The Dream Done Bumped His Head Thinking He Can Cover An Aaliyah Song

"The Dream covers Aaliyah's One in a Million"

The Dream has attempted many things but we never thought that he would try something like this. It seems that he had the bright idea to cover Aaliyah’s jawn “One in a Million”. It sounds like he imitated her voice instead of making it his own…

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GTFOH: The Dream Says He Made R&B Somewhat Cool Again

The Dream

The Dream sat down with BET to talk about his third LP “Love King“, working with Ciara and his influential contribution to R&B. We believe that The Dream must have bumped his head at some point for these words to flow out of his mouth like diarrhea.

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The Dream Reveals C-Milli’s Pregnancy Demands “That Woman Wanted Everything!”

The Dream house shoes slippers Christina Milian

After failing to show up for his wife, new mom Christina Milian, and daughter’s first photoshoot with US Weekly, The-Dream is looking less and less like a model husband or father — poppin’ big sh*t about his wife’s pregancy cravings and putting foul words in his baby’s mouth… SMH. Actual quotes from this shady character after the jump. Continue »

*Premiere* The Dream’s “Love King” Video Says What To The C-Milli?

The Dream

The Dream just dropped his latest video “Love King,” where he brags on having many hoes besides Milian. Married-Man Nash also says things like, “she don’t know me like thaaaaat!” We think he might be sending subliminal messages saying the couple may need to be separated.

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Christina Milian Shows Off Her Seed But The Dream Is Not Wearing His Ring…

Christina Milian Shows Off Baby Violet

When Christina Milian and The Dream got together, we all knew it was a business transaction. She needed some tracks and he needed well… something better than Nivea. In the latest issue of US Weekly, Christina shows off Baby Violet but The Dream is nowhere to be found.

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T.I. Is Free As A Bird And Watched The Atlanta Hawks KILL The L.A. Lakers!!!

T.I. at the Hawks Lakers game

T.I. is a free man and is back on the scene. He made sure he was sitting court side for the Atlanta Hawks game while they “SMASHED” the L.A. Lakers with a final score of 109-92. Guess that’s what happens when you step out on the scene the night before a game.

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Ci-ERROR’s New Jawn Leaves You “SPEECHLESS” Because… IT SUCKS!!!!!

Ciara New Music The Dream - Speechless

We said it before and we will say it again… Ciara needs to stick to endorsing products or get back on track with Jazzy Pha. At least Riahnna knows she has no talent and stays in the lane of what works for her. We can’t even comment on this new jawn “Speechless” ft The Dream because that’s exactly how it will leave you…

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On The Set With The Dream For His “Love King” Video

The Dream is getting ready to drop the video for his single “Love King.” Pop the hood to get a sneak peek. Continue

New Music: Did Dream Help Drake “Shut It Down”?

Two of music’s most popular songwriters got in the studio together for this one. But will The-Dream help make Drake’s Thank Me Later a smash or should Drake just tell him “No Thank You!” You decide. Pop the hood for a listen. Continue »

New Music: Ci-Error Says F**K All You Haters… “I’M UP IN THE BANK”

Ciara and the lack of talent that she displayed with the last album has attempted to try again with a new jawn called “I’m Up In The Bank” featuring The Dream. Now we all love the old music Ciara use to pump out so, we are willing to give her another chance. Check out this jawn and tell us what you think…

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Were “The Dream” And His Predictions Correct?? C Milli Reportedly Dropped Her Gut Full Of Human This Weekend

Sources are saying that Christina Milian DID give birth to her daughter over the weekend. 

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The-Dream Says He And Christina Will Have Their Baby Girl By Sunday… And Her Name Is Violet

Forget about keeping baby details private – Christina Milian hasn’t even had the baby yet and The-Dream is already spilling information about his soon to be born daughter. Pop the hood to read Terius’ take on the impending birth along with new details about his album. Continue »

Hate It Or Love It? The Dream Debuts New Single “Love King”

Despite his new wife and lil baby girl on the way, The-Dream is paving the way for his newest album release by singing about –what else — Girls! Girls in Chicago, Paris, in the trap, in the church, at the club at the bank… Pop the hood to listen and let us know if you Hate It or Love It!!!! Continue »

Chris Brown and Rihanna at Super Bowl… This had to be Interesting!!!

Just like Rihanna had a job to do at Super Bowl, so did Chris Brown. Chris was seen kickin’ it with Trey Songz at a club over the weekend. We didn’t hear of these two running into each other but we can’t help but wonder how hard their camps were working to make sure that they didn’t!!!

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