Who Gave Kim Kardashian A Black Eye???


Kim Kardashian got busted up last night. Her eye was blackened and she was beaten. Was it Reggie, a sister, or a Leona Lewis-Style crazed fan…

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Question of the Day: How Many of You Are Offended by White People Who Dress Up in Blackface For Halloween????


Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush ran into a fake-bootleg Kim and Reggie at a Halloween party in the N.O. this past weekend. The dude dressed up as Reggie obviously painted his face black…With all the controversy with the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader dressed up as Weezy, we want to know your thoughts.

How Many of You Are Offended by White People Who Dress Up in Blackface For Halloween????

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Kim K and Reggie B are Having Kids…

Kim Kardashian and R#A6E172

We just got wind that Reggie Bush is back on the leash and the couple is planning to have babies sooner than you think:

Kim Kardashian has just watched her two sisters go through major life changes. Her younger sister, Khloe, recently wed L.A. Laker Lamar Odom. Her older sister, Kourtney, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Scott Disick. So where does that leave the most famous Kardashian? “I always had a vision I’d be married with one kid by the time Continue »

Reggie Bush has a New BFF


Reggie Bush teamed up with St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital to do a TV spot and gained a new best friend. Her name is Anna and she’s battling cancer at the age of 5. Here’s what Reggie Tweeted:

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Kimmy Cakes is Working Double Time

EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Out For Dinner In Bren

Kim and her cakes were spotted at the Hollywood Life’s 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards last night and earlier was coupled up with Reggie at The Cheesecake Factory. Her cakes must be tired.

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Reunited Swirl: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush in LA

kim kardashian 091009

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian were spotted getting some grub from Subway yesterday. Reggie is in LA for his bye week, and the swirl lovin’ is back in the air. How nice.

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Spotted: Kim Pictured With Reggie Bush


Yesterday, we told you Kim and LaLa went out to New Orleans to watch Reggie Bush play? Well, we have a picture of the couple from the weekend.

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LaLa and Kim Kardashian Are Where?


LaLa and Kim Kardashian were hanging out this Sunday watching football. You will never guess whose game they went to see…

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Is Reggie Bush Still Choppin’ Kim K Down? Former Couple Spotted in New Orleans


Bossip has learned that your favorite white girl with backs and an appetite for ‘successful’ Black male WANG was spotted Monday in New Orleans with former boyfriend Reggie Bush at Ruth Chris Steak House. Continue »

Kim Kardashian Should Have Asked for Some Photoshop On Her Thighs!

zebra5 copy

Kim Kardashian took these Zebra kini pictures last week. We wanted to get them up sooner, but figured she wanted to photoshop them up first. We were wrong and a grip just came out today, un-shopped.

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Fact or Fiction…Did Kanye Break up Kim and Reggie?


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Is This What Revenge Looks Like…?


Kim Kardashian was seen with her sister leaving the Ivy earlier this week.  She was also spotted leaving MTV studios looking like someone just stole her bike. SMH.

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Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Tells Bossip: “I Think We Will Get Back Together, He Wasn’t Cheating with Vanessa Manillo


Although BOSSIP originally reported yesterday that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up due to his cheating ways, BOSSIP was on the phone with Kim last night and she is sticking to her story that their conflicting schedules caused the split. Kim K exclusively tells BOSSIP Continue »

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian Touchdown in South Africa and Reggie Looks Like He Doesn’t Like Kim!

Kim Kardashian, Khloe, and Reggie Bush all landed in South Africa. Reggie is not seen in the video because he  refuses to be next to Kim. Reggie is seen at the end about twenty feet from Kim and Khloe.  LMAO@her running to catch up…

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