Soulja Toy and His Fake Gucci Wearing @ss

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Soulja Boy Tell-em has a new video out with Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo talking about Gucci Rags or some mess. Come to find out, the shoes featured in the video and in his promo pictures are as fake as Naomi’s crop: Continue »

(Do NOT) Crank That Soulja Boy

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Soulja Boy

Students at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, were not trying to have Soulja Boy and his degrading lyrics serenade their campus, so they did what college students do best; protested:

Students protested outside a SOULJA BOY concert at a Minnesota university on Friday (3Apr09), angry that an artist who raps ‘degrading’ lyrics was booked to perform. Continue »

Soulja Boy On Chrihanna

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Here goes Mr. Bony Bird Chest himself giving his worthless two cents in regards to Chrihanna: Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

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Your boys, Romeo and Soulja Boy, were at  Nickelodeon’s 22nd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, looking like new BFF’s. Chris Rock and family, along with Russell, Usher, and JD’s daughter came out.

Out of the two youngsters up top ladies…

Which One Would You Let Hit??

Pop the thang to see an array of characters out last night. Continue »

Meagan Good Claims Soulja Boy Needs to Come Out of the Closet?!?

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Apparently, Meagan Good and Soulja Boy were once….an item? But, things must have gone sour with the thirteen year old because in a recent tweet, Meagan alludes that the prepubescent punk “doesn’t like chicks”… Continue »

Bow Wow Takes The ‘High Road’

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Now Bow Wow says he regrets his little gaylord session with Soulja Boy: Continue »

Bony Bird Chest Bares All

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Soulja Boy considered offing himself after getting robbed: Continue »

Fightin’ Words: Bow Wow Strikes Back

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Awwwww, how precious. Lil Bow Wow attempts to look hard on his new album cover. And he tried to back up this little hard ass act with a new verbal attack on Soulja Boy. Continue »

Soulja Boy Robbery: “They Put An AK to My Homeboy’s Cranium!”

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Soulja toy

Soulja Toy is finally dry snitching about the night him and his boys got punked and robbed in the ATL:

After reports of Soulja Boy’s Atlanta house being robbed hit the net earlier this month the teen rapper has stayed quiet, until now. During an interview with Los Angeles-based radio personality Big Boy, SB broke his silence. “Basically I was at my crib and I had my album release party at my club that night,” he said on Friday’s (Jan. 23) show. “I got back to my house at around 3 in the morning and I was in the studio recording. So two of my homeboys was in the living room and Me and Arab we was in the studio recording. And somebody kicked in the door.” “One dude ran in put the AK… Continue »

The “A” Too Real For Toy Soulja Boy

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Well, rumor has it that Soulja Boy has packed his sh*t up and is getting the f*ck outta dodge after he got shaken down:

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has moved out of his house and is not cooperating with police regarding his recent home invasion. I also heard one of the robbers slipped up and called Soulja by his childhood nickname during the heist.

Poor thang is trying salvage street cred by not talking to cops. Well, he needn’t worry; there isn’t any street cred left to salvage.

More pics showing exactly why Soulja Boy got got when you… Continue »

It’s True: Soulja Boy Roughed up and Ganked

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Damn, y’all, Livesteez is saying Soulja Boy and is his little play soldiers got served by a real thug army: Continue »

Soulja Boy: “Nas Killed Hip Hop”

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Here goes Soulja Boy flappin his crusty lips again as he accuses Nas of killing Hip Hop. Dig this ‘deep philosophical’ discussion he’s having with his flunkies. And someone needs to tell buddy boy to keep his damned shirt on. He looks like a 7 year old anorexic with that bony bird chest.

Soulja Boy Says He Is Sorry

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Soulja Boy is apologizing for his foul language and indecent behavior. He is promising parents he is cleaning up his act: Continue »

Question of The Day

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Common 1215

Common‘s got high hopes:

“I really do believe we, as hip-hop artists, pick up what’s going on in the world. I think hip-hop artists will have no choice but to talk about different things and more positive things. Try to bring a brighter side to that because, even before Barack, I think people had been tired of hearing the same thing.”

Is this brotha on to something or is he just pissing in the wind? It’ll be interesting to see what the next 4 years will do to hip-hop, but we’re not holding our breath. There are way too many suckas profiting from getting their shuck and jive on.


Luda and the Bird Chest

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Luda and Soulja Boy

Bossip was in the building for AT&T’s “Unofficial” SEC Championship after party in ATL. The event was a free concert featuring Ludacris and Soulja Boy. How many grown individuals will be buying Soulja Boy’s album next week? Shame on yo grown a$$.

Pics of ya girl CiCi, and a vid of the performances when you… Continue »