Rihanna Does Girls, Guys, Dolls, And Album Covers


RiRi looks so much happier now that she has that whole ordeal off of her chest now. She was at Guys & Dolls in Hollyweird last night… dancing the night away. Hopefully, she goes tonight because the Blueprint 3 after party is going down there and Bossip will-be-in-the-house.

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The Full 20/20 Interview With Rihanna


Go under the hood to watch the full 20/20 Rihanna interview. Good for Riri, a good look leaving that buster. Yeah, we said it, Chris Brown is a straight up coward and buster. SMH at some young sisters defending violence against women, most of them have had their a*ses socked up too and think beat downs are normal. Continue »

Chris Brown Talks About Fans Dismissing Him And Being Confused….”Poor Thang”


Chrissy Breeze sat down with Sway and addressed the issue of fans that have written him off for his actions. The kid “says” he will do the right thing to right his wrongs, but we just don’t understand what’s so confusing about all of this to him.

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Harpo Finally Bans BeBe From The Show


Oprah tried to ignore the fact that she denounced Chris Brown, but let her buddy BeBe Winans, who is going to court for domestic violence charges in Jan, be a guest on the show recently. She has now banned BeBe from her show:

Winans appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” last week and was seen in promos for future appearances. Now he’ll be cut Continue »

Rihanna Exclusive Interview with GMA… “Don’t React Off of Love, F*ck Love!!!”: Still in a Dark Place or Is She Just Shedding Some Light???

Rihanna Rated R

What better time for Rihanna to finally start speaking about the incident between her and Breezy, then right when her album is about to drop. This girl has been in a really dark place and it’s finally time for her to shed some light on the situation…

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New Video: Rihanna “The Wait is OVA”… Literally!!!


Rihanna has finally released the first video for the single The Wait is Ova/Wait Your Turn. This is definitely a different look for her, but coincides with everything that we’ve seen up to this point. We don’t have too much to say about it so, we’ll leave it up to you…

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New Rihanna Undercover Photoshoot, Finally Opening Up About the Breezy Situation, And New Jawn Featuring Jeezy… “HARD”


We have pictures of  RiRi on location for her shoot with Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year December covers. RiRi finally speaks out on her domestic abuse situation to Glamour, and had a new song leaked called “HARD” featuring Jeezy.

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Again, Not to Be Out Done… Chris Brown’s Graffiti Cover


With all the hoopla floating around Rihanna, you knew Breezy’s team was not going to let a good opportunity to push his album, fly by.

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Bossip Goes Inside Nick and Mariah’s Halloween Party… And it Was

Coco & Rhi

Bossip spies were on deck for Nick and Mariah’s Halloween party at M2 Lounge in NYC over the weekend and let’s just say Mr. and Mrs. Carey sure do know how to throw a party.

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New Rihanna Leakage “Wait Your Turn”


The anticipation of Breezy and Rihanna’s albums is ridiculous…a new RiRi joint was just leaked…

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*Bossip Exclusive* Natalie Nunn says Chris Brown is Lying… We Chopped it Up and He Chopped it Down!!!

nunn breezy

Last night BOSSIP was invited to the “Good Girls Gone Bad Pre-Halloween Bash” in Hollyweird. In D-List heaven there were Playmates, Danger, Natalie Nunn, and Raz-B. We chopped it up with Danger about her new seed.

BOSSIP got a one on one with Natalie Nunn and asked about the recent Chris Brown rumor that he is hitting her bad girl cakes:

BOSSIP: Hey Nat; have you been checking Bossip since we last talked and what is cracking with Breezy and you getting it in now? Continue »

Kanye’s Therapy: The Glow in the Dark Tour Book


Kanye has found a way to release his creativity, besides music, and also capture his life on camera. In his new Glow in the Dark Tour Book, Kanye captures moments of himself and friends. The pics are pretty hot. Kind of gives you a peek into his mind.

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Rihanna’s New Album Cover: Hate It or Love It… She’s in a Dark Place

Rihanna Russian Roulette

Rihanna has finally released the cover for her new album. It’s not as racy as the cover for her single Russian Roulette but it still looks as if she is definitely in a dark place.

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Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony Defend Rihanna’s Murder Worshipping Lyrics…


Here we go again. Yesterday we asked, should Rihanna really be held accountable for her new single because she is not the writer. Well, now the writer and the producer of the song have something to say. Check out what Ne-Yo and producer Chuck Harmony had to say… Continue »

Chris Brown’s New Album is a Plea to Get Rihanna Back


Chris Brown just released his new single Crawl. This is the video that he was shooting this past weekend with Cassie. Pretty much all the songs we’ve heard are messages to little Ms. Rih Rih

Take a Listen and See What You Think:

With everything that happened… How many of you would support them getting back together???

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