TI Comes Clean

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TI 01

T.I. granted his first sit-down interview since he was arrested for firearms charges:

“T.I. has admitted he bought the machine guns and silencers, has 1,000-plus hours of community service to complete, and has been sentenced to an expected 366 days in prison in March 2009. And while the events of Oct. 13, 2007, were off limits, the 27-year-old born Clifford Harris Jr. talked openly about a number of things: from the son he’s expecting to the 24 hours before his life changed.

Here are excerpts from the 30-plus minute conversation the AJC had with him at the Villages at Carver YMCA, right after he spoke to a handful of aspiring teen producers at a FOR ME Inc. workshop:”

Now that his back is against the wall, TI’s on the humble tip. Check out the entire interview, and a recent update on TI’s stack status, under the hood Continue »

Video of TI Statement on Weapons Guilty Plea

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Here is a video of TI’s press conference from yesterday.

For more on what went down yesterday in the ATL, Click here.

T.I. Pleads Guilty

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T.I. is throwing in the towel. Click Here to read up on Clifford pleading guilty to multiple weapons charges.

Tip and his machine gun hustle. SMH.

T.I. Gets To Leave The Crib On Easter

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Young Clifford gets to breathe in the fresh spring air this Easter vs. having to stay home on house arrest:

T.I. didn’t get to host a Thanksgiving gathering at the suburban home where is under house arrest while awaiting trial on weapons charges, but he is being allowed to attend an Easter service. A federal magistrate judge ruled Thursday that T.I., whose given name is Clifford Harris, can be away from home from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday so he can attend a service sponsored by New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Court documents say the service had been planned to be held at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta, but because of tornado damage at the dome it may have to be held at the church’s Lithonia location. The judge says T.I. must be accompanied during the excursion by a court-approved monitor and one of his attorneys.

Good for him. It’s nice to hear that TI and Tiny can attend a wholesome family outing that doesn’t involve strippers and/or guns.


T.I. Has a New Job

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T.I. will be the executive producer of an upcoming reality show called “Life on Mars”. The show will follow the life of 22-year-old Los Angeles artist Mars who has produced hits for Camel, The Game, Chris Breezy, Young Dro, Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dogg.

Hopefully this will keep Clifford out of trouble. The show is already receiving good reviews.


Another Little King on the Way

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T.I. and Tiny are expecting a baby boy. We wonder what name will they pull out of the hat for this one?

Congrats to them. Hopefully they’ll keep the ammo away from the baby.


Six More Weeks

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T.I. will have to hold out a little longer to plea his case:

T.I. must wait another six weeks before trying to convince a judge to throw out key evidence obtained against him in October when he was arrested on federal firearms charges. U.S. Magistrate Alan Baverman postponed a suppression hearing, initially scheduled for Thursday, until Feb. 19. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., was arrested Oct. 13, just hours before the BET Hip-Hop Awards ceremony in Atlanta for allegedly trying to buy machine guns and silencers in a Midtown parking lot.


View some of Tip’s machine guns under the hood… Continue »

T.I. Raps It Up

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T.I. Nicole Scherzinger Rap Up

T.I. and Nicole Scherzinger are featured in the December ’07/January ’08 issue of Rap-Up magazine. We’re sure there are some interesting facts about T.I. and his situation and Nicole and whatever she does, but the most entertaining thing on there seems to be “Glam tips from Lil Mama”.

Who the hell would want glam tips from Lil Mama Daddy?

T.I. Rap UpT.I. Rap Up 2T.I. Rap Up CoverNicole Scherzinger Rap Up

Spending Time Constructively

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T.I. 1

It appears that Clifford is spending his time on house arrest wisely:

A representative for the Grammy-winning artist, 27, says he has already completed six new tracks in a studio inside his Georgia home. T.I. hopes to release the disc, which he’s calling Paper Trail, in September 2008. The album’s title refers to the fact that T.I. is writing his new lyrics down — a practice he abandoned after his 2001 debut, I’m Serious. Each of his four subsequent albums, including this year’s T.I. vs. T.I.P., was composed without the aid of pen or paper. “He wanted to take more time to really put something down [this time].”

