Tiny With Puffy Hands

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Tiny was spotted at the Jeffrey Clark Birthday Party with a cute smile and friend. We know Tiny is a shorty, but we never noticed how bulky and bear claw like her hands were. SMH

Pop the hood to see Tiny, Crazy Tameka with The Tamekas, and TI…all at the party. Continue »

Tiny Trying to Cope With TI’s Impending Jail Time

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Tiny and TI

Poor Tiny. Her boo, TI, is going to the bing and she hasn’t a clue in the world as to what she’ll do to pass the idle time:

T.I.’s longterm girlfriend TAMEKA ‘TINY’ COTTLE has yet to come to terms with the rapper’s looming prison sentence, confessing the news “hasn’t hit” home. The Live Your Life hitmaker, real name Clifford Harris, Jr., is due to report to Georgia authorities by 19 May (09) to begin his 366 day jail term for charges of illegal weapons possession. Continue »

TI’s Baby Moms Receives a Raise

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On the brink of his jail bid TI just gave his other baby moms, Lashon Dixon, a raise for child support. Lashon Dixon is getting money, period.: Continue »

Young Jeezy’s Presidential Status Inaugural Ball: Which One Would You Hit?

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Teyana Taylor, Tiny, and Toya Carter, were all at Young Jeezy’s “Presidential Status” Inaugural Ball. Among others in attendance, Trey Songz and Bow-Wow, were both seen swirling it up. Jay-Z, Jeezy, and TI busted up the place in a live performance.

Over 15 photos of Nelly, Angel Lola Love, and more when you… Continue »

Last Night In DC…..

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young-jeezy-ll cool j brd ti & don king

Heads were out in droves at the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball. Conehead Jeezy, TI, Uncle L and many more hit up the semi formal event to celebrate the inauguration of America’s first Black president. We got a whole mess of pics for your viewing pleasure when you Continue »

Louis V. Suing TI???

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This is a picture of TI hugging up with Meg, from Louis Vuitton. Now Louis Vuitton is suing him after all the love he gave them: Continue »

Over The Weekend In the ATL…

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Check out Ludacris and Kenny “Big Headed” Burns at the NABF Artistic Innovation Awards, which honored Big Boi. Dr Cornell West was there with his peanut brittle teeth on display. A number of other ATL elitist made the gig, like Tiny… Continue »

Where Are My Parents???

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This is Zonnique, daughter and step-daughter of Tiny and T.I., respectively. They say she is in the entertainment business as well, but this new Hollyweird girls steez has her entirely out of pocket. Tiny and T.I., come get your daughter, before someone else does, please. SMH

More, promo pics, below.


T.I.’s Leather Swag

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T.I. was on the cover of Giant magazine with his leather swag in full effect. Yes, the jacket is in boys size 7/8, but the sh*t looks kinda hot. You’re alright with us, T.I. Get your paper, you big pimp, you..

Here’s a pic of T.I. and his boo 4 life, Tiny

Untouchable Swag

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The “pretty” cute couple came out over the weekend for TI’s 29th Birthday Party: The Untouchables Part Deux at The Biltmore. Tiny for having shat out all them kids fit that dress like it was the business, and Clifford looks like a light skinned Sammy Davis Jr. SMH.

T-Boz, Toccara, Young Dro, and others came out to party and get their plate of food…more below:

More including Jazze Pha and T.I.’s skate party are just a click away… Continue »

Hi Hater

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We don’t know what’s crackin with the leopard skin capris, but she does stay attached to Tip’s hip.  Especially since all that bull ish that popped off this weekend.  At least the couple is showing they’re still riding and not paying any mind to that “Devil” that has been slandering her.  They were seen here at the Comedy Central’s PrimeTime Emmy Awards Party…also attending were Niecy Nash, Aisha Tyler, and David Alan Grier.

More images from that event:

Tiny Doesn’t Confront Jumpoffs Via Myspace

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Former Xscape band mate and T.I.’s significant other, Tameka Cottle aka Tiny exclusively spoke with Bossip yesterday to clear all rumors certain ‘media outlets’ are saying in regards to her confronting Tip’s jumpoffs in Myspace messages. She states:

“These rumors are not true whatsoever. I am a family woman, I have kids. I would never go online and write something like that. That’s just disrespectful.”

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, Tiny was allegedly giving T.I.’s side deal the business in a Myspace message saying “I don’t care if you suck his d*ck, but I have his heart.” SMH.

We know we say a lot about Tiny and her steez, but she did handle this in a professional manner.

More Dough Please

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T.I. & Sons

One of T.I.’s baby moms is taking him to court:

The mother of two of T.I.’s children has sued the platinum-selling rapper for child support, saying she is having a hard time supporting the boys and now wants a court-ordered arrangement for payment. Lashon Dixon and T.I. have known each other since they were teenagers and dated before he reached megastar status. They have two sons together, ages 7 and 8. Dixon says T.I. currently gives her about $2,000 a month to care for the boys, but now she wants to schedule a more stable stipend that is commensurate with his success. Both parties appeared in Fulton County Superior Court on Thursday.

We’re pretty sure Tiny drops more than that each time she buys a new purse, so we’re sure little Clifford can hook these boys up with a few more stacks.


Which One Would You Hit??

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Omar Epps and T.I. attended Danja and T.I. Private Dinner at One Sunset last night in LA.

If you had to hit one of these kind fellows, Which One???

More on the flipside… Continue »

Seen on the Scene

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T.I. and Tiny were spotted having lunch in LA. Nice to see Clifford and Tameka have some good couple time. Good for them.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon get dinner at Nobu on the flip.. Continue »

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