N.O. Stand Up!! President Obama Welcomes Saints To The White House, Addresses Issues In The Gulf

Drew Brees, starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints presents Obama a jersey

President Obama welcomed the New Orleans Saints to the White House, to honor their victory in the 2009 Super Bowl and their 2009 season. Continue »

How Precious: Kimmy Cakes Is Still Supporting Reggie…”Feels Sorry” For His Shady Heisman Trophy Situation

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush

After all the floozies, new men and the bullsh*t, Kim Kardashian is still supportingReggie Bush. SMH:

As Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy was removed from Heritage Hall yesterday, his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, has nothing but compassion for the NFL star. Continue »

Poor Reggie Bush

reggie bush heisman kim kardashian

Reggie Bush has probably seen better days. First, he was spotted causing a scene this weekend at the Haqq-McCray wedding trying to get Kim Kardashian to get back with him, and now his Heisman Trophy that was awarded to him back in 2005 will be returned due to USC and their shady a$s shenanigans.

They’re even removing all athletic jerseys, murals, and memorabilia of Bush’s from the school’s premises. Pop the hood for more details on both… Continue »

Another Day, Another Wedding: Khadijah Haqq And Former Orleans Saints Bobby McCray Tie The Knot In LA

Bobby McCray Khadijah Haqq Wedding

Congrats are in order:

New Orleans Saints’ defensive end Bobby McCray married actress Khadijaq Haqq on Saturday evening. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit??? ESPY Edition

Reggie Bush Darren Sharper

New Orleans Saints teammates Reggie Bush and Darren Sharper had a nice and casual conversation at the ESPY’s last night looking nice and dapper.

Out of these two little swirlers, Which One Would You Hit???

Over 35+ pics on the flipside.. Continue »

Kanye And Amber Are Really A (W)Rap! Break Up Confirmed…

Kanye West Amber Rose Naked Louis Vuitton Ad

If Amber Rose cavorting with Reggie Bush last weekend wasn’t sign enough that Kanye West has put that relationship to bed, we’ve got definite confirmation that they are splitsville. Pop the hood for details Continue

What Were You Thinking??? Reggie Bush Spotted Boo’ed Up With The Bald Headed Beast

Reggie Bush Amber Rose NYC

Serial-swirler Reggie Bush and Amber Rose were seen “getting intimate” in the Hamptons this weekend.

More of this bullshizz when you pop it… Continue »

Pac-10 Has Spoken And USC Is Banned From Scholarships And Bowl Games… Thanks To Reggie Bush And Pete Carroll!

Pac-10 has just come down hard on USC for illegal actions with Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll:

Southern California has received a two-year bowl ban and a sharp loss of football scholarships in a report on the NCAA’s four-year investigation of the school.

The NCAA found that Bush, identified as a “former football student-athlete,” was… Continue »

USC To Lose Title And Bowl Eligibility Thanks To Pete Carroll’s Cheating A*s!

Pete Carroll, the Ex-USC Trojan coach, retired as soon as his tactics for recruiting talent came into question. Pete and USC may have to return a NCAA title and lose Bowl eligibility:

The NCAA hammer comes down today on USC, Continue »

Reggie Bush Still Swirling: Part 2 (Photos)

Reggie Bush New Girlfriend

Reggie Bush and his new ‘brunette’ pictures are on the flipside for those of you curious as to what ole girl looks like… Continue »

Reggie Bush Is Still Swirling

Reggie Bush New Girlfriend

Reggie Bush has been seen on the scene with a new chick, and she’s not a sista: Continue »

No Kakes For Kanye: Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Rumors “Yeezy Ain’t Hittin This!!”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Dating Rumors

BOSSIP caught up with Kim Kardashian on the red carpet in Las Vegas this weekend at Wet Republic celebrating her sister Kourtney’s birthday. We asked her if there’s any truth to the rumors swirling around that Yeezy was choppin that down Continue »

Donk Downgrade, Reggie’s New Jawn Can’t Touch Kimmy’s Cakes

Jessie James Reggie Bush Booty

Reggie Bush shut down rumors of any romance between him and Paris Hilton, but he’s now being linked to this D-list singer Jessie James who he was spotted partying with as well. Lots of looks at this lil hussy Reggie might be hittin’ under the hood. Continue »

Twitter Files: Reggie Bush Denies Kickin’ It With Paris Hilton In Vegas

reggie bush paris hilton

Rumors were “swirling” yesterday about Reggie Bush getting it in with skanky a$s Paris Hilton in Vegas this past weekend. Well Reggie decided to send out a couple of tweets to shut that little rumor down. Peep the tweets HERE and HERE…

Twitter Files: Reggie Bush Blames January The Jumpoff On His Homie

Kimmy Kakes must already be on Reggie’s back about that ho leaving his house early in the a.m. last week, cuz he’s already started making excuses via Twitter. Pop the hood for his twitter alibi. Continue