We Know We Don’t Talk About Kids but… Please Come Get Your Children


Tiny’s new girl group the OMG Girlz hit the stage for their first out-of-state show in Fort Wayne Indianapolis.  We hear over 800 kids showed up to see the girls prance around in their tight shirts and mini skirts.

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Tiny & Toya…With Frankie


V-103′s bash brought out the OMG Girls, Frankie, Common, and ” Little Chucky.” Tiny & Toya came as chaperones.

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ATL Shindig

tiny and toya4

Tiny and Toya’s kids, plus Kandi and her man were all guests at a shoe launch in the ATL. The OMG Girlz helped present and model while the guardians got saucy.

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TI Diss Track to First Baby Mama Lashon Dixon “That’s The Way You Want It?”


Damn, Tip has a new track going hard at his first baby momma, Lashon Dixon. In the track he talks about child support and the fact that she wont work. TI must have put it down before getting locked, because new music from him is popping up everywhere.

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Oh My God Girlz…


The OMG Girlz are for real. Tiny is going to the bank with this group, watch. It’s actually a smart business move because there is a void in the music business for kids around this age and urban. Might make some loot…

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Hood Models


Here are Tiny and Toya at Pure nightclub in ATL on Thursday night. It looks like TI chopped it up on the jailhouse phone and “allowed” her to leave the crib. SMH. Go under the hood for more pics Continue »

Out and About:LaLa, Carmelo and Tiny Live it Up in ATL

lala1 copy

Tiny, La La and Carmelo were all spotted at Lucky Lounge in Atlanta yesterday for a fundraiser. Check out more pics of LaLa and Melo along with TI’s pet pig and her ring under the hood. Continue »

Tiny and Toya Say They Are Attracted to Thugs, Are You?


Tiny openly admitted to being attracted to thugs on the “Tiny and Toya” reality show. Listening to Tiny and her Mom, no surprise there. Here is our question of the day: What percentage of Black women do you think share this attraction?

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Are T.I. and Tiny the New Ike and Tina???


T.I. is serving his time right now while his wifey Tiny’s show, Tiny & Toya, is taking off on BET. The show seems to be doing very well but there’s  just one problem… BET is portraying T.I. as the NEW Ike Turner. Now we are NOT saying that he puts his hands on Tiny, but he comes off as being SUPER CONTROLLING. It seems as if that NEW BLING she just got for her birthday comes with some STIPULATIONS… Can Tiny not make a move without asking T.I. first… Especially while he is in jail???

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A Tiny Birthday Party


Tiny turned 12 yesterday and received jewelry fit for a queen. Even though we disapproved of the Tiny and Toya show initially, after taking another look, we have come to the conclusion that she is just trying to raise a family the best way she can. We can get over her twang and grill being that she looks to be a genuinely nice woman.

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Antonia Carter From “Tiny&Toya” and Mother of One of the OMG Girlz Releases Statement Regarding BET Controversy

tiny,toya, sheree

Toya, Lil Wayne’s baby mama, has just released a statement regarding the performance of their adolescent girl group on the BET Awards… looks like she got a little attitude too:

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Tiny and Toya’s Kids: The Kiddie Group From the Controversial Performance With Wayne and Drake…”OMG Girlz”


So, the Lil Wayne and Drake performance was purposely done. If you think it wasn’t, here let us introduce you to Tiny and Toya’s new girl group, OMG Girlz: Continue »

Piglet, Toya, and Kandi Celebrate New Shows

tiny, toya, kandi

Tiny and Toya celebrated their new show, Tiny&Toya, and Kandi came out to celebrate her new found checks coming in from ATL Housewives. The girls look cute and in the pictures below Toya and Kandi look like bangers, but Tiny?

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Tiny Gets Her T.I. On In Prison and Addresses RiRi Rumors


T.I. couldn’t stand not seeing his baby moms for longer than three weeks so he finally broke down and requested for her to come see him in prison. Pop the hood for more Continue »

Which One Would You Let Hit??

Posted by Bossip Staff


Jeezy and Nas hit up the Hawks game last night. Nas’ steez has been Fendi and cutting edge and Jeezy is sort of growing up, sort of. No disrespect to Kelis, but ladies, if you were overlooked by the NBA players and needed some lovin after the game last night…

Which One Would You Hit?

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