Which One Would You Hit???

Tyrese and Tank decided to do a joint birthday party called the Fly & Flashy Birthday Extravaganza which went down in LA last night.  Out of these two men which one would you give birthday sex to???

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Was Rihanna’s Haircut Inspired By A Dog?

Rihanna gets plenty of props for her wild sense of style, but lately her wig has us more in the mind of a wild animal. Pop the top to get a look at the puppy that might have spawned her cut, the one it ended up looking like at the end of the day and a couple more flicks of her out to dinner in L.A. Continue »

Rumor Control: Rihanna Shuts Down Having Herpes

Remember those BOSSIP rumors from last February that stated that Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic dispute stemmed from a cold sore that was found on her lip. 

RihRih is still pissed about that and has decided to clear that up. More details under the hood. Continue »

Matt Kemp’s Agent says Matt is Just Soaking Up RiRi’s Panties, That’s It, Nothing Serious!!!

Matt Kemp’s agent, Dave Stewart, has decided to clear the air of all the rumors that his client Matt Kemp is in a relationship with Rihanna:

“I think dating might be a stretch at this point. They are in Cabo, but past that Continue »

Rihanna Takes It All Off to Generate More Album Sales

is still working her album trying to generate sales by taking all her clothes off. She has decided to drop her next single off of Rated R called RUDE BOY. If you haven’t heard this jawn yet, we have it under hood and a peek at the new “NAKED” artwork.

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Some Thursday Morning Yacht Lovin’

Rihanna and her new man meat sure are gettin it allllll the way in on their little Mexican love extravaganza. Here they are kickin it on a yacht in the Sea of Cortez looking as if they’ve been lovers for years and years…

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Even More Kissy Face Rihanna and Matt Kemp Coupled Up Pics

More pictures have surfaced of Rihanna and her new man piece Matt Kemp in Mexico.  These two really are taking coupled up to whole other level. 

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Some More Rihanna & Matt Kemp Lovin’ in Mexico

Chris Breezy who?? Rihanna is still boo’ed up with her “toy friend” Matt Kemp in Cabo, and it seems like they’re having fun together despite the rumors that this guy has a “real girlfriend.”

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Rihanna Makes Out In Mexico

Turns out Rihanna and her fresh meat were headed to Mexico for a vacay. Keep reading after the jump for more pictures of the couple sucking face. Continue »

Meet Rihanna’s New Choice of Prime Meat

Rihanna has been hitting home runs with her new man candy and Dodgers player Matt Kemp.  The two have been spotted together on more than one occasion.  Pop the top for the details. Continue »

No Talent Having Rihanna Has a Book Coming Out this Year

According to Amazon, Rihanna has a book coming out in June of this year. Hmmm… Pop the top for the details. Continue »

Rihanna is Doing Too Much and Headed for Disaster

This year has been a roller coaster ride for Rihanna. First, she got Chris Brown’d and now her album is a reflection of all the things that she’s going through and no one really wants to hear it. Just when you thought she was at her lowest, her friends say it’s only getting worse.

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Abu Dhabi Promoters Say Rihanna Can Wear Her Freaky ‘Fits For New Years Eve Show

Aw sheeeet! Break out the pasties… Despite previous reports that said Rihanna would have to tone down her normally risque concert wear, promoters recently announced she is free to take it off!

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Chris Brown Is Mean To RiRi, But Nice to Skrippers

Despite manhandling Rihanna earlier this year, Chris Brown recently got the thumbs up from some skrippers on the receiving end of his chivalrous behavior. Continue »

Jay-Z and Rihanna at Rockefeller Center: Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Rihanna and Jay-Z perform during a snow storm at Rockefeller Center in New York. Rihanna had two different outfits on, the one up top and the one under the hood. You already know what the Camel was wearing… ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!!!

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