Will Someone Please Do Something to Rihanna’s Head


Rihanna was spotted going into the studio repeating this same predator inspired hairstyle.  Will Ursula (Rihanna’s missing hairstylist) or someone please tend to this poor child’s head.

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Crotchy-licious: Rihanna Shows Her “Thang” In New Video


Never mind the patch. We’ve all seen Rihanna’s goods, already…so her putting her muffin on blast in her new video shoot is no surprise…

You know you still want to have a gander though…pop the top and see her put it on the glass “close up”… Continue »

Twitter Files: Rihanna’s New Album is on the Way

Rihanna 3

Not like we’ve been anticipating, but she alerted the masses via her twitter page that her album is coming sooner rather than later. Rihanna has got to be one of the last celebs to start using Twitter.

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Chris Brown Drops Another Jawn Pleading to Rihanna “So Cold”

so cold look

Chris Brown was spotted landing at LAX yesterday. He just dropped a new song and it looks like another jawn dedicated to Rihanna. This dude is love sick…

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Rihanna is NOT a Man Stealer; Calls Justin Timberlake’s Girl to Prove it


Rihanna must have really felt bad about flirting with Justin Timberlake because she called Jessica Biel to clear up the rumors. Continue »

Rihanna Needs Some Creamy Crack on Those Edges

set copy

Rihanna was seen taking some pics for her album in Berlin, and she is in serious need of some tender love and care on her edges.

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JAY-Z is a Mason… What Does This Mean???


There is some controversy over a line from Jay-Z’s Run This Town lyrics. Some people suggest that he is referencing Masons. Well, we found out exactly what he’s speaking of when he says:

Run This Town:
Peace God… Uh! Uh! And ain’t nobody fresher, I’m in Maison Uh! Martin Margiela

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Jay-Z Hires a Babysitter for Rih-Rih

rihjay copy

Jay-Z has hired a party guard to watch over Rihanna because he thinks she can’t handle herself in the club. Continue »

Chanel’ed Out!


Prince came out for the females at the Chanel Show. His twin, Rihanna, was also in the place to be. Her crop looks better today, though.

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No Longer Stunting On Them Hoes…


Looking like a mannequin, Rihanna was spotted in France at another fashion show.

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Rih Rih is Still Stuntin on Them Hoes in Paris

Rihanna France

More Rihanna in Paris. Yesterday she was walking around with her booty out and today she’s in some dominatrix get-up.

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Saturday Style: Rihanna in Grey Ant Glasses Again With Another See Through Dress and G String


Rihanna is still out flashing on hoes in her Grey Ant Windows. Her cakes are hanging out the back of this dress. Unlike yesterday, today she is rocking a G-String to hid her crack.

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Damn, Rih…That Dome Piece is Colossal!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know y’all are tired of looking at this chick day in and day out, but the forehead jokes will never get played out. Here is “Little Miss Sunshine” Rihanna out in Paris with her dome out on front street for all to see.

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Rihanna Rocks Grey Ant Window Unisex Glasses at Paris Fashion Week

rihanna in gray ant

Rihanna is seen here in the Grey Ant Window glasses while out in Paris Fashion Week. Anyway, we thought the kicker was her glasses till we noticed the dress and saw the pictures we have below…

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New Couple??? Rihanna and Justin Timberlake


Bossip has learned that Rih-Rih has moved on from Chris and Janero to a better man. According to sources, Justin Timberlake has been “Running the Town” with Rihanna lately.

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