Update: Label Says Breezy’s Jawn Is Ancient and RiRi Isn’t Involved


The label just shot over this statement concerning the Chris Brown song:

Countering misleading reports of ‘new’ Chris Brown music: there are no ‘new’ songs from Chris Brown currently being promoted by Chris or his record label. Continue »

Rihanna Goes Back to Whorin’ For CoverGirl

cover girl

Cover Girl had pulled the Rihanna commercial after TMZ leaked that blackened eye picture, but right after Breezy pled guilty they put it back on TV: Continue »

RiRi’s Not Ready to Walk Away from Breezy Beatdowns

Rihanna and Chris Brown

After yesterday’s shocking courtroom drama, one of the hardest sentences Breezy received was an order to stay away from Rihanna for the term of his probation which is five years. That’s five years with no wild @ss fights, throwing cell phones out the windows of moving cars and gettin’ your @ss beat.

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Stacks and Hollywood Lawyer Get Chris Brown Off, Cops Plea Deal, No Jail Time for Beating Down Rihanna and Threatening to Kill Her


We just received word that Chris Brown has copped a plea deal in his assault case. Continue »

Live!! Chris Brown and Rihanna Courthouse Footage


We have live footage from the LA courthouse where Rihanna is set to reveal key details and put Breezy on blast.

Pop it to watch it… Continue »

Face Off: RiRi and Breezy Go to Court


Today’s the day. Breezy and RiRi are going face to face in court and with all of the rumors and drama that have been goin’ around these past few months, its hard to say how things will turn out for these two. Pop the top for more Continue »

Tina’s Testimony Will NOT Be Televised…Darn


The television event of the century will not be televised. Rih-Rih’s testimony will not include any cameras being shoved all up in her covergirl caked face:

Television cameras won’t be present in the courthouse when Rihanna takes the witness stand at a preliminary hearing for Chris Brown’s assault trial on June 22nd, CNN reports. A court spokesperson said yesterday that Los Angeles Criminal Court Judge Patricia Schnegg opted to deny media requests to allow cameras into the courtroom for Rihanna’s testimony. Continue »

RiRi Gets Gully in the NYC and Drops New Jawn


Damn, with Drake choppin’ RiRi down, you’d think she’d be in a better mood. Ole girl looks like she’s ready to go to war. Breezy better get on her good side before she goes to court next week.

Pop the lid for more pics and her “suspect” new jawn Continue »

Whose Cheap Looking Jeans and Boots Are These?


Your favorite girl was seen coming out of her Momo on her way to dinner with Steve Stout. Poor girl can’t even leave her spot to grab a bite without being bombarded by paps. Just ridiculous…

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RiRi Sued By Siddity Neighbors


Looks like Rihanna has more than the Breezy trial to deal with, she’s got her own lawsuit on her hands. Miss RiRi was busy having parties and letting her Hollyweird friends park on her neighbor’s lawn which has led to her @ss gettin’ sued. Pop the top for more about her lawsuit and pics of her and LeBron James together in the NY Continue »

Breezy’s Backing Out on Court Date

Chris Brown

What are you afraid of Breezy? That the truth will come out and you won’t look like the nice R&B superstar that everyone thought you were? Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin: Mini Skirt Edition “Rihanna Vs Ciara”

ciara vs rihanna

Ciara was seen out in Europe over the weekend looking like a cheap streetwalker. At the same time, rumors are flying around that Rihanna has been woofing, claiming that “Tehanna” looks like a gorilla and nothing like herself. The question still remains…

Who Looked More Bangin??

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Celeb Association: Teyana Taylor:”Stop Callin’ Me Rihanna. I Have My Own Thing Going On!”


“Tehanna” Taylor was seen sitting with Chris Brown and his brother at Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Ole girl is pissed off about being compared to Rihanna. She gets at some blogs about it, personally, on her Twitter page: Continue »

RiRi Goes on the Prowl in NY


RiRi was out solo last night looking for something or someone to get into. With all of the men she’s been “seeing” lately, we’re starting to think that RiRi really is over Breezy and is gettin’ her single girl on real tough. Pop the top for more RiRi pics Continue »

Why Was Rihanna At the Playboy Office?

riri at playboy1

Yesterday, Rihanna was seen coming out of the same building that houses the infamous Playboy Headquarters and seen going into her hotel. It looks like it was a long day for Princess Rih.

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