Chris Brown’s Momma to The Fans “This Has Been The Most Painful Moment In My Life!”

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Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce, has released a statement regarding the events her son got into with Rihanna:

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart… Continue »

Are You Feeling Rihanna’s Get Up Or Her 2009 Vogue Cover??


Rihanna was spotted visiting a hospital in NYC. Notice the kicks, the dress, and the button down, but look at that skull cap and those glasses… is she channeling Waldo?

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Some Afternoon Style: Rihanna… Eh Eh Eh


RiRi is all over New York right now with that little piece of blonde poking out of her bang. She kept it real simple with this look, she had to get it in with those white jeans before labor day comes around… Continue »

This Was Not The First Time Chris Brown and Rihanna Were Violent

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Chris Brown and Rihanna were bad for each other almost from the jump. The judge yesterday reminded us all that this relationship was “a wash” before he beat RiRi down the last time:

Rihanna and Chris Brown had two previous violent episodes before the Feb. 8 fight, which ultimately led to Brown’s arrest and felony conviction, court documents reveal. The “Umbrella” singer allegedly slapped Brown… Continue »

*Breaking News*: Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Officially Over, Judge Orders Him Not To Contact Her for 5 Years

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Chris Brown sentencing date was moved up to today. The judge was not playing with him at all and did NOT cut him any slack….

Judge Patricia Schnegg : “I am not the one to ever believe in any hear say or anything else but I am not immune from chatter on the airwaves. Any set violation of the protective order is a violation of your probation.

Chris Brown has to adhere to the following terms:

1. Felony Probation for 60 months and must obey all laws.
2. Report to Probation within 72 hours
3. 52 Weeks of a Domestic Violence Program in Virginia. Continue »

This Just In: Chris Brown Sentencing Moved up to Today


Chris Brown’s sentence date has been moved two days up to today at 2PM PT.

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Are Those Daisy Dukes??


Rihanna styled the crop differently last night, threw in a quick highlight, and sported some Daisy Dukes while attending a meeting at the Bowery Hotel. RiRi does not seem to mind dressing up for the paps… or is it her handlers?

At any rate, pop the top and peep the leg game, shoe steez, short-shorts, and more crop Continue »

“Run This Town” Whole Video Leaked


The most highly anticipated video of the summer or for that matter probably all year….was leaked on the net last night. The song, Run This Town, features the three heavyweights, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna.

We have it underneath the hood. Pop it and peep Continue »

Rihanna, Whose Kid Do You Have This Time???

rihanna-giorgio-baldi-00 copy

Rihanna was seen coming out of Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica over the weekend. The little boy pictured with her is just a fashion accessory.

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Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Paula Abdul & Martha Stewart… What Do They All Have in Common?


Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Paula Abdul, Martha Stewart, Keri Hilson and more… What do all these ladies have in common?

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Sneak Preview of Hova, Yeezy, and Rih’s “Run This Town”


It kills us how videos these days have “trailers”….here is the Run This Town video preview, and we gotta be honest here. Rihanna’s voice sounds like she is just wailing out of control. The movie will have a Mad Max feel to it and that is not very original. SMH.

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Rihanna Finally Got Them Sides Growing Back In


Now that Rihanna’s bald escapade is over and done with, that hair is looking normal again. She was out and about in NYC last night in leather and flowers. Very odd combo but the girl is odd.

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For the Stans: Beyonce Out in NYC


Here is your girl Beyonce out in NYC with Oprah and Gayle King’s “crush” Hova…he’s not in any of the pics, but flip the script to see more Bey and Chris Brown looking like a sad puppy in red plaid vest… Continue »

Rihanna Is Kissing On Who???

rihanna jay copy

This is a picture of Jay-Z and Rihanna at a Rocawear event. While the Teen Choice Awards were going on, RiRi decided to hit up the Pink Elephant Night Club and get her tongue on.

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Rihanna and Amber Rose Plus Jay-Z and Kanye West: Run This Town Behind the Scenes

rihanna-run-this-town-music-video-01 copy

Rihanna, Kanye, and Amber were accompanying Jay-Z on the set of his latest video Run This Town. The video looks like it will have an all black leathery feel to it. Rihanna on the other hand… well she looks like one of them characters from the J-Lo movie The Cell.

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