New Jawns: “I’m So Paid” & “Therapy”

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Here’s Akon’s new jawn, “I’m So Paid” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeezy. Then on the bottom we have Kanye with T-Pain. Obviously Yeezy knows that if you choke a b*tch, we’ll be the first to put you on blast so stay on your A-game.

Check out “Therapy” at the 2:37 mark and a snippet of the lyrics below.

“Remember those nights on the kitchen sink

I was choking you in good way, good way

Now we in the streets and I’m choking you in a hood way, hood way

When the cops come what I could say

You know how all that gossip is

Next morning Bossip, Perez…”

Diddy’s on Some Vocoder Ish

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Diddy’s about to step in sh*t again. He’s thinking of using a vocoder in his “rhymes.” This constitutes a double negative:

Hip hop legend Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is currently in the studio recording music for his forthcoming third solo album. Up and coming genius and Auto-Tune rep T-Pain has joined Puff in the booth, working with the rapper on innovative ways to present the controversial music tool. “T-Pain gave me permission to use the vocoder, the Auto-Tune, and he showed me various tricks that nobody knows but him and myself,” Puff said. To add to the mix, Diddy has also been experimenting with elements of electro music most familiarized by Afrika Bambaataa and Cybotron in the early 80′s.

Is anyone really checking for a Diddy album?? When was the last time Diddy put out an album that you loved?


BET and Katt Beefin

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So BET, Katt, and T-Pain all fabricated a story for us:

As previously reported on Livesteez, Comedian Katt Williams was a no-show at the BET Hip-Hop Awards ’08 that took place in Atlanta on Saturday, but the reason for his absence was unknown. Today, we’ve learned that the pint-size comic pitched a serious hissy fit and walked off the show, according to insiders. Williams claimed earlier this week that he turned over his hosting job to T-Pain after losing a break-dancing contest to the rapper. But sources say he actually bailed after an angry face-off with BET execs before the show’s taping at the Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Center on October 18, accoring to the NY Daily News. “Katt has become difficult now that he’s a megastar,” one source says. “He was very demanding during rehearsals. He really berated one female member of the production company. He launched into a verbal assault on her in front of other people. I mean, he read her the riot act. “Then he left the set and said he wouldn’t return unless she apologized. She wouldn’t. BET and the production company backed her up. Katt wouldn’t come back. Nobody was willing to budge. Continue »

Quote of the Day

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There are many words that could be used to describe T-pain but there are none that quite encapsulate our sentiments after reading what he had to say in an article on There were such gems as:

Many rap horn-dogs talk about the inspiration they get out of strip clubs. When he was 15, T-Pain got a life-changing experience. “In Tallahassee, dudes would hire girls at their house and charge admission,” he recalls. “I remember f*cking one girl on a couch in the living room, in front of everyone. She kept her skirt on so it looked like a real intense lap dance. I loooved that!”


Even if it isn’t the sexiest topic, he enjoys mining aspects of matrimony for material. One of the funniest moments on Thr33 Ringz comes on the song “Therapy,” where a narrator tells an unloving woman, “I don’t need your sex, I’ll masturbate.” “See, that line comes straight out of my life!” he says. “I’m married, and I jerk off all the time. Some R&B singers act like they getting sex every night. T-Pain is here to tell you: Ain’t no one getting sex every night!”

After we blew chunks all across our keyboards from visualizing T-pain milking his lizard, we thought we’d share this eye-raping with you all.


Are You Feelin’ Lil Wayne’s Package??

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Here is Lil Wayne performing last night at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Weezy announced he is having a baby soon so pray for him. Jesus Take The Wheel.

It will be safe to say the youngster won’t be a “Lil Obama”.

A grip more pics of the show under the hood including Plies, Officer Ross, Kerry Washington, and No Cents Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin: Kerry vs Keri

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Kerry Washington and Keri Hilson, attended the BET Hip Hop Awards.  Washington is always the business, and Keri is working hard on her come up. We have pictures of Nelly, Pharrell, No Cents, and many more for your viewing pleasure. But first things first, out of the two ladies….Who Looked More Bangin???

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A Little Swagger

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Our newest little D-list star from Hell Date, Chris Hollfield, arrives at the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards, looking something like a mack…

More pictures of stars hugged up for photo opp’s below….

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Painfully Fugly

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Yes, those are T-Pain’s real teeth. He was at Suzie Wong’s with Day 26 and what is left of Danity Kane. We know that T-Pain is around his mid 30′s, but he looks and acts just like your little brother’s goofy friend.

Pictures below of all three acts, Day 26, Danity Kane, and T-Pain.

A couple more pics when you pop that hood… Continue »

Ciara’s New Jawn: “Go Girl” ft. T-Pain

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Here’s the finished product of Ciara’s dominatrix fetish in her new video “Go Girl”. T-Pain attempts to breath some life into this with his vocorder but it’s still flailing. Tell us, are you feeling this whole “RoboHo” steez???

Go to Livesteez for the direct link…

A Little Pain on Its Way

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T-Pain and fam are expecting another package:

This is an exciting time for T-Pain. First and foremost, the father of two tells the Boombox his wife is pregnant with their third child, to go with their four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. And by the time baby number three is born, the collaborator extraordinaire may have another hit album on his hands. His latest effort, ‘Thr33 Ringz,’ features collaborations with Kanye West, Ludacris, Chris Brown, and more. “What people really know me for now is collaborations, so I decided to make an album pretty much full of collaborations,” he says. “It’s real good-feeling music, so I just made sure everybody brought their own flavor to my feel good music.”

T-Pain, literally, won’t stop coming…up with new, hot sh*t. Ya’ll ain’t right! SMH