Your Daily Riri Sighting

rihanna therapy7

Rihanna was seen exiting a boutique in Soho yesterday, but why the look from her scrawny bodyguard? While shopping,  Riri starts giggling it up with her him. Who knows, maybe the girl has found a white knight in armor…like Whitney did in her movie.

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Spotted in the NYC Again: Rihanna


Rihanna is seen here leaving a movie theater in New York City rockin’ the crisp, spring white sweater and faded jeans. Not sure how we feel about the buzz cut or the There’s Something About Mary bangs but its good to see RiRi showing her face again.

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Drake Breaks Down the RiRi Rumor: “We are Just Friends”


Drake puts the RiRi rumor to rest for now. Pop the lid for the radio interview and pics of Rihanna accepting her platinum plaque from LA Reid of Island Def Jam Spring Collection in NYC Continue »

Is Drake Choppin’ Rihanna Down???

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Rihanna was reportedly “making out” in public last night with up and coming Toronto rapper Drake Continue »

*Update* Rihanna Looking Frazzled

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Dangit girl, you’re looking worse and worse every day. Rihanna was seen on the streets of Manhattan last night, looking like an addict.

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*Update* Rihanna’s Back to Making Daily Appearances

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Rihanna was stepping out at hot spot Da Silvano yesterday. She tore down the snake skin bag, white jeans, and vagabond boots. A good way to shut down the turmoil going on in your life is to ignore the ignorance and act like it does not exist…until the first real interview of course.

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Remember Me: Rihanna is Back!

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rihanna on bossip2

Rihanna just touched down in Newark. Wonder where she’s been hiding these past few days. SMH

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Changing it Up On Them Hoes

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rihanna changing the game

Rihanna is gettin’ her fashion game on. Yesterday she rocked the snake skin vest and matching designer snake skin heels. Thursday night it was the DKMS’ 3rd Annual Gala at Cipriani where RiRi worked the red carpet in a couture skirt and boots.

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Rih Going For that Eartha Kitt Look?

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Rihanna as Eartha Kitt

While taking off her panties for Marcus Graham, Rihanna, was back with her BFF, Katy Perry, and her swirly booTravis McCoy. She really does look like that fashionable aunt whose @ss is always drunk at the barbeques.

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Rihanna is in a Dark Place: Disturbia

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Rihanna was stepping out of Gramercy Park  Hotel yesterday afternoon in another sado masochist super hero costume. Someone looks to be crying out for help. Come on RiRi girl, cheer up.

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Rihanna, What In The Sam Hell Are You Wearing???

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Rihanna was at a gala the other night rocking this satin garbage bag  (Dolce & Gabanna). We are not feeling it, or the fact that she is confident enough to wear this.

Are You Feeling Her Get Up???

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RiRi Turns Down Dubai

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Just when we thought RiRi was ready to make her comeback, she pulls out. All that man chasin’ got her tired. Pop the hood for more Continue »

Rihanna Kicks Breezy to the Curb for First Love

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Word on the street is RiRi is done with Breezy’s abusive ways and has left his @ss for her first love – Negus Sealy – a native Barbadian. Ever heard of the term rebound relationship? Pop the hood for more Continue »

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian All At Same Spot At the Same Damn Time

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rihanna katsuya1

Rihanna was seen leaving Katsuya’s right after Hova, like minutes after Hova. Also present was Khloe Kardashian with her boyfriend, Derrick Ward, and some random busted down broad. Wonder if Jay is trying to do some light weight counseling, or is he just hanging out…like RiRi’s forehead in the picture above.

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Breezy’s Back in Court

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Sometime this afternoon, Breezy and his sharks lawyers will head back to court to continue hearings surrounding Chrihannagate 2009. Can you imagine the tension floating around the RiRi and Chris Breezy camps right now? Flip the lid for more Continue »