Rih Rih Flies Back Stateside To Be Boo’d Up On Her B’Day

Happy Birthday Rihanna!!! The “singer” turns 22 today, and it sounds like her lil boyfriend Matt Kemp has some hot plans for her. Pop the hood for details on her birthday party and her upcoming book, along with some shots from Australia earlier this week. Continue »

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Was Chris Brown Chopping Down One Of “Daddy’s Girls” While Dating Rihanna???

The young lady behind the text message that ultimately drove Chris Brown and Rihanna apart is still a mystery to most folks, but now BOSSIP has learned the identity of a young lady Brown planned to meet that night, and it turns out it’s someone many of you have seen on MTV before. Pop the hood for the picture of the young lady who had a secret relationship with Brown for much of the time he was with Rihanna. Continue »

Chris Brown Headed To Court Today To Determine If He’s Been Going “Hard” Enough With His Probation

C.Breezy is headed back to court today to see if the community service he’s performed meets the terms of his probation. Pop the hood for the details. Continue »

This Chick Should Drive RihRih To Play Russian Roulette For Reals!

Granted, it really doesn’t take much to outsing Rihanna’s hot but talentless a*s, but a young lady out of Ontario, Canada recently caught our ear with her YouTube rendition of “Russian Roulette”. Pop the hood to hear for yourself. Continue »

Rihanna’s Talentless A** Does What She Does Best…

Rihanna took a break from trying to sing to promote “Rated R” in Sydney, Australia with a photo call.

If she could just stick to modeling and lose the singer title she may be on to something.

More pics of Rihanna on the flippy. Continue »

Solange in So Many Words: That B*tch Rihanna is a Copycat!!!

Solange Knowles had a little venting session on Twitter indirectly saying she inspired Rihanna’s latest video, “RUDE BOY”. When we put it up the other day, we don’t recall anyone saying Rih Rih is jocking Solange. Some people have to toot their own horn, SMH…

Pop the Top for Solange’s Tweets Continue »

Who Cares About Talent? Rihanna Wins Film Role, But Has To Take Acting Classes

BOSSIP recently learned that Rihanna has been cast in her first starring role! The only catch… the folks behind the film aren’t all that confident in RihRih’s acting. Pop the hood for details: Continue »

New Music: Rihanna Teaches You How to Hit It from the Back in “Tip Pon Toe”

Rihanna has two new jawns that have been leaked, “Tip Pon Toe” and “Sexuality”. This girl goes from singing about dark places and Russian Roulette to SEX.

SMH at “Tip Pon Toe” meaning getting hit from the back!!!

Take a Listen: Continue »

Who Cares About Talent

Rihanna held a press conference to promote her latest album ‘Rated R’ at Intercontinental Hotel today in Seoul, South Korea. Check out more pics of Rihanna on the flippy. Continue »

New Video: Rihanna Wants A “RUDE BOY”…

The full video for Rihanna’s new single ‘Rude Boy’ has been released. Unlike all of the other videos off the “Rated R” album, this one is full of color. We get to see Rihanna do something that she hasn’t done in a long time… SMILE!!!

Pop the Top for a Peek… Continue »

Rihanna Tells i-D Magazine She Loves Women But… She’s Not Gay!!!

Rihanna tamed the poodle for the cover of i-D Magazine and we think she should try it more often. We see you sporting that strong brow look too RihRih. Pop the hood for a couple more shots from the issue. Continue »

Rihanna says She Likes a Big _______ but She Can’t Even Ride a Mechanical Bull

After shooting her video for “RUDE BOY” in NY, Rihanna went out and had some fun… Riding a MECHANICAL BULL!!! She didn’t stay on it long which is very interesting because we recall her saying that she likes a man that is well endowed but she can’t even handle “RIDING” this fake bull…

Flip the Lid for a Peek… Continue »

Rihanna Primps Carib-Style For “Rude Boy” Video

We haven’t seen Rihanna rep Bajan culture much since her first album, but it’s looking like her next video will do just that. Def Jam came up off some photos from her “Rude Boy” video, which is set to premiere Thursday. Check the flipside for more shots and some details on the video. Continue »

Chris Brown and Rihanna at Super Bowl… This had to be Interesting!!!

Just like Rihanna had a job to do at Super Bowl, so did Chris Brown. Chris was seen kickin’ it with Trey Songz at a club over the weekend. We didn’t hear of these two running into each other but we can’t help but wonder how hard their camps were working to make sure that they didn’t!!!

Pop the Top for Rihanna and J-Lo Kickin’ It Poolside… Continue »

Here We Go Again: Rihanna Drunk as a Skunk in Miami…

After the Pepsi Smash Concert in Miami, Rihanna did what she does best… Partying it up til she was drunk as hell. This is not first time we’ve seen her tore up but at least this time she’s KIND of walking on her own.

Flip the Lid for a Peek… Continue »

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