Soulja Boy Smartening Up

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According to Livesteez, Soulja Toy has decided to give back some toys, and stop all the cooning and bizarre Youtube sh*t:

Teen rap sensation Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is reaching out to kids who are less fortunate in the upcoming sixth annual Toyz N Da Hood events in Georiga this month. Founded by Hittmenn DJ’s president Robert “Kaspa” Smith, the toy run will begin with a donation drive at various Atlanta middle and high schools running through December 17 which will be followed by a free concert for the school with the most toys. As additional hip-hop concerts are set up at retail stores to encourage local donations, Soulja Boy will be on hand at an Atlanta Wal-Mart to help with gifts and sign copies of his new album, iSouljaboytellem, as reported by “It’s all about putting smiles on kids’ faces this holiday season,” Soulja Boy said in a statement. “I’m happy to do anything I can during these hard economic times to make a kid’s holiday season a little brighter. Growing up, I didn’t have much, so I can relate to these kids and know how important it is to them. To see how excited they get when we donate all these toys is worth anything I can do to make that possible.” The annual event is known for working with mega artists like Young Jeezy, Akon, Chris Brown, Mr. Collipark and Polow Da Don. Last year’s run distributed over 20,000 toys.

Good to see he is doing something positive. Whatever he does, we hope he refrains from commenting to the kids about history lessons, and issues of the social and political nature with his little uneducated, non-talented ass. Now, supersoak that.


The Dirty Awards Black Carpet

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Here’s the fire-starter in the flesh on the black carpet. Yes, the black carpet. Red just would have been too much like right. Among the no-names, a few people that you might actually know showed up in full ghetto garb. Check out the thumbs below.

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Coon of The Day

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We know what you are thinking, it has got to be T-Pain right? No, the coon of the day is the iced out idiot to the right of him, Slave Boi:

Last week in Atlanta, in a interview with Soulja Boy Tell Em. A reporter asked him, “What historical figure do you most hate?” He was stumped. I said, “Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters…” He said, “Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa.”

“We wouldn’t be here,” he continued, to get this ice and tattoos.”

F*cking Sambo.


New Jawn: “Turn My Swag On”

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“Turn my Swag On” is the latest ridiculous video contribution to the world from your favorite “used to be homeless” rapper, Soulja Boy. Are you feelin this “sing-song” mess that rappers are doing now?

Which One Would You Hit???

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T-Pain and Soulja Boy were on the red carpet for the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night, looking like 2 clowns at the circus.

Ladies, if you had to take one of these eccentric fellows home with you after the awards….

Which One Would You Hit?

More red carpet pictures below of Toccarra, Common, Ti, Big Boi in fishing boots, etc, etc…

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Seen on the Scene

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MiMi was all smiles at the “celebrity extravaganza” on 106 & Park yesterday. Jennifer Hudson, Plies and Soulja Boy were live on the set too. Check out more pics below. 

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Soulja Boy: Game Over

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It would appear as though the war between “good hip-hop” and “wack hip hop” will be on hold indefinitely:

“Basically comments were made (by Ice-T) and I had to defend myself,” Soulja Boy explained. “The GZA had said something about me one time and 50 jumped in it. And this time it was Ice-T and Kanye jumped in it. It’s the new Hip-Hop sticking together and I love it.”

“Look how many people came out with records last year: ‘Party Like a Rockstar,’ ‘A Bay Bay,’ ‘Wipe Me Down,’” Soulja Boy reasoned. “He (Ice-T) chose me because out of all those records mine was the biggest one. And [it was] not just the record but me individually.”

After the disrespectful remarks made by both sides on each other’s musical contributions to Hip-Hop, which are significant, Soulja Boy also welcomes closure to the unnecessary animosity. “It’s over with for me,” Soulja Boy stated emphatically.

Sounds like this little fella is declaring himself the official winner of this particular feud. Well at least it’s finally over and these guys can stop acting like a bunch of pansies.


Are You Feeling This Get Up???

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As the stars make their entrance onto the Red Carpet of the BET Awards, one cannot help but notice Lil Mama sportin this Strawberry Shortcake swag. This chick is a fashion casualty to the bone. Peep more pics of the BET Awards arrivals just below.

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The Saga Continues…

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In true a juvenile fashion, Soulja-Boy issued this cartoon as a response to Ice T’s declaration of war betweeen “Good Hip Hop vs. Wack Hip Hop.”

Click HERE to watch this childish reply, which includes footage of Ice T during his pop-lockin days.

“Good Hip Hop vs. Wack Hip Hop”

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Aw shucks. Soulja Boy done f**ked up now. Ice-T responds to Soulja Boy’s rant from the other day. We have a feeling young boy is somewhere shaking in his boots right about now. SMH.

Click HERE to peep this for yourselves.

Soulja Boy Strikes Back

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“Ice T is old as f**k – Ice T is the forefather of my nuts…” Soulja Boy rips into Ice T for telling him to “eat a d**k.” SMH at his punk-ass goons in the background on some d**k ridin’ “canned laughter” shyte.

Click HERE to watch Soulja Boy’s response.

Sticks and Stones

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A 12 year old boy was arrested for throwing a rock through the windshield of Soulja Boy’s tour bus recently. When asked why he did it, he replied: “I hate Soulja Boy”

Damn, you know your sh*t is wack when preteens want to roll on you. Hey Soulja Boy, you may want to beef up your security detail.