, BOSSIP will have you covered when the tape leaks in a couple weeks. We have seen some of the tape and this has to be one of the best picture quality home-videos out there. Did they have a professional camera-man?

Ray-J and Snoop Smoking Some Chronic

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Click here to watch the video.

Ray-J, Snoop Dogg, and Slimthug made a bootleg video for Ray-J’s “Smoking Trees” track off his album. Ray-J is bragging about smoking weed in the video. LMAO@ everyone in little tank tops dancing on a track about smoking weed.

The Rap Industry’s Ex-Girlfriend Kim Kardashian Shows off Her Backs

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Paris Hilton flunkie and fashion designer Kim Kardashian who has a “brotha’s only” dating policy was out last night showing off her backs. She has been with Ray-J, Diddy, The Game, and now Nick Cannon, the list goes on. She was previously married to producer “Damon” Thomas and is the daughter of OJ Simpson lawyer, the late Robert Kardashian. Wonder if OJ tapped that? Probably not, she is not blonde or from a trailer. She’s pretty hot, too bad she’s an industry whore….I wouldn’t be suprised if she had a book coming out in the future. Kim attended The Arby’s Action Awards in Cali.

The Real Reason Behind Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Split: All Whitney’s Money Smoked Up?

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As more and more headlines come in on Bobby and Whitney, I am starting to think that everyone has it wrong. Whitney is almost broke, desperately working on a “comeback” album while Bobby is out in Cali dealing with “business deals” with a former video ho(Jada Kiss, Jay-Z, Irv Gotti, Ice T, Ja Rule, Usher, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Vin Diesel, Shaq, Ray J,…the list goes on and on…you get the picture) .

When the former “King of R&B” has to turn to Superhead for business initiatives/projects and a place to stay there is a problem with the paper. Whitney being old and almost broke (based on her prior living standards/not yours) may have greenlighted Brown’s “withdrawal” from the marriage. New York Daily News is reporting that Bobby doesn’t have any wheels in Cali or a crib (reportedly crashing with Superhead):

“I hear that the 37-year-old Brown — who reportedly has been staying in L.A. with “Video Vixen” Karinne Steffans since separating from Houston — would appear on the African-American-oriented cable channel TV One only in exchange for a car.” Brown’s longtime friend and occasional rep, Ray Pouncey, told TV One that Brown was new to Los Angeles and didn’t have wheels, so a car would be the ideal payment instead of an appearance fee. Brown apparently wanted Taj to formally present the vehicle to him on the show as a gift.

“Brown’s longtime friend and occasional rep, Ray Pouncey, told TV One that Brown was new to Los Angeles and didn’t have wheels, so a car would be the ideal payment instead of an appearance fee. Brown apparently wanted Taj to formally present the vehicle to him on the show as a gift. “

Begging for a car when your star is not shining so bright and when the going rate is $1000 sounds like the actions of a desperate crackhead. A clean, sober, and financially lean Whitney doesn’t seem to fit with Bobby’s habit and agenda. Marriage works when money and rocks are promiscuously around, doesn’t when they disappear? You have to be smoking rocks if you think Bobby would leave Whitney for Superhead.

Exclusive: The Game Dating Kim Kardashian

Sources tell Bossip that The Game is dating Kim Kardashian, 25, the Beverly Hills-raised daughter of late O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian. She was linked to Nick Lachey earlier this year. Kardashian has an appetite for brothas and was formerly married to producer “Damon” Thomas for four years and dated Brandy’s brother Ray J until April of this year. Sources tell Bossip that the hook up between The Game and Kardashian is not new and has been silently going on for almost two years. Sources say the two have gone public and showed up recently together at Paris Hilton’s album release party at Privilege in West Hollywood.