Chris Brown Calls Into Radio Station And Says “Me And Rihanna Are Never Getting Back Together…I’m Good”

Breezy called into Angela Yee over the weekend and put  some issues to rest about Rihanna’s interview…where he thinks she tossed him under the bus.

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RiRi Spotted Drinking Some Caribbean Brewski’s

We’re not sure if that’s some Caribbean “Ginger Beer” or some real brew that Rihanna is sipping on, but knowing her underage drinking track record, it’s probably the latter.

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Breezy Gets to Respond to Rihanna, Upcoming GMA Appearance Sparks Outrage

Chris Brown’s infamous issues with Rihanna have permanently tarnished his image in the eyes of some people. Fortunately for him producers for Good Morning America are not such people and Chris is slated to appear on GMA next week. He will begin his taping with a tell-all interview with GMA anchor Robin Roberts before performing new songs from his Graffiti album. Continue…

Which One is Packin’???

Thomas Jones and Fabolous hit up Rihanna’s release party for “Rated R” in NYC last night. Out of these two interesting characters, which one is packin some heavy man meat???

More images from the event:

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A “Lil Positivity”: RiRi Hearts the Kids

Here are some shots of Rihanna with a six-year-old fan named Jasmina who has Leukemia. Awww….we’re sure all those RiRi hugs and smooches made that little girl’s day, but we’re not so sure about that “Rated R” album being appropriate for a six-year-old…SMH.

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More AMA Performance Pics: Lady Gaga and Rihanna

Special character Lady Gaga and Lil Miss “I’m a badgirl rebel” Rihanna both performed at the American Music Awards last night in some ‘interesting’ costumes. Lady Gaga definitely gets first prize for her unique and eclectic weirdo steez.

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Hi Hater: Chris Brown Calls Joe Camel A “Cornball” On Twitter

We think Chrissy is still upset at Jay-Z for shunning him after he kicked Rihanna’s tail black and blue. Even so, last night while Jigga was on the AMA’s, Chris Brown tweeted “Cornball” while he was on TV and then punked out and erased it immediately after.

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Rihanna Performs on Water, Releases Album Pictures and says She Misses Brown And Still Listens To His Music

We have a gang of the Rated R booklet pictures below, where your girl Rihanna is mostly naked and sporting… devil horns. In a recent interview, the confused starlet says she still misses Chrissy and bumps his music whenever it comes on: Continue »

Some More Rihanna Cake…As if All That Jiggle Wasn’t Enough the Other Day…

After seeing RiRi’s “stuff” on full blast the other day, we’re not sure if we can even handle seeing anymore…but here’s some voluntary Rihanna cake display… Continue »

Breezy is Trying to Get His Swagger Back

Chris Brown performed last night in Hollyweird for his “Fan Appreciation Tour.” We wonder how many actual fans there were in the building. Poor thang.

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This Just In: Rihanna’s New Boo is a Former Drug Dealer

Word on the street is that Rihanna is shaking it up with a very well-known former drug dealer. More details under the hood. Continue »

Hollyweird Is Not Done Turning Rihanna Out: Her “Stuff” is Exposed Again, Chris Brown Beating and Hollyweird Pressures Sends Her Into a Drunken Downward Spiral (Over 30 Pictures of This Mess))

You will not believe some of these pictures of Rihanna. The poor thang looks extremely faded and even shows her “stuff” under the hood. Continue »

Rihanna… What Happened to Your Eye???

Rihanna is hitting up the streets of London right now, doing promo for her album, “Rated R.” We noticed that she has a huge knot over her eye. How did that happen… ROUGH NIGHT MAYBE?!?!?

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Russian Roulette Video… Take a Breath: Rihanna


Rihanna is on a roll. She has just released the video for Russian Roulette. The video involves a gun and two people sitting at a table… What message is this video sending out again???

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Rihanna Drops New Jawn “Cold Case Love” And Sports Mop-Top

sideways mullet

Rihanna will soon be able to tuck that sideways mullet into her shirt pocket. She dropped a new track and was spotted in Paris smiling and canoodling.

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