R-Kelly, Keyshia Cole & T-Pain’s New Remix “Number 1 Sex” Says Autotune is NOT Dead


R-Kelly, Keyshia Cole and T-Pain have made a remix to “Number 1 Sex.” The song is pretty graphic and dirty… just like R-Kelly likes it.

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Twitter Files: Tweet Snitching Fabolous Goes in on T-Pain’s Fake Twitter Account


We have come to the conclusion that celebrities don’t need to be on Twitter. Yesterday, someone re-tweeted that T-Pain said “F*ck Jay-Z and F*ck Fabolous.” Fabolous got wind of it and decided to respond but it turns out that it wasn’t even T-Pain’s Twitter… It was a fake account that was set-up under T-Pain’s name. GOTS TO BE MORE CAREFUL!!!

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Video Footage of T-Pain Riding on Jay-Z in Vegas: “F*ck Jay-Z…He’s 59 Years Old!”


Remember when Fabo spoke out and tweeted what T-Pain was saying about Jay-Z while at Rehab in Vegas? The footage has just been  released… and it’s more graphic and hard than what Fabolous initially portrayed. T-Pain went HARD on Jay…

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Fabolous is “Snitch Tweeting” on T-Pain… F*CK Jay-Z, He’s Old!!!


The rule what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas doesn’t exist anymore… Thanks to Twitter. Apparently, T-Pain was DJ-ing at a pool party and decided to rant and rave about Jay-Z. Of course, no one was actually recording it because we didn’t find it, but Fabolous sure did tweet about it.

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Baby Mama Drama: T-Pain Gets Hit for Unpaid Child Support


Remember Ms. Cherry from that VH1 reality show Miss Rap Supreme? Well she is hitting T-Pain with unpaid child support for their son. Continue »

T-Pain Hiding Out From Diddy and Calls His New Venture Weird: “He Can Get Kind of Aggressive”


T-Pain has been out of the spotlight lately… partly because of work, but mainly because of Diddy: Continue »

Whose Wife Is This???


Can someone tell us whose wife this is? Her name is Amber, and no, we don’t know if she is African-American or has any in her besides the entertainer she is married too.

The person’s mother is below as well…with another entertainer’s mother. Pop it and see for yourself Continue »

T-Pain Likes ‘Em Young, White and Kuntry


T-Pain is one buffonish clown but the latest news is he’s working with country music’s sweetheart and superstar Taylor Swift. WTF? That’s a pairing we never thought we’d see. Enough already with the white folks tryin’ to get on our nuts i.e. Brooke Hogan and Aaron Carter. Pop the hood for the ridiculous pic of Taylor Swift gone hood Continue »

T-Pain Defends Big Chain: “My Kid Already Has 4 Milli In Da Bank, Yo”

tpain chain

T-Pain responded on Twitter to our Coon of The Day post yesterday : Continue »

Coon of The Day: T-Pain and His Big Chain


Guess who got some money and spent it on some stupid ghetto @ss mess? Yup, T-Pain thought it would be cute to bust out this gaudy monstrosity of a chain. SMFH

Where is that new baby’s college fund?

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Timbaland Mad at Jay Over “Autotune Is Dead” Record?


Apparently Timbaland doesn’t appreciate Jay trying to kill his faux voice steez. Illseed caught a little word about the “drama” that’s unfolding concerning Jigga’s new track:

Jay-Z is supposedly giving the technology (autotune) its official eulogy with the song “Autotune is Dead.” Also, Kanye is supposedly finished with it and will rap again on the next one. I wonder what T-Pain has to say about this. From what I understand or have been told, the person who had the most problem and did the majority of the hating on the Autotune was Timbaland, Continue »

T-Pain: “Dolla and I Were Good Friends”


T-Pain and the recently slain rapper Dolla were good friends. They had gotten their friendship back on track right before he was gunned down in LA. Pop the hood for more Continue »

Miami is Poppin This Weekend


Miami is off the hinges this weekend. Young Jeezy is squaring off against Rick Ross in an Atlanta vs Miami show plus more:

Some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B are in town to help celebrate Urban Beach Week. Be on the lookout for Diddy, Flo Rida, Fat Joe, Cash Money, Jermaine Dupri, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Snoop Dog, Plies, Ace Hood, Trina, T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Jadakiss and Nas. And they’ll be joined in VIP by their celeb friends Bill Bellamy, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Michael Beasley, Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, Jamie Foxx and Miami’s newest residents, the Kardashian sisters. Continue »

Lil Kim, Charlie Wilson & T-Pain “Download”

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil Kim, Charlie Wilson, and T-Pain just dropped a new video yesterday for their new jawn, Download. In the video, there’s this kid that looks like Lil Sean Combs. Kind of funny watching just her doll face perform, had to mix it up.

Watch the video here.

T-Pain’s Dad Says Moms Took Home Disease And T-Pizzle is a Mistake???

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t pain

Some backwoods rapper named, Total Kaos, is allegedly exposing T-Pain by having Pain’s dad talk dirty about him on the phone.

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