Broken Silence: Ray J Makes His First Comments About The Death Of Whitney Houston

We know this has to be real tough on him… Continue »

Thee Interview Of Ray-J Talking About Being The Man In Whitney Houston’s Life! [Video]

Oh, and he talks about Kim Kardashian and says she cheated on him too! Damn, Kim be cheatin’ on errybody, straight up…

Is Ray-J Still Blowin’ Whitney “Smoked Out” Houston’s Broke Backs To Smithereens?!?!?

Whitney Houston and Ray J at Sunset Plaza, the superstar singer and singer/reality star step of dinner together and are all smiles as they head to his Rolls Royce and make their departure. She chats about possibly joining 'The X-Factor' cast and she likes the idea. Ray J is a gentleman and secures her in the vehicle planning her seatbelt on for her. He heads to the drivers side and she makes sure to open the lock to his side for him to enter.

Well looky here… Old “habits” sure are hard to break ain’t they? Continue »