“Short Bus Shawty” Parody Of Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Souljaboy & Waka Flocka Is Pure Comedy!

Short Bus Shawty Soulja Boy Waka Flocka Gucci Mane OJ Da Juiceman

Makin’ fun of the short bus riders isn’t nice, but we don’t see anything wrong with having a little laugh at Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame as their shortcomings are put on blast in this hilarious parody. Pop it to watch Continue

New Music By The Odd Couple: Soulja Boy And Justin Bieber’s “Rich Girl” Sounds Like ________!!!!

"soulja boy and justin bieber

If this is not a weird combination, then we don’t know what it is!!! Soulja Boy has teamed up with Justin Bieber in a new jawn called “Rich Girl”. Maybe this is what Soulja Boy meant by that he was coming with new stuff but… It sounds like the same ol’ sh*zzzzzzzz!!!

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When Pigs Fly: Soulja Boy Promises “Lyrics On Another Level” With New Album

Soulja Boy When Pigs Fly D'andre Way

Here’s a shocker… Soulja Boy is claiming he’s stepped his game up lyrically and production-wise with his latest musical project Dre. After hearing his new single “I Got B*tches” we think he needs more people on this one, but pop the hood to hear him out. Continue

Would You Hit This???

Hawthorne James aka Big Red from the Five Heartbeats attended the premiere for Snoop’s movie “Malice in Wonderland” last night looking like a stud muffin. Ladies, if you had the chance to get some good lovin’ from Hawthorne would you let him beat that thang up???

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Ludacris And Nicki Minaj Rip-The-Runway: Barbies, Barbies Everywhere And Not One Can Rap For Sh*zzz

BET’s Rip the Runway aired last night with Nicki Minaj and Pooch Hall hosting. Nicki hit the stage with Ludacris looking crazy as ever rockin’ a pink wig. Nicki Minaj definitely has to come correct after getting dissed by Keys from B-more.

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New Video: Teairra Lets Loose Her Inner Gold-Digger, Soulja Boy And Gucci Mane Volunteer For “Sponsor”

Teairra Mari might need a ho sit down right about now thanks to her little ode to getting tricked on “Sponsor”… Is that what they teach ladies in Detroit, hmmmmmmm? Pop the hood for the video.


Behind The Scenes: Chicken Chest Soulja Boy Is Teairra Mari’s “SPONSOR”

Teairra Mari has a new jawn featuring Soulja Boy called “SPONSOR”. Teairra Mari is trying damnedest to get her Beyonce on but Thank GOD Soujla Boy didn’t take his shirt off… He must have read BOSSIP!!!

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Doesn’t Soulja Boy Remind You Of Pookie The Crackhead From New Jack City???

Soulja Boy was on set for his new video, “All Black Everything,” in L.A. Whoever told this boy he should take his shirt off should be fired!!! Soulja Boy needs to hit the gym because that skinny boy bird chest… THAT AIN’T IT!!!

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Soulja Boy Gets Handed His Probation Sentence

Wonder if Soulja Boy hopped up out the bed and turned his swag on for the courtroom? The rapper born DeAndre Way has been sentenced to probation in connection with his October 2009 obstruction of justice arrest in Henry County, Georgia.


Top Hip Hop Beefs Of 2009

Of all the beefs that happened in 2009, this beef actually had substance and history. It even left casualties in its wake. For Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, the two have been going back and forth since the release of “So Icey.” Continue…

Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, and Usher Do a Threesome Live on Stage

Trey Songz performed at jingle bash in Atlanta the other day and brought Keri “freak’em” Hilson onstage along with Usher the “Panty Droppa” to perform Invented Sex Remix. Soulja Boy’s little bird chest was in the building along with Kandi from the RHOA.

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Soulja Boy & Trina in Jamaica… TOGETHER!!!

Soulja Boy4

They say you can’t believe everything you hear but what about EVERYTHING YOU SEE??? Soulja Boy is down in Jamaica for a show and on his down time, he took Trina for a ride. Don’t believe us??? Of course you don’t…

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*UPDATE*: Soulja Boy Can Show Off Diamonds and Benjamins… But You Can’t Pay Yo Bills!!!

Remember this LAMBO chain that Soulja Boy showed off and then said:

“1ST OF ALL I didn’t pay ANYTHING for my black Lamborghini chain I got it FREE as a birthday present… to read the rest of this click here

Well, that turned out to be a lie. Soulja Boy just did this video, that he quickly deleted, telling us how much his diamonds cost and he says that the diamond remote control LAMBO cost him $250K, now you spend that much on a remote control but you can’t pay $10,000 that’s owed to your landlord???… GTFOH!!!!! We see why you erased the video… PURE IGNORANCE!!!

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Fresh Up Out of Jaaaiiillll Turn Yo Swag On!!!

Soulja Boy & Jim Jones

With Soulja Boy fresh up out of jail and Jim Jones just pleading guilty to his case, these two felons made sure they were somewhat fresh at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. We have a more pics under the hood of celebs at the show posing in their seats.

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Soulja Boy Arrested

soulja boy

Soulja Boy was arrested wednesday night in Herny County, GA for obstruction of justice.

He was on the set of Frenchie 1017 Brick Squad’s makeshift video shoot for “Gangsta Muzik” at a house in Mcdonough. According to Henry County Police they were called to the house after being told people “were hanging out there.”

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