The Naughty List: People Who Deserve Lumps Of Coal In Their Stockings

Sarah Palin Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas, the anticipation for Santa’s gifts are at a fever pitch. Continue »

Soulja Boy Has 2.5 Million Twitter Followers And Only 13,000 Went Out An Bought His Album… SMH!

Soulja Boy Gay and Sells 13K first Week

Dayyummm Soulja Boy… we could have sworn everybody was feeling your “Pretty Boy Swag” joint! Guess not enough to get down with a whole album “The Deandre Way” movement. Exactly, how does something like this happen??? Continue »

New Music: ‘I Need Love’… The Deandre Way?

Soulja Boy video girls

Anytime Soulja Boy records a “love song,” those of us who grew up on LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” or even “Around The Way Girl” hope that he might be able to recapture that PG thug love for a new generation of girls. Continue »

Blackberry Better NOT Endorse The _________ Put Together By Sean Kingston And Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy

If you have a Blackberry then like most users, you are in love with the instant messaging app BBM. This app has been around for years and has finally making made its way to the hip hop world. Sean Kingston’s new jawn “BBM” ft Soulja Boy is one song that probably should have never made it out the studio. This is really NOT something we can get into but then again… we’ve never been into crap like this anyway!!!

Take a Listen: Continue »

Soulja Boy Speaks on Kat Stack’s Deportation: “Once Karma Comes To You, What You Gon’ Do?”

Kat Stacks Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has decided to take some timeout to address Kat Stacks and her deportation situation. Continue »

Where Are My Parents?

Soulja Boy Vibe Magazine digital outtakes

Dear Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Way: We understand being the parents of a teenage millionaire must make a lot of things easy to overlook. But we’re gonna need you to come get your child. Continue »

Soulja Boy Before The Blow, Hoes And Twitter Beefs

Soulja Boy 2008 Hannibal Matthews

Back in the day when Soulja Boy was just a baby baller, way before we watched him become a teenage millionaire, Soulja Boy was just a little kid making his parents mad with rap and tattoos. Continue »

Twitter Beef: Soulja Boy To F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S-”U Lame As Hell Ni**a LOL Umma End Ur Career U Chip Tooth Fag**t!”

fabolous and soulja boy

Twitter thumb thuggin strikes again, and this time it’s Yayo-face Soulja Boy “going in” on Fabolous for saying “Pretty Boy Swag, Never Coke My Nose Though” in a Hot 97 Freestyle last week.

Let the drama unfold…

Soulja Boy’s New Book: I Want Everyone To Be Rich Like Me, So I Give Step By Step Details!!!

Soulja Boy's New Book "Teenage Millionaire"

Soulja Boy’s new book about his rise to fame, fortune and Kat Stack type b*tches has finally hit the book stores. “Teenage Millionaire” is set to release in conjunction with Soulja Boy’s new album. Continue »

Crap At It’s Finest: Jamie Foxx New Jawn Ft. TI And White Nose Soulja Boy “Yep That’s Me”

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has the whole package when it comes to music and movies but this jawn featuring TI and Soulja Boy “Yep That’s Me”…. AIN’T HITTIN’ ON ____________!!! Maybe he needs to call up Tank and have him write a couple of lines for you!!!

Tell Us What You Think About Jamie Foxx’s “YepThat’s Me”: Continue »

Soulja Boy Reacts To Making Forbes Millionaire’s List, Talks Movies

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy shared his reaction about being listed as number 18 on the Forbes Cash Kings list. Continue »

The Top 20 Earners In Hip-Hop


Forbes Magazine has just released their list of Hip-Hop’s top 20 earners. Continue »

Quincy Brown And Lil’ Al B Sure Party With Soulja Boy For His 20th Birthday

Quincy Brown and Lil B Sure

Quincy Brown and his older brother Lil B Sure partied it up in Hollyweird with Soulja Boy for his 20th birthday. Not to many celebrities showed up for the celebration but their kids made sure they were in the building reppin’ for their parents. Continue »

Twitter Files: Soulja Boy Wants The Whole World To Know He’s BALLIN!!!

Soulja Boy proudly poses alongside his new car

Soulja Boy wants the world to know about his brand new Bentley. He has been tweeting out photo after photo and talking a whole lot of yang yang. Pop the hood to see what we mean Continue