LiveSteez Lounge: Sean Garrett Details Rihanna and Usher’s New Albums


Sean Garrett is one of the most talented music producers in the business. He’s the force behind some of the top songs and biggest artists such as; Usher, Beyonce, Rihanna and many more. Check out Sean’s one-on-one with LiveSteez Lounge.

LiveSteez: With all these hot producers out here, how do you manage to keep it fresh and new?

Sean Garrett: I work on trying to be really creative. That’s the one thing that I’ve picked up from the past greats, like Teddy Riley. Not only be creative, but create things that make people feel refreshed.

LiveSteez: The roster of artists that you’ve worked with is insane. You’re working with Rihanna and Usher now, right?

Sean Garrett: Yep, I’m working on Usher’s new album. ‘Monster’ speaks to a lot of things. There’s a lot to that word. Good and bad. I’m really happy to be a part of that album because it’s going to be really great. I’m also working on Rihanna’s new album and I’m doing something really different with that venture.

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Rihanna Spotted Bunned Up in Vegas


While Beyonce and them kicked it in N.O. at the Essence Festival for the 4th, Rihanna was seen on the scene in Vegas with Jay-Z, LeBron James, and hugged up on this cat Jay Brown. Smh at little RiRi running through the fellas since the Breezy beating. Pop the hatch for a bunch of images of the fun in Vegas… Continue »

Rihanna’s Ready to Beat CiCi’s @ss over “Swag” Theft?

Rihanna & Ciara

Looks like while Riri has been laying low, CiCi has been trying to take her spot: Continue »

Rihanna’s in Trouble Again…


RiRi can’t stay out of trouble no matter how hard she tries. Those “tat” lessons she took the other day are going to cost her a penny or two: Continue »

Damn RiRi, Clean Up That Kitchen Girl

rihanna and tats5

Actually, Rihanna’s kitchen needs a major touch up. Last night she was taking a tattooing lesson at “East Side Ink” in the NY. RiRi loves tats, rough sex, taking nekkid pics, piercings and dressing up in fetish clothes… sounds like a good date.

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Rihanna and Her Satin Cakes Need to Sit Down

satin cake

Rihanna, like usual was out with some friends last night in NYC. Her handlers need to be checked. How long has this young woman been jumping from hotel to hotel? When was the last time Rihanna has seen her parents and chilled at the house like a normal human being?

These slave drivers push these stars to the limit!

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Breezy and RiRi Sneak Behind the Courts Back


Breezy and RiRi know they need to stay away from each other. They were court ordered to do so but something tells us that they will hook up again and risk Breezy’s @ss going to jail for violating his probation. The plot thickens. Pop the lid for more

Bad Girl Gone Good?

plain jane2

RiRi and Santigold were seen at Philippe Chow getting their grub on yesterday. Funny that Rihanna would choose to wear something sweet and innocent after she chopped down Rashard Lewis.

Pop it to see Rihanna go from good girl to high priced escort as she hits up 1 Oak last night… Continue »

The Morning After: RiRi Leaves Rashard Lewis’ Apartment Without Pants


Not even a week after the Chris Brown court case and RiRi’s gettin’ buck with her latest conquest Orlando Magic’s Rashard Lewis. Damn RiRi, we’ve heard of the walk of shame but this takes things to another level.

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The Babysitter’s Club: Little Jay-Z and Rihanna

rihanna and little hova

Rihanna was seen in LA yesterday with Little Hova. She sure spends a lot of time with Jay’s ‘nephew.’ We got to wondering, why is RiRi always seen babysitting this little dude, and where in the hell is his mom???

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Rihanna Strikes a Pose with Ye and Pimps it Hard with Pharrell


This is a shot from the new VOGUE with Kanye and Rihanna… loving life. Yesterday Rihanna was spotted in Beverly Hills with Pharrell. The N.E.R.D. doesn’t fade that Breezy mess, they rock with RiRi.

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Update: Label Says Breezy’s Jawn Is Ancient and RiRi Isn’t Involved


The label just shot over this statement concerning the Chris Brown song:

Countering misleading reports of ‘new’ Chris Brown music: there are no ‘new’ songs from Chris Brown currently being promoted by Chris or his record label. Continue »

Rihanna Goes Back to Whorin’ For CoverGirl

cover girl

Cover Girl had pulled the Rihanna commercial after TMZ leaked that blackened eye picture, but right after Breezy pled guilty they put it back on TV: Continue »

RiRi’s Not Ready to Walk Away from Breezy Beatdowns

Rihanna and Chris Brown

After yesterday’s shocking courtroom drama, one of the hardest sentences Breezy received was an order to stay away from Rihanna for the term of his probation which is five years. That’s five years with no wild @ss fights, throwing cell phones out the windows of moving cars and gettin’ your @ss beat.

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Stacks and Hollywood Lawyer Get Chris Brown Off, Cops Plea Deal, No Jail Time for Beating Down Rihanna and Threatening to Kill Her


We just received word that Chris Brown has copped a plea deal in his assault case. Continue »

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