It’s good that he now has taken the time out to produce some quality music, good for him, nothing like some well thought out lyrical ammo.


Thanksgiving On House Arrest

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TI Turkey

T.I. wants to celebrate Turkey Day with his family:

In a motion filed in federal court Tuesday, T.I — who was born Clifford Harris Jr. — requested that the judge waive the no-more-than-three visitors-at-a-time provision of his $3 million bond. Harris, 27, wants the exception only for Turkey Day, only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., and only for a group of visitors whose names he submitted for approval. Continue »

T.I. is Out on Bail!

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T.I. was released today on $3 million bond, but must stay at his crib on home arrest. T.I. is facing 10 years in the pen on federal weapons charges.

Nothing likea little freedom and threesomes with Tiny while back at the crib.

Clifford Remains in Jail

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Well at least for another week…Via Atlanta Journal Constitution:

T.I. will remain in jail on weapons charges for at least another week, after a federal judge on Friday denied any immediate release on bond. U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman said he will hold another hearing next Friday to further consider conditions proposed by the rap star’s lawyers that may prompt him to release their client pending trial. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, Jr., was arraigned at the Friday hearing. He entered a plea of not guilty to the weapons charges. Lawyers for Harris proposed that he be released on a $2.2 million bond, along with separate bonds backed by his record company, record company executives and the equity of his two homes. Continue »

T.I. Denied Bond

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Via Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Rapper T.I., who was arrested over the weekend on federal weapons charges, was denied bond during a brief appearance in federal court Monday afternoon. A federal magistrate said he must remain in custody for now. Federal prosecutors are asking T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., be held without bond until his trial, which could be several months away.U.S. Magistrate Alan Baverman scheduled a hearing on Friday to determine whether there was probable cause for Harris’ arrest and whether he will qualify for bond before trial. Harris was wearing a black shirt and black pants, with his hands cuffed and his legs chained, when he was led into the courtroom. He made eye contact with family members and sat in front of members of his family. He answered “Yes, sir,” and “Yes, your honor,” when asked if he had been provided a copy of charges against him and whether he understood the charges. During the hearing the courtroom was filled with a standing-room-only crowd. Those who arrived too late were forced to stand outside the courtroom.

This is a prime example of “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”, come on, what was he really planning on doing with all those machine guns.

View some of the guns that were found in T.I.’s home and car right about now… Continue »

What Really Went Down in The ATL?????

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We are hearing reports that Tiny was also arrested with T.I. over the weekend for possession of drugs. Tiny was also confirmed to be at a strip club a day before the arrest cheerleading a big fight between T.I. and another ATL crew.

The couple that thugs it out together stays together.

What really went down in ATL?

Sources exclusively tell Bossip T.I. and his crew got into a big scrap Friday night at strip club ‘Body Tap’ and he told his bodyguard he wanted the guns he ordered delivered on Saturday. The bodyguard had already turned snitch for the Feds and they arrested T.I. when he tried to pick up his guns.

Poor thang. Click here to view Tiny’s booking records.


Photos of Tiny’s arrest via Splash News

T.I. Gets Into Fight at Strip Club, Arrested by ATF Agents

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T.I. got into a big scrap last night at a strip club in Atlanta and now comes word he was arrested today after his crib was raided by ATF agents. The Feds found machine guns when searching his crib. He is not expected to perform at the BET Hip-Hop Awards tonight. Tiny attended the club last night and was probably too busy looking at the tail to notice a fight going on.

T.I.’s best friend was killed two years ago after T.I.’s entourage was dumped on and ran out of Ohio. We guess this wasn’t a good enough warning for him to fall back. SMH